Metal Forum Recommends. Part 17

Have you ever smelled four sweaty metal bands and Jean-Michel Jarre? No? Well today is your lucky day. If you answered yes you may as well come in anyways. A pleasant reminder never hurt anyone!

Ultimate Guitar

Welcome yet again to a seemingly sexy edition of Metal Forum Recommends. Are there are any real fans in da housen? Von shoozen eh moosen? ja ja.

I swear to Goousen that's a real dialect. Regardless, like I promised, four sweaty metal bands and Jean-Michel Jarre!


Bio: One of the most brutal slam bands around, and that's no joke. Even MA agrees by stating that their lyrical themes are simply "Brutality". This gem of a band formed in Japan in 2002, and have since released two demos and an EP. They are still active and will hopefully release a full-length sometime soon.

Sounds Like: Great slam. Really awesome gutturals and gurgles, sweet drumming, awesome slam riffs, and the production on the EP is perfect. Probably the most fitting production for a slam band I have heard.

Why Listen? If you like any slam such as Devourment or Abominable Putridity, you'll love this. Straight forward slam just how slam should be, with the added bonus of nice production and it doesn't become repetitive after one song like a lot of slam bands sometimes do.

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Dead Congregation

Bio: From the shores of Homer's Wine Dark Seas emerge Dead Congregation, a four-piece death metal band of Greek origin formed in 2004. With the release of their EP, Purifying Consecrated Ground, in 05 they already solidified themselves as a serious band; with the release of their debut, Graves of the Archangels, in 08 they became a death metal phenomenon, earning widely-received critical praise among the metal underground.

Sounds Like: A barrage of adjectives come to mind: filthy, vile, disgusting, etc., but those descriptions in and of themselves are overused and ultimately superfluous among bands of this genre. Dead Congregation is doom-laden yet relentless; evil yet not repulsive; atmospheric yet filled with memorable and crushing riffs. These Greeks combine hellish, blazing tremolo sections, mid-paced grooves, and doom-tastic riffs to form a brand of death metal their own, while paying homage to old school legends such as Incantation and Morbid Angel.

Why Listen? In both EP and debut, the songs become readily apparent that they are above the standard bog of current death metal trends. Both releases offer a unique and engrossing atmosphere not commonly found in death metal, especially in Graves of the Archangels, thanks to a combination of fantastic composition and grim production. Dead Congregation is a must-hear for all degrees of extreme metal fans!

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Rudimentary Peni

Bio: Spastic punk band formed in the UK in 1980. Fronted by Nick Blinko, a mysterious figure well-known for his intricate and grotesque pen-and-ink drawings which grace the band's releases, the band plays an energetic strain of simplistic punk coupled with macabre lyrics (THAT WILL TEAR YOUR SYPHILITIC VAGINA TO PIECES!).

Sounds like: Multiple variations of Joy Division's Warsaw, covered by mental patients. Simplistic compositions, complete with caveman-level instrumentation, which take a listener into a descent into a personal psychiatric hell.

Why listen? A dick will grow on your forehead if you don't. We don't want that now, yeah?

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-The Wildchild


Bio:Forming in 1992, Code, or < c. o. d. e. > as it's sometimes spelled, are an avant-garde black metal project that has its origins in two sides of the world. Initially started on a cold mid-winter day on the shores of the United Kingdom by guitarist Aort and vocalist Kvohst, the band gained additional blood from a Norwegian musician Vicotnik following the release of the Neurotransmissions demo. After getting signed to Spikefarm, they released their debut, Noveau Gloaming; an album that on one hand sat firmly in black metal territory, but on the other bled into an array of experimental, twisted sonic experiences. Despite some line-up fluctuations that nearly saw the end of the project in its existing form, things eventually stabilized, and the magnificent follow-up album, entitled Resplendent Grotesque, finally saw the light of day.

Sounds Like: While originating at the black metal side of the border, each of the band's recordings edges a little further into the avant-garde territory, nor are they afraid to experiment with the other sides of heavy music. Resplendent Grotesque, their finest album so far, is sometimes meandering, dark and psychedelic, sometimes punchy, upbeat and precise metallic rush. A special mention must be made of Kvohst's vocals, which bring the already remarkable music to a whole new level of experience.

Why Listen? If the already-impressive resumes of Dodheimsgard and Ved Buens Ende aren't enough to convince you, then probably nothing will. At the same time, both of the band's full length albums are the sort of music that shows more of its brilliance with every listen. Clever compositional ideas hide behind polished and flowing songwriting craft, sometimes making it easy to just listen through the whole album on one breath and miss some of the musical scenery. So if you're after music that goes beyond the surface, this is a band for you.

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-Emenius Sleepius

Was it good for you too, baby? Oh, right, forgot one thing..

Jean-Michel Jarre

Bio: Jean-Michel Jarre is a French composer and performer, who is also considered a pioneer of, electronic music. Jarre's breakthrough came in 1977 with the release of Oxygene. He has continued to release albums, his most recent at the point of typing being 2007's To & Ta. Though arguably its live shows where he has really made a name for himself. They are usually huge outdoor shows that incorporate the environment he's in, whether it be projecting images onto buildings or having huge firework and laser displays. Jarre is in the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest concert ever; having broke his own record numerous times. It is currently 3.5 Million watching him at Moscow's 850th anniversary. Sounds Like: Lots of analogue synthesizer, lots of soundscapes and lots of really infectious themes. I suppose comparisons could be made to classical music, but played on electronic instruments (though he has on occasion used traditional orchestral instruments). I would say there was a lot of variety in his sound though. There are the more synth pop type tracks, and the more ambient type tracks too. All tracks are instrumental, but the synthesizer sometimes assumes the role of singer, and it works to great effect.

Why Listen? There are very few bands/artists that've pioneered electronic music as much as Jean-Michel Jarre has, albums such as Oxygene, Equinoxe and Rendes-Vous are classics. Its great music to relax to, but also great music to appreciate, and immerse yourself in. I almost forgot to mention, he has a laser harp! What more could you want?

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Goodbyezen fon nowzen! jaja!

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    awesome column this week, gonna have to favourite it so i don't forget any of the bands
    The links are broken in mine, I don't know whether it was me, or somethings gone wrong since, but the links are
    http://ww http://www.jeanmicheljarr in that order. Disconformity aren't my cuppa really. Dead Congregation, Rudimentary Peni &Code sound pretty decent though.
    They work fine for me, AnnihiSlateR. Also, alright Wildchild. You got us, you and your tricky peni.
    Damn, y'll keep making me buy stuff. I just bought Code's 2009 album after listening to their song, "I Hold Your Light". Freaking amazing band!
    Jean-Michel Jarre is a French composer and performer, who is also considered a pioneer of, electronic music
    so..there is a recommendation for an electronic artist...on the METAL recommendation thread??