Metal Forum Recommends. Part 8

The Metal Forum emphasizes the importance of metal, yet again.

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Hello all you guys and gals, how's it going?

It's rhetoric, as I can't actually hear you.

But welcome to the Metal Forum Recommends article, which was once proposed by our beloved metal forum brother, Webbtje. In his absence, we thought we should carry on the spirit of this, and see where it goes. Essentially, we just recommend bands, whilst you sit there, listen, and then use your new found knowledge at PTA meetings, or something. Enjoy!


Bio: Fyrdsman is a (currently) one-man English epic black metal band from Hampshire, conceived in 2008 by Tim Shaw, with the intention of exploring folkish/romanticist and nostalgic themes on a black metal canvas. The debut EP Forgotten Beneath the Soil was released on 12th April 2010 on Mynydd Du Records and is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Sounds like: There is a lot of variety on the 4 (or at least 3 original tracks, there is a Forefather Cover on the EP too), now whilst all the tracks are rooted in black metal, each one seems to take a slightly different approach than the one before, but still manages to sound coherent as being Fyrdsman. Some of the bands I've been able to pick out as an influence have been Forefather, Drudkh, Emperor, Bal-Sagoth, Alcest along with a few UKBM bands such as Winterfylleth, Wodensthrone and Ealdulf.

Why listen? There are a lot of great bands coming out of the UK at the moment, and whilst he only has one EP out at the moment, I think it sounds like one of the most promising EP's I've heard from a band so early in their career. Definitely one to watch. Plus Tim is a great guy whose music I feel deserves to be heard.

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Bio: Hailing from Philadelphia, Woe was formed by vocalist/instrumentalist Chris Grigg [formerly Xos] in 2007. Originally, as a one-man band. He released a demo and a split, then, in 2008, put out the first full length A Spell for the Death of Man. Over the past year or so, Grigg has formed a live line-up for the band, with Evan Madden on drums, Shane Madden on bass, and Matt Moore also providing guitar. The second full-length, Quietly, Undramatically was released in October 2010, showing great maturation in songwriting and style.

Sounds Like? On A Spell... Woe has much Scandinavian BM worship, sounding somewhat akin to 1349, older Satyricon, some Burzum or Darkthrone. On Quietly..., punk, atmospheric BM, and classic Scandinavian influences are all there, and it creates a sound distinctly its own.

Why Listen? Well because they friggin' rock, and kick immense amounts of ass.

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Bio: Death Metal from Sweden formed in 1988. Featuring Anders Strokirk (of Necrophobic), this band only ever made two releases. Somewhat forgotten under the more well known bands from the region forming at the time. They later changed their name to Blackshine.

Sounds like: The way Death Metal should sound. Blisteringly fast in parts, crushingly slow in others, impossible not to headbang too!

Why listen? Chunky riffs with a punky attitude, a big slab of atmosphere and killer vocals make them a great band to look into if you want to find more from the Swedish scene beyond the obvious bands. I personally recommend We Hail the Possessed compilation.

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Satan's Satyrs

Bio: Satan's Satyrs are a new band hailing from Herndon, Virginia. They combine the rawness of old punk/metal such as Hellhammer, Venom, and Black Flag with the doomy influences of Electric Wizard and Witchfinder General. They currently have one demo out, which is highly recommended. They also have a 7" on the way. Claythanas is the only recording member left, but they have a live lineup. Hopefully they'll be playing some gigs soon.

Sounds like: Witchfinder General and Pentagram mixed with a raw metal/punk influence, combined with some of the psychedelic elements of Electric Wizard

Why listen? You should listen because they create some great memorable songs!

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Black Breath

Bio: From Seattle Washington. They're listed on metal archives as thrash/crossover, but that doesn't do justice to their sound - there is an intimate mix of death and black metal in their riffage, further powered by crusty power chords and d-beats, with a couple face f--king breaks and powerful crust/hardcore vocals. That being said, their overall sound is cohesive and stays distinct over a record. Their newest/first full length released on Southern Lord is filled with fast-paced, blasphemous, cross-spitting goodness. The production is amazing, in that it amplifies the heaviness and aggression of every instrument (including vocals). Check this band out if you like circle pits, unholy things (like circle pits), long hair, solid song writing, and memorable riffs.

Sounds like: a crust/hardcore modern version of Entombed, Dismember, satan.

Why listen? Well, if you like metal, you'll probably like this band. Heavy Breathing is a prime example of an amalgamation of different sub-genres brought together through good song structure and riffage to create something that may not necessarily be groundbreaking, but completely enjoyable.

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    I wish there was some way to get more people to notice this, it's pretty much barely noticeable on the front page of UG. Oh well. Great article, will check all these bands out.
    The Wildchild
    More funnies, severed. Excellent article, I think the formatting is perfect, it looks like less of a clutter like the one that came before.
    Indeed, we are such a lovely bunch. Now on to acquire Satan's Satyrs and Black Breath, whose appealing mixture of influences I didn't even notice despite having proofread both of them...
    I'd vote Satan's Slayers for best album cover of the year, if they didn't have a name like a Christian Black Metal band...
    Sorry, I must be dikslestic. I thought their name was Satan's Slayers! Now they do get my vote for album cover of the year.
    HEXEN is one of the best thrash metal bands from actual days... you guys should really put it in here
    Or you could come to the Metal forum and do it yourself.The column is open to anyone.
    All the writeups of the bands are user submitted mate. Its a collective community thing, not just two or three guys throwing bands at you.
    Some of the comments here genuinely make me wonder whether we truly reach anyone outside the metal forum.
    The Wildchild
    How unfortunate. I think this would fare better as a feature, like, say, This Month in Metal, although that's unlikely, methinks.
    The Wildchild wrote: How unfortunate. I think this would fare better as a feature, like, say, This Month in Metal, although that's unlikely, methinks.
    Yeah, we get like 2-5 comments on each weekly feature... we need to make it more available so more people see it. Jon or WBAT should pm a mod to see if we can be put into the reviewing section of the front page.