Metal Forum Recommends. Part 16

Yet another collection of bands that you really, really, REALLY should check out.

Ultimate Guitar

Call me Ishmael. Elitism, believe it or not, is what makes the music world spin around. There is a reason for us, the friendly folk of the metal forum, for being this elitisticist (our ego needs a new word). Simply put, we like our music not good, not great, not better, but best. For this reason, we dismiss your Megadeths in favour of our Mutants, your Cannibal Corpses in favor of our Dead Congregations, your Nile in favor of our Neuroma. Do yourself a favor, listen to these bands. You just might see things our way, the real way, the true way, THE METAL FORUM WAY! It would also allow you to see through men's clothes. And now, bands!


Bio: Inferi was a 4-piece from Nashville, Tenessee USA, playing melodic death metal. Members of the group Death Looks Promising formed Inferi in 2005. They have two self-released albums: Divinity in War (2007) and The End of an Era (2009). They were influenced by the likes of Vehemence, Death, Behemoth, Bloodbath, Darkane, and Hate Eternal.

Sounds like: I have yet to find anything that truly hits the same level of intensity and brutal riffing that they offer. Others say August Burns Red, though I don't see it. In my opinion, the closest would be A Loathing Requiem, the band born from Inferi's ashes.

Why listen? Pure epic intensity with beautiful melodic and intense riffing.

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Bio: Faustcoven rose from the depths of R'lyeh in the year 2002, presumably spawned by The Old Ones themselves, with the intent of creating the darkest and heaviest metal ever.

Sounds like: The heaviest, most brooding, sinister and murkiest metal imaginable (read: metal, not funeral doom). Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard + Blasphemy, early Beherit = Faustcoven.

Why listen? You just have to.

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-The Wildchild


Bio: Odroerir are a German folk metal band formed in 1998. The band features members of other popular German folk metal bands Menhir and XIV Dark Centuries. After a demo titled Iring, the band's dbut album Lat euch sagen aus alten Tagen... was released in 2001 and quickly sold out, it has since been reissued by the band and has since sold out again. In 2005 the band signed to Einheit Produktionen and released their second album Gtterlieder, which is a concept album about the Edda. It was after this that they really started to play live a lot, going on tour and playing small pagan/folk metal festivals. 2010 saw the follow up in the form of Gtterlieder II.

Sounds like: On the band's Myspace it says: "From the beginning, the music was intended to be a calmer and more epic form of "Pagan Metal", where folklore/medieval melodies should dominate. Unlike other bands in the genre, we intended to perform ingeniously without speed-attacks or double-bass drumming, but with various natural instruments, eclectic vocals and other stylistic devices." And I think that sums it up nicely. There are barely any harsh vocals, lots of acoustic instruments that are successfully interwoven with the metal instrumentation and wonderful melodies. It should be noted that the band sing in German.

Why listen? In the increasingly over-saturated world of folk metal where beer, trees and battles seem to be king, Odroerir shine through like a beacon of hope that there can be interesting songs, great musicianship and a real sense of passing on traditional tales through music. For me that's what folk music should be about. For too long now, people have been settling for bands who sing about beer and battles, and have quite frankly crap metal songs that they have then slapped a 'folk' instrument over the top, and the masses have lapped it up cause "lol its a violin" or "woo beer". I would go as far as to say Gtterlieder is the best folk metal album there is at the moment, so if you value good music and find mythology interesting, there is no reason at all why you shouldn't listen to them.

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Bio: Formed in 2008 by Rogga Johansson (Edge of Sanity, Paganizer) under the alias Revolting Rogga, Revolting takes as much inspiration from 80's Gore Zines as it does the Swedish Death Metal scene. In his own words "Rogga felt it was time to do a truly PURE and ugly, rotting, putrid Death Metal band for the love of it and to get back to the basics of what all of this madness is about anyway!" They have 2 studio albums under their belt: 2008's Dreadful Pleasures and 2010's The Terror Threshold.

Sounds like: One big homage to the greats of the late 80's/early 90's. Dismember/Carnage worship at its best. Thick guitars pour out infectious melodies while putrid vocals bark over the top and a sense of groove not usually seen in the genre.

Why listen? Because if you love Swedeath, you'll love Revolting.

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The Fall of Every Season

Bio: The Fall of Every Season is a one-man, melodic doom/rock band from Norway, composed solely of songwriter Marius Strand. He left his previous band, Nyctanthous, to form The Fall of Every Season, and in 04 and '05 released a couple of demos. These demos paved the way for the release of the band's rather well-received debut, From Below. The band's second effort, Amends, is finished and currently pending release. Marius has been known to play live acoustic sets on occasion.

Sounds like: In the tradition of this band's forefathers, The Fall of Every Season takes influence from early Katatonia and Opeth, along with other bands of the genre. Their style is one of melodic, melancholic, and doomy rock with the occasional aggressive metal section tied in. Perhaps owing to bands like Opeth and Agalloch, The Fall of Every Season places a big emphasis on soft, moody acoustic sections and both clean and harsh vocals, and as result the songs often range from forlorn to contemplative to even upbeat.

Why listen? The Fall of Every Season offers an emotional and heartfelt musical experience, with compositions that are progressive, absorbing, and memorable. And, unlike a horde of other bands who embrace the same influences, The Fall of Every Season actually consists of music with substance and manages to create its own sound based on those influences. Fans of the usual suspects of Katatonia, Opeth, Agalloch etc. will undoubtedly enjoy this.

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So that's that for this. Complaints, criticisms, and general comments are more than welcome, just post them in the metal forum, where we promise to give them their deserved attention, and promptly discard them. Dasvidenya, comrades!

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    Nice to see inferi up there. Checking out faustcoven and it is absolutely delicious!! Will check out fall of every season, if it's opeth sounding i'm there in a heartbeat haah
    It would be interesting if after 20 articles, there was a best of to see what the best bands are from "The Metal Forum Recommends"
    Damn revolting is ****in bad ass!! Its good to finally see a band taking it back to the roots
    queenslander47 wrote: craig_clarke95 wrote: Megadethfan245 wrote: Inferi, a metal band from Nashville? THIS IS MADNESS THIS IS SPARTA!!! NO!! The guy and was about to say exactly that! hahaha damn it, you beat me to it.
    Wow did I **** that up. "I had just quoted the guy and was about to say etc etc" Either way, well played good Sir.
    craig_clarke95 wrote: Megadethfan245 wrote: Inferi, a metal band from Nashville? THIS IS MADNESS THIS IS SPARTA!!!
    NO!! The guy and was about to say exactly that! hahaha damn it, you beat me to it.
    Megadethfan245 wrote: Inferi, a metal band from Nashville? THIS IS MADNESS
    Silly generalizations... It's called music city, not country city, because there's every kind of scene here Sure, there's no Broadway equivalent for metal, but you can find every type of band if you look.
    The Fall of Every Season look very interesting. I'll definitely look into it. Forgot I wrote the little folk metal rant lol
    Hieronymous Bosch have been already featured in one installment (number 4, if memory serves me right).
    kratos379 wrote: It would be interesting if after 20 articles, there was a best of to see what the best bands are from "The Metal Forum Recommends"
    Whilst an interesting Idea, how do we judge best? Especially narrowing down 99 bands (we were a band short one week)to 5. I suppose you could go of comments, but then again, the earlier ones seemed to go almost un noticed, and some weeks see a tonne of articles and we slip under the radar. Plus not the same people comment in every week, so there's no consistency. So whilst its an interesting concept, I'm not sure how it would get pulled of.