Metal Forum Recommends. Part 2

Weekly metal band recommendations, given to you by the resident metal experts of UG.

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Welcome to the second edition of the metal forum's weekly band recommendations, where we tell you about bands that you might want to hear. Again.

Some of us saw that people were complaining about the supposed lack of variety, and while we disagree (poppycocks, melodeath and melodic death metal are worlds different!), we did take it into account, and will try to bring to you a wider selection of genres and styles.

That said, if you have any metal bands that you think deserve more attention, go right ahead and write about them in the designated thread in the metal forum! Just follow the rules if you do so, or else we'll have a hissy fit.

Enough with the needlessly kind words, on to the bands:


Bio: Scarve is a death/thrash metal band with flourishes from just about every sub-genre of metal, hailing from Poitiers in France. Scarve's dual vocalist arrangement allowed intricate layering of clean and growled vocals; this, the ferocious riffing and and Dirk's frantic drumming made each song sizzle with energy. Sadly, with the loss of both their vocalists during the recording of their fourth album The Undercurrent (not to mention Dirk's increasing commitment to Soilwork), it seemed it would be the end of Scarve - not so! Recently (while submitting the draft for this very article), news has emerged that Dirk is back, and he's brought Lawrence Mackroy (ex-vocalist of Darkane, who performed clean vocals on The Undercurrent) with him. Look forward to a fifth album of futuristic bludgeoning sometime soon.

Sounds Like: Strapping Young Lad, Gojira, Meshuggah (occasionally)

Why Listen: It's unique and powerful. Great songwriting, surprisingly atmospheric within the chaos.


Giant Squid

Bio: Originating from Berkeley, California (although currently most of the members reside in separate locations), Giant Squid are a fresh breath in the post-metal style. They create a nice down-beat brand of music by producing beautiful, haunting melodies with everything they have at their disposal including cello, trumpet, guitar, vocals, and keyboards, keeping in mind to restrain themselves to not let the music sound overly-orchestrated, but not letting their music ever fall short in energy and power, by backing their songs with crunching, heavy riffs whilst still maintaining their signature sound and atmosphere.

Giant Squid have so far released 2 full-lengths, a split, an EP, and participated in a Pink Floyd tribute album. Their latest effort "The Ichthyologist" was self-released February 3, 2009.

For Fans Of: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pelican (newer), Pink Floyd, mostly anything that's chill with a slightly proggy side to it.

Why Listen?: Giant Squid do something different from most of the bands out there while still creating clear, melodic, atmospheric, haunting, and all around just great music, thrown in with a healthy dose of sludge.

Their debut album "Metridium Fields" is available for listening in its entirety on their myspace, as well as a couple of songs from their latest aforementioned release.


Magni Animi Viri

Bio: Created by the Maestros Giancarlo Trotta and Luca Contegiacomo, with backgrounds in classical and progressive rock respectively, MAVs prime focus was the creation and realization of a 'metal opera'.

Having so far only released one album, Heroes Temporis, MAV succeeded in blending two distinct 'worlds' of music, classical opera and metal, in a way that remains consistent throughout the whole duration of the album. At times harsh and heavy, MAV also has moments of incredible beauty and softness. In creating their masterpiece, MAV made use of an extensive range of guest musicians, including the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, containing 64 Musicians and 32 Choir Singers.

For Fans Of: Haggard, Winds, Liva, and classically influenced metal.

Official Site Note: Heroes Temporis can be listened to at the official site.



Bio: Started out in 1996, Mr. Don Anderson and Jason Walton created magic. With their first release of "The Spear of the lily is Aureoled", they experimented with different sounds, a perfect release that set them up for a tightly knit fanbase. Next on the list was "Apollo Ends", personally, it's my favorite album, bringing something with a bit more emotion to the table and frankly, that's what it brings. Their latest release, wearing the title of "Embodiment" really shows their awkward style you grow to love. Future work for Sculptured will depend on Don Anderson, after just releasing Embodiment in 08, chances are most likely they'll be heading for a new album in the time stream of tomorrow.

For Fans Of: The Mars Volta, later Death, Classical music pieces with brass sections, harsh vocals with fantastic clean vocals; Greatness.

