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I just want to see who inspired you to pick up a guitar and play. List maybe 5-10 guitar players who really turned your knobs.

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I just want to see who inspired you to pick up a guitar and play. List maybe 5-10 guitar players who really turned your knobs. Here's my list:

01. Randy Rhoads (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne) I would be nowhere without him, that's for sure. He was my favorite from the time I heard the opening riff in Crazy Train and the facemetler in Mr. Crowley. He was the only guitar player that stuck out to me when it came to improving skill constantly.

02. Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV and Double Trouble) He really reinvented the blues guitar. In my opinion, he played faster than Jimi did. My first guitar was also an SRV Stratocaster. I don't play it much anymore but it's probably my most prized possesion. My father also named me Barron Vaughan after him.

03. Pete Townshed (The Who) If there's any guitar player out there who I play the most like, it's Pete. I don't go for blistering solos or lightning fast riffing, it just keep it simple, yet intricate.

04. Angus Young (AC/DC) Angus is arguably one of the best rock guitarists in history. It was basically blues guitar with distortion cranked up to f--king 11. Yeah, he plays great solos, but he does it because it adds charisma to the songs not because he wants to show off to the world.

05. Slash (Guns N Roses, Velvelt Revolver, etc.) The reason I play a Les Paul to this day. He doesn't give a damn about sweep picking or converting to the 'religion' of heavy metal guitaring. He sticks to rock and roll and that is what I respect.

