Metal Forum Recommends. Part 20

So much crushing power and LSD you'll think you're an atom... Probably hydrogen.

Ultimate Guitar

Whoa, like..Hey man, when did you get here? Well I've got some pizza in the fri- HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT


Bio: Dwarr is the one man project of Duane Warr that was started in South Caroline in 1981.

In the most simplest of terms, the music can be described as a fusion of the tradition doom metal of the 80's along with heavy metal and hard rock, with lots of LSD-induced psychedelia thrown in the mix. Something about it has a very eerie feel to it, as if Warr was already insane while making the album.

On the cover of the vinyl I saw there was a sticker with a quote from him saying that he got the idea for Animals from a dream he had where he was killing and eating humans like an animal. During the recording of his third album, he had a drug-induced nervous breakdown and converted to Christianity, supposedly destroying all of his recordings and material. On MA it says he has two albums released in the past 10 years that seem to be pro-Christian, but I don't think I'll ever bother to listen to them. The debut album seems interesting, though I have heard that it is just a weaker and whackier version of Animals. Anyways, I highly recommend Animals for all fans of doom, heavy metal, and sick riffs and psychedelic shit in general.

Sounds like: Hard rock + Heavy Metal + Doom Metal + LSD

Why listen? A surely unique band, the riffs are cool, the solos are killer and the concepts are as bizarre as they are interesting.

Links: Metal-archives Official Video Evil Lures


While Heaven Wept

Bio: From Dale City, Virginia, USA, While Heaven Wept was formed by Guitarists Tom Phillips in 1989. Tom has been the only constant member of the band, though in recent years they have had a more stable line up. The Bands first Demo, Into the Wells of Sorrow, was very doom/death in style, but come the first album, 1998's Sorrow of the Angels, the sound was a lot more like traditional doom, with clean vocals and quite progressive at times. The bands next album, 2003's Of Empires Forlorn, saw the band expand on the sound of the first album. Come 2009's Vast Oceans Lachrymose the band seemed to go for a more prog/power sound, yet still having that element of doom metal in their sound, making for quite a unique sounding album. The band signed to Nuclear Blast in 2010 and a new album entitled Fear Of Infinity is due out later in 2011.

Sounds Like: I always thought the Sorrow of the Angels album sounded a bit like a more optimistic sounding Warning at times, but there's a lot more to it than that. I suppose comparisons could also be made to other epic doom band such as Solstice and Atlantean Kodex. (Tom being a member of the former for a short time). It really is an unusual sound to describe, metal archives lists them as Epic Progressive/Power/Doom Metal which odd though it may sound, is probably the best way to describe them

Why Listen? They really are one of metal's best kept secrets, despite being their first album coming out in 1998, its only really now that people are starting to take notice. Pretty much everyone I've introduced this band to has been shocked at how good they are, and at the fact they hadn't listened to them before. It's a crime they aren't bigger than they are, but thankfully people are finally starting to take notice, and so should you!

Links: The Furthest Shore The Drowning Years Myspace Website Metal Archives



Bio: Belial is a savage Death/Black metal band formed in 1991 in Oulu Finland. Their first demo, entitled Gods of the Pit, was released in 1991, and sold out all 500 copies quickly. This was followed up by Wisdom of Darkness, and Gods of the Pit pt. II, which contained two re-released songs from the original, along with two new ones. Finally, their first full length Never Again, was released in 1993. Their last album 3 was released in 1995.

Sounds like: A crushing oldschool death/black hybrid with vocals that'll make your girlfriend (or mother, I don't pretend to know you) flee in terror.

Why listen? I can honestly say, this is without a doubt one of the best finndeath releases I've ever heard, and that's saying something!

Links: Metal-archives Voices Beyond/Deceased

-CG man16


Bio: I guess it makes sense that one of the most depraved bands in metal hail from the world's center of depravity (Las Vegas!). Anyways, all bias aside, Goatlord were one of the first bands to play music on the borderline between death metal, doom metal, and black metal. The riffs are very simplistic, and end up creating a dark and ritualistic atmosphere. However, their style is not for everyone. Tech death kiddies might want to stay away!

Sounds Like: Bathory on quaaludes, Autopsy

Why Listen? If you're into slow death metal, than this is the band for you!

Links: Acid Orgy Metal Archives


Hahahaha, you seeing this Jeremy? Holy shit, you're not Jeremy. Wait..Is that you Bob Barker? Whatever, just pass the Cheetos.

LSD and the Search for God

Bio: Superb shoegaze band formed in the glorious year 2006, keeping the echoes of Slowdive alive in their wondrous soundscapes and excellently crafted melodies. Slowdive clone? F--k NO, Slowdive didn't write these songs.

Sounds like: Alrighty then, "HOLY HOT F--K THIS IS GOOD!" shoegaze.

Why listen? Their EP is Souvlaki's lost child. No, scratch that, this is mandatory listening. THEY HAVE FIVE SONGS, GET ON IT.

Links: Myspace This Time

-The Wildchild

Now, it's time for MY TRIP. The next MFR will be in a few weeks, see you then, or don't. Do we even exist?

I'll let GOD be the judge.

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    I've heard a lot of good things about LSD and the search for God, I think I'll definately be giving them a whirl.
    CG Man16
    Just noticed it was up. If you're reading this, compliment us on our work you heathens. Great work all around, although i think i like it without the lines better.
    Just posting to say that I have checked out Dwarr's debut album now and it's pretty awesome, a lot less heavy but still crazy psychedelic stuff. Worth checking out if you dug Animals.
    by will alone
    for once I actually listen to a few of these. While heaven wept is awesome, will probably check out Goatlord