Metal Forum Recommends. Part 5

Metal: We like it.

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In the Metal forum, we like metal. This is some of the metal we think you should listen to.


Bio: The black metal band Cobalt was formed in 2002 by its only two members Erik Wunder (drums and vocals) and Phil McSorley (guitar and vocals) with the vision to just make music. In 2003, they released a demo, and in 2005 they released their debut album "War Metal" which featured a more straightforward and pounding black metal sound than they would later be known for when they released their acclaimed 2007 CD "Eater of Birds," which portrayed a more progressive, open, and experimental sound. Their latest release which came out earlier this year, "Gin," is a fantastic album which features a somewhat more in-depth experimentation with the black metal "sound" that they established with "Eater of Birds."

For Fans Of: "War Metal" era Cobalt - Early Enslaved, Marduk, Mayhem "Eater of Birds" and "Gin" (aka present day) era Cobalt - Mid-to-newer Enslaved and Akercocke.

Why Listen: Cobalt bring a refreshing and inventive sound to black metal today, and can even be appreciated by those who don't even frequent listening to the genre (such as myself).

- TheMantipede



Bio: Hanker is a Power Metal band hailing from the province of Quebec. They were formed in 1985, way back in power metal's heyday, but didn't release a proper album until 1994, debuting with In Our World, which is a more than worthy debut. After this, the band remained very underground despite being one of the longest running bands in the genre, albight only having one album. The band went on to record The Dead Ringer, which is a concept album, and this got much acclaim from fans, and slightly boosted the popularity of the band. In 1999 the band recorded what I believe to be one of Power Metal's greatest achievements, entitled Snakes and Ladders. Finally, the band's latest effort is [I]Web of Faith,[/I] which is slightly a step down from Snakes... but a more than worthy follow-up to an irreplaceable album. They are currently working on a fifth album, due to be released this Fall, entitled Conspiracy of Mass Extinction.

For Fans Of: This band really doesn't sound like any other band, but fans of Blind Guardian, Jag Panzer, or Helloween may like this. I recommend it to all fans of listenable music, though, mainly those who prefer good music to ****.

Why Listen: Other than being some of the best quality power metal available, the band is still underground as ever and deserves the attention.

- The Kreator


Hail of Bullets

Bio: HoB are a dutch super-group featuring various musicians from the old-school death metal scene; most notably Martin van Drunen (Pestilence/Asphyx) on vocals. This bands have stuck to what they know best and created an undeniably old-school sounding death metal outfit with heavy thrash influence right from the start.

Their guitar sound is crunching, rather than than the crushing dominating tone of modern death metal. Not afraid to use powerful breakdowns, HoB deliver melodic groove based riff-work. The vocal parts and drums make the band, with van Drunens recognisable bark and modest, yet terrifying drums keeping a relatively slow tempo in a genre that is recognised for high speeds.

For Fans Of: Thrash fans looking for something a little heavier, Beneath the Remains - Sepultura, Christ Illusion - Slayer.

Why Listen: HoB are a refreshing dose of death metal that sacrifices a little bit of its modern death metal extremity in return for something recognisable and different that provides lots of opportunities for fist-pumping.

- destroyah



Bio: Formed in Brisbane, Australia in 2003, Empyrean play a more diverse form of symphonic metal. Combining gothic metal stylings with a more progressive death metal approach. The music on their EP, 'Embodiment of Sin', is a pretty conventional take on gothic metal. Cradle of Filth styled riffs and vocals, along with the obligatory minor third drenched synths make for interesting listening but nothing out of the ordinary. On their 2008 debut album, 'Quietus', however, the band has stepped up their song writing to incorporate more technical riffs, faster and more intense drumming, all of which are more akin to progressive death metal than anything else in sections. The sparse use of clean vocals is also a nice touch, adding some more variety to their already diverse sound.

For Fans Of: Cradle of Filth style gothic metal, Dimmu Borgir, any darker melodic death metal, and anything else that involves epic keyboards and shredding riffs.

Why Listen: Empyrean have forged a nich for themselves that few bands can do. Their form of symphonic metal is not generic, nor is it predictable, yet it's still readily accessible. The band have recently supported Satyricon and Morbid Angel and are gaining recognition steadily. Become a fan before they become popular.

- Magero



Bio: Windrider is the creation of 18 year old Elliot Vernon from Yorkshire, England. Although principally the keyboard player of Ravenage, he is also a guitarist which lead him to write his own music. Majorly influenced by epic folk metal bands such as Equilibrium, Moonsorrow and Falkenbach, the lyrics are based on things such as Norse Mythology and the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. All recording and post-production is done by Elliot in his home studio. All though it is at the moment a one man band, Windrider will be performing at the Gathering of the Clans Festival, with Elliot playing Guitar and Singing, Chris Bowes (Alestorm) on Keyboards, Gazz Murdock (Alestorm, ex-Waylander) on Bass and Danny Downing on Drums.

Sounds Like: Symphonic Viking Metal is what Elliot has called the style. For Fans of Equilibrium, Moonsorrow, Falkenbach, Einherjer, Ensiferum and Summoning

Why Listen: Elliot is an amazing composer of very epic and majestic sounding music, that has one foot firmly in the Scandinavian scene and another firmly in the English folk/Viking scene, whilst at the same time remaining original. The Muspelheim EP is one of the Best EP's I have ever heard, and deserves a lot more recognition.

- AnnihiSlateR

You see them bands above? We like 'em. Keep Posted.

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    Webbtje sorted out what bands were featured in this feature in all honesty. all i did was submit it.
    i've checked out all them except hail of bullets since they don't have myspace. Anyone know where i can check em out?
    they have got a myspace except the link did work because it has a swearword in and was censored. just type their name into myspace music.