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    Mine: 1.Jimmy Page 2.Jimi Hendrix 3.Eddie Van Halen 4.Les Paul 5.Randy Rhoads 6.Paul Gilbert 7.Steve Vai 8.Joe Satriani 10.John Petrucci
    1. Buckethead, for his ability to write awesome music in any genre basically. His songs just get to me. 2. Chuck Schuldiner, The man who essentially began a genre of music. His unique guitar solos and fast riffing make him an amazing metal guitarist. Not to mention his slow, emotional solos are just as great! 3. Andy Mckee, This guy has taken acoustic guitar music to a whole new level, combining lead, rhythm, and percussive tracks with a single guitar. Its complex yet so relaxing at the same time. Perfect music to fall asleep to at night. 4. Chris Letchford, composer/primary lead guitarist for my all time favorite band, Scale the Summit. His playing style is just beautiful, very innovative, and just all around impressive. Definitely play a good show too! 5.Mark Tremonti, I know he isn't the best, but i'll admit hes damn good. And essentially, he is the reason i ever picked a guitar up to begin with (Pity for a Dime's solo specifically). That and creed got me in to music basically. 6. Paul Gilbert, He taught buckethead...nuff said 7. Randy Rhoads, his RR series guitars are the sex! And considering how good he was at such a young age...I envy this man. It's a shame we will never hear how much better he could be today. 8. "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, king of groove metal! His solos are mind blowing, and those signature dive bombs he can you deny the awesomeness of that? 9. Marc Rizzo, Badass shredder, and can play flamenco like a boss...nuff said 10. Noah Carpenter, guitarist for skinless/armor column, but i like him for his work in skinless. Personally, my favorite riffage comes out of this band and i hate that they had to break up D:
    J.R. Legrasse
    1.) James Hetfield 2.) Tony Iommi 3.) Dave "Stuck With Romney" Mustaine 4.) Chuck Schuldiner 5.) Max Cavalera 6.) Mille Petrozza 7.) Dimebag Darrell 8.) Christopher Parkening 9.) Jamie Hince 10.) Greg Ginn
    1. Robert Fripp (King Crimson) 2. Buckethead 3. Peter Frampton 4. The Edge 5. Josh Homme 6. David Gilmour 7. Eddie Van Halen 8. Tony Iommi 9. Les Paul 10. BB King
    I know I shared my top five in the article, but here's the top ten without any descriptions. 1. Randy Rhoads 2. Stevie Ray Vaughan 3. Pete Townshend 4. Angus Young 5. Slash 6. Ritchie Blackmore 7. Jimmy Page 8. KK Downing 9. Tony Iommi 10. Brian May
    1. Dimebag Darrell 2. John Petrucci 3. Daron Malakian 4. Eddie Van Halen 5. Jerry Cantrell 6. Big Jim Martin 7. Eric Clapton 8. Martin Barre 9. Kerry King 10. Kenny Hicky \m/
    I couldn't pinpoint any specific guitarist and I onwed a guitar before I ever really got into their music, but Jesper and Bjorn of In Flames are my absolute ****ING idols! They're my driving force for continuing on with the instrument and knowing upwards of 15-20 of their songs (Whoracle pretty much front to back) speaks to my devotion to their music. Aside from them: - Dave Mustaine - Oli Herbert - Matt Heafy - Daron Malakian - Matt Tuck My taste has since grown far beyond my original influences, but a big part of picking up the guitar also came from the show Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. J-rock has some astounding playing, that we'll almost never hear of in NA.
    1: Ritchie Blackmore 2: Yngwie Malmsteen 3: Jimmy Page 4: Eddie Van Halen 5: Kirk Hammett 6: Tommy Iommi 7: Dave Mustaine 8: David Gilmour 9: Randy Rhoads 10: George Harrison These lists are personal so there's no real right or wrong answer
    1. Rory Gallagher 2. Tony Bourge (Budgie) 3. Petri Walli (Kingston Wall) 4. Criss Oliva (Savatage) 5. David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) 6. George Harrison (The Beatles) 7. Brian May (Queen) 8. Angus Young (AC/DC) 9. Glen Tipton (Judas Priest) 10.Jake E Lee (Ozzy Osbourne - Badlands) I am afraid I will feel guilty if I don't mention : Jon Uli Roth (Scorpions) Mark Kendall (Great White) Vivian Campbell (particularly Dio era) Jeff Waters (Annihilator) Robin Trower Andy Scott (Sweet)
    1.paul gilbert 2.randy rhoads 3.dimebag darrell 4.buckethead 5.morgan Hkansson 6.chuck schuldiner 7.mark morton 8.jerry cantrell 9.ihsahn 10.adam jones
    1. Andy Mckee (cuz he has such a beautiful sense of melody) 2. Mark Tremonti (cuz he's just a tank!!) 3. Jerry Cantrell (amazing riff writer!!) 4. Joe Satriani (genius composer) 5. Dave Murray (the reason i picked up a guitar in the first place)
    1. Slash 2. Eddie Van Halen 3. Jimi Hendrix 4. Tom Morello 5. Zakk Wylde
    1.Tony Iommi 2.Eric Clapton 3.David Gilmour 4.James Hetfield 5.Dave Murray
    The 5 that really got me into guitar are definitely: 1. John Petrucci 2. Dave Gilmour 3. Joe Satriani 4. Steve Vai 5. Paul Waggoner If I had to list guitarists that I consider extremely influential to guitarists, I'd have to include Chuck Berry, Hendrix etc. The people who really pioneered guitar and made it what it is today. Not just shredders from the 80s onwards.
    John Frusciante Tom Morello Adam Jones Jack White David Gilmour Keith Levene Jon Mclaughlin Omar Rodriguez Lopez Greg Ginn Buckethead
    As soon as I saw the title I was like Randy Rhodes better be on there. You have great taste
    My top 10 In no particular order John Petrucci Mikael Akerfeldt Chuck Shuldiner "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott Alexi Laiho Robb Flynn Rany Rhoads Eddie Van Halen Zakk Wylde Slash