Why Listen: Well, there's no reason why you shouldn't. They're an experimental metal band, with magnificent vocals, and completely devastating riffs. They feed the thirst for imagination people need for everyday lives, they're unusually fantastic. It's near impossible to find a band of their stature. Incorporating such elements as brass instruments, not to mention, they have a classical edge to them. If you don't listen, you're missing out on some astounding musical prowess.



Bio: Atrophy were formed in 1986 by Chris Lykins (guitar), James Gulotta (bass guitar) and Brian Zimmerman (vocals) although they were originally known as Heresy before the final members, Rick Skowron (guitar) and Tim Kelly (drums), arrived. They released two demos in 1987 and were signed to Roadrunner before releasing two more albums, Socialized Hate (1988) and Violent by Nature (1990). They were unfortunately dropped by their label in 1990 and they split up shortly after.

For Fans Of: Coroner, Sabbat, (old) Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus and all old school thrash metal.

Why Listen?: The band play old school thrash metal to an extremely high standard while keeping it raw and simple. The vocals are dirty and powerful with excellent lyrics. The melodies in it are often well thought out and venture beyond the classic pentatonic scale and the riffs are simplistic yet more than your average chugga chug. The overall aura is a cheeky yet powerful one with an overall serious output. The band enjoy poking fun at politic systems and sum up the 80's thrash scene perfectly. They were received well in the 80's but failed to make a lasting impact so are now generally unknown. I strongly urge you take a peek at their two albums.


That's it for this week. A thank you for fellow elitist assholes Webbtje, Themantipede, Taydr, Severed-metal and Isabiggles for contributing to this week's edition. Until next time, the metal forum bids you farewell, and a wonderful, happy, joyful, fantastic, marvelous, and absolutely magical day!

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    decayingdave wrote: Nice list, but not that much that interests me really.
    I'm with you. I didn't like anything I heard on this list. Needs more melodic death metal, or just straight death metal.
    Part 3 is delayed a little bit, on account of procrastination. It will be up in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!
    great job guys great diverse suggestions and you included a good thrash band.. props keep it going
    So excited to see Giant Squid on here. They're a fantastic underground band that offers something completely different. Plus they use a cello on their new album which is just awesome. Nice list too. Good diversity. Keep it up.
    "poppycocks, melodeath and melodic death metal are worlds different!" - The above article. Could someone please explain the difference to me, preferably on my profile? Or is this a joke? I'd really appreciate it, as I am genuinely curious. Thanks. Otherwise, this is a sweet article. I'll definitely follow it from now on.
    Atrophy!?!?!?! Where did you dig that up from. Been a long time since I've heard that name... remember them from first time around Oh dear... lol Keep up the good work people. I'm really enjoying this column.
    CG Man16
    Also, feel free to submit your own, make sure you read through the thread in the metal forum before you make your submission.
    CG Man16
    The bands are submitted by the users, they're randomly picked yadda yadda yadda. Basically stop complaining, we can't get what EVERYBODY likes into one of these. Look at the first one for some death metal, i know we have some folk coming in the next one too. And i'll be writing some melodeath ones sometime in the future. If it exists, it will eventually be on here.
    i like the opera metal but seriously i wood like som more actual opera tht u hear at an opera house cuz i hav heard it but dont remember the band name...
    It's official. I am now one step closer to becoming a UG admin. Loving the other bands though, sweet recs there.
    Night_Lights wrote: wow, i've discovered Giant Squid. Fucking mean band.
    truly. i picked up the ichthyologist a few months ago.
    Dream Floyd wrote: I like it but why no symphonic or prog??? I'm crying here...
    To be honest it seems to me they keep it very diversified...but thats just me i mean in this article youve got post metal, classic thrash metal, death/thrash/modern(?) metal and some symphonic metal
    Dream Floyd wrote: I like it but why no symphonic or prog??? I'm crying here...
    Have you actually listened to anything, mate? I submitted a prog death band. Taydr did a symphonic band. Come on.
    Dream Floyd wrote: I like it but why no symphonic or prog??? I'm crying here...
    Are you serious? We gave you Sculptured and Magni Animi Viri...
    not enough death / doom in this column :p: good bands though, and only 2 that i've heard of...i guess everyones doing their job.
    these are great collums. you dont hear that much about underground metal on a mainsteam/popular site. great work ug and every one involved!