Metal Forum Recommends. Part 21

To quell the rumours that we hate our Mothers, this will be our week before Mother's day edition. That's right. It's all about mothers and their wuvy duvyness dey gif us wittle boys.

Ultimate Guitar

Welcome, I hope you're sickened and possibly repulsed because we're going to adore our mothers today, and in honour of them, we present several bands that we think are wonderful in every way. An homage of sorts. Wuv u mommy from, Wildchild, progbass, rg_metal, and AnnihiSlateR. No we don't all have the same mother, fool.

Continuing on!

Malevolent Creation

Bio: Malevolent Creation is a Death Metal band which formed in 1987 in Buffalo, New York and soon after moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to join the metal community there. They released their first few demos and were signed with Roadrunner records and soon after there was tension between the band and the record label. They switched to Pavement Music after the release of Stillborn. After several lineup changes Malevolent Creation has had only one original band member, Phil Fasciana, since its creation. The band is currently signed to Nuclear Blast and in addition Malevolent Creation supports "Metalheads against Racism".

Sounds Like: Death Metal with War as the overarching theme. With the influence of the Florida Death Metal scene in the 80s, you can hear the resemblance. Really groove oriented and Thrashy riffs along with aggressive blast beats.

Why listen? Malevolent Creation has that 80s Florida Death Metal vibe going on which can be paralleled with bands such as Obituary and Morbid Angel. With every release they try to stay true to their roots without changing their sound based on what the record label wants to hear.

Links: Metal-Archives Youtube


Nuclear Desecration

Bio: Superb band formed in 2005, playing vicious black/death metal. In their three years of existence, they have only released one full-length, among a slew of demos, splits and EPs before splitting up (some say it is continued through Nocturnal Blood, but those people ARE F--KING WRONG). This album is Desecrated Temple of Impurity, a monument of primal savagery that places itself among the greats of the style, melding the incessant grinding of Sarcfago circa INRI, the cavernous sound of Bestial Warlust and the destructive energy of Blasphemy (and 80s crust/hardcore, to boot).

Sounds like:A perfect specimen of bestial music with appropriate swathes of punk. Running through red smoke-covered battlefields, through napalm smoke with an axe on your left hand and a severed head on your right, searching for the next kill. Not for the weak.

Why listen? If you are a fan of savage music, you will like Desecrated Temple of Impurity. Nothing more, nothing less.

Links: Invocation of War Nuclearwhore


-The Wildchild


Bio: Proudly hailing from Quebec, Forteresse formed in the year 2006 by Moribond and Athros. Signing to the Sepulchral Productions label the band released their debut album Mtal Noir Qubcois in late 2006. An Ep, Second album and Split with fellow quebecian's Brume d'Automne was released before their current album, the 2010 release, Par Hauts Bois et Vastes Plaines, was released. The band is very patriotic, and seeks to honour the traditions of their homeland Quebec.

Sounds Like: Mtal Noir pique Ambiant' reads the inside cover to Par Hauts Bois et Vastes Plaines, which you won't need a GCSE in French to work out translates as Epic Ambient Black Metal, which is a very apt title for that album. In the past the ambient element was lesser. It was more of the atmospheric variety of epic black metal. Soaring tremolo picked melodies that feel timeless, over a very well executed, though nothing overly technical, rhythm section that drive the songs forward in spectacular fashion.

Why Listen? Forteresse make quality music that is epic, atmospheric, melodic, and at times ambient, without falling into generic musical wallpaper' territory. Whilst I doubt they will thank me for it, they are probably the best black metal band to come from Canada, though I'd argue the whole North American continent, at least in recent years. I don't know what else to add other than they're an absolutely beltin' band

Links: Une Nuit Pour La Patrie Untitled I Myspace Metal Archives



Bio: From the land of Athens comes a black metal band that not only helped define the budding genre but also exhibited a style of songmanship that was well above and beyond their peers. Necromantia play an interesting and unique blend of black metal, separating themselves from their contemporaries by not even featuring a guitar! Instead, they utilize an 8 string bass, keys, and percussion to deliver an occult cacophony of sounds without sounding contrived or stale. Members have close ties to a more well known Greek band called "Rotting Christ", and have made a Greek super group of sorts with them called "Varathron".

Sounds like: Enriched melodies supplemented by the keyboard with the dynamic overtones of heroism that is set loose upon the listener. It really sounds like ancient and long forgotten rituals of occult based societies that have fell prey to time.

Why listen? Not only did they create an outstanding discography that has stood the test of time, but Necromantia remain rooted as a true gem in the Black Metal community without sounding contrived or overtly concerned with image like many of the bands that hailed from Norway (and beyond)

Metal Archives Scarlet Witching Dreams (youtube) Ancient Pride (youtube)


An extra special something for that special person on that special Hallmark day.

Tangerine Dream

Bio: A prolific German electronic music group formed in 1967 which essentially spearheaded the electronic music boom of the past decades with their spacey compositions, which were in turn results of their experimentation with analogue equipment.

Sounds like: An exciting trip into spacey sounds and the world of psychedelia, from the grandiose sine wave washes of 1971's Alpha Centauri to the ritualistic, but ever-changing, sequencer patterns of 1974's Phaedra; both of which are the group's essential releases (they have a shit ton!). They strike a balance between ambient music and non-static song structures, in that they create ambient music that actually progresses, unlike modern ambient artists who are unable to do so, Kaniba, for example.

Why listen? Alpha Centauri and Phaedra are masterpieces of ambient/electronic music (but do not limit yourself to these, as their entire discography deserves recognition). Nice to listen to with some bud.

Links: Tangerine Dream - Phaedra (first ten minutes) Tangerine Dream - Song of the Whale (Part I) Official site

-The Wildchild

Happy Before Mother's Day Week And Possibly Mother's Day If And When This Reaches That Day!

See you next week, bumpkins.

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    Emenius Sleepus
    I've given Necromantia a listen after Prog wrote them up in the metal forum. Class act, great music really.
    aye, what album did you check out Emmy? Crossing the Fiery Path is good, Scarlet Evil Witching Black is better, and the Ancient Pride EP is worth it as well. should be noted that after that though, their career goes in the gutter. and yeah, Malevolent Creation is pure death. Stillborn, Ten Commandments, all great classic releases.
    Why? It's the same stupid shit as the other ones, even had the same quality of bands.
    Malevolent Creation is sick. Saw them with Exodus a while back and they put on a great show.
    Another fine article. Though Mother's Day was April 3rd this year, for us in the UK anyhow. So whilst it was nice you thanked my mum on my behalf, its either slightly late, or very very early :p I first tried Necromantia the other week as part of my greek metal 'investigation'. Good stuff.
    Necromantia, Rotting Christ, and Varathron are pretty much the top 3 in the Greek scene, but there are some other class acts too. I would definitely say Necromantia tops the others. A Gojira fan that doesn't like metal? What a surprise