    Jake E Lee George Lynch SRV Al Di Meola Albert King Albert Collins Paco De Lucia Billy Gibbons Dave Mustaine Shawn Lane Vivian Campbell John Sykes Buddy Guy Django Reinhardt
    1. Alexi Laiho (Children Of Bodom) 2. Robb Flynn (Machine head) 3. Matt Heafy (Trivium) 4. Matt Tuck (Bullet For My Valentine) 5. Phil Demmel (Machine Head)
    1. Slash 2. Keith Richards 3. Noel Gallagher 4. Jimmy Page 5. Joe Perry 6. Angus Young 7. Ronnie Wood 8. George Harrison 9. Pete Townsend 10. Paul Weller
    zakk wylde dime rhoads iommi hammett cantrell gibbons slas h smith/murray downing/tipton
    Tosin Abasi- I try to emmulate his playing Benjamin Burnley- My Idol Jesper Stromblad (In Flames)-I emmulate his riff style Adam Jones (Tool)- Love his little tricks Kirk Hammett- My first solo was by him.
    1) EVH- reason I ever picked up a guitar. I could play the hot for teacher intro before I knew any proper scales. Including pentatonic. Not a good way to go about it, though. Lol. 2) satriani- his legato pretty much killed me when I learned what it was, and what he was doing. It's a big part in how I play, but I think I got into the technique before I should have. My actual right hand/left synchronization is pretty awful. 3) Hendrix- one of the only blues guys I ever really got into, he had a unique way of approaching his compositions while writing leads. Some of the rhythm stuff was hard to play over, but his leads always fit. 4) Thrice (teppei and kensrue)- the first post-hardcore band I ever heard had a huge impact on my songwriting. Illusion of safety and artist in the ambulance were just epic. Not having much Internet access at the time, I always assumed it was one guitarist, that was playing the rhythm and lead lines at the same time (like evh did), with overdubs for harmonies. So that's what I started trying to do. Extremely influential for me, even if I was wrong. 5) avenged sevenfold- I know they are a hate them or like them band, but I grew up in Hawaii, and the first time i heard waking the fallen, limp Bizkit was the biggest band on radio. They were a breath of fresh air, and the harmonies and solos were uniquely intriguing to my ears. Ben moody- not ability, but songwriting. He is similar to evh in that he took things that were heavy, and somehow mde them have enough hook that it became a massively successful sound. Nothing technically impressive, but identifiable. These aren't my necessarily my favorite guitar players, but the ones that had a huge impact on my actual playing. I love me some buckethead, vai, etc., but I can't say they influence my sound or how I approach the guitar. These six did, and still do.
    -Dave Mustane -James Hetfield -Kirk Hammett -Eddie Van Halen -Slash -Stevie Ray Vaughn
    1. Slash 2. John Frusciante 3. David Gilmour 4. Jimmy Page 5. Jimi Hendrix 6. Charlie Christian
    1. Jeff Buckley 2. SRV 3. Jimmy Page 4. Jimi Hendrix 5. Jeff Beck 6. Adam Jones 7. BB King 8. Les Paul 9. Neil Young 10. Eric Johnson
    I'll do a top 5 but a few of mine will be guitar teams as well due to both guitarists being equally influential in their band: 1. Scott Ian/Rob Caggiano 2. James Hetfield 3. Merritt Gant/Rob Cannavino 4. Bobby Gustafson 5. Jeff Waters (my biggest influence of them all!)
    Mr Y
    1) James Dean Bradfield - influenced me to pick up a guitar; 2) Jack White got me into the blues. 3) Matt Bellamy taught me how to play good solos. 4) Jonny Buckland not the coolest guitarist but his skill at using alternative tunings influenced me to experiment. 5) George Harrison because he's a total legend.
    Tosin Abasi (my lord and saviour) Brent Hinds (his weird chicken picking style is incredible) Mikael Akerfeldt (essentially taught me fingerpicking, properly soloing, and riffing in plain old standard tuning) Andy McKee (one of the great acoustic players of our time) Ron Jarzombek (Blotted Science is just incredible. Wields a 7-string like no other. And that damn 12-tone system) Chuck Schuldiner (created a genre and was an incredible player) Muhammed Suicmez (his solos are godly) John Petrucci ( description required Steven Wilson (more for his production than his guitar playing though) Fredrik Thordendal (his precision to weird time signatures is inhuman) That's all that comes to mind at the moment.
    1.) Steve Vai (how has nobody mentioned him yet? wtf?) 2.) Joe Satriani 3.) SRV 4.) Hendrix 5.) Eric Johnson 6.) Yngwie 7.) Dimebag 8.) A.J. Novello (
    ) 9.) Pat O'brien 10) Satan
    Some very good choices, but can't believe noone mentioned Chuck Berry. His licks are found everywhere in rock.
    1. Gary Rossington 2. Allen Collins 3. Jimmy Page 4. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez 5. Jack White 6. Dave Murray 7 Paul Gilbert 8. Stevie Ray Vaughn 9. Eric Johnson 10. Martin Barre
    In no particular order Mark knopfler (Sp) Saul Hudson ( slash) Dave Mustain Brain May EVH Dave Murray and Adrian Smith Jack White
    Can't believe no one has said Tommy Emmanuel, he is by far my favourite guitarist of all time.
    tony iommi dave mustaine tony iommi kirk hammett dimebag tony iommi kyle gass kk downing/glen tipton tony rombola oh yeah, and tony iommi
    Michael Schenker Michael Schenker Michael Schenker and Michael Schenker Could list some others, but really, MS is the real reason that I wanted to start learning and now when I hear him play it is my motivation to keep on learning.
    1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Eddie Van Halen 3. Jimmy Page 4. SRV 5. Jeff Beck 6. Joe Satriani 7. Slash 8. David Gilmour 9. Eric Clapton 10. Les Paul There are 3 era's of the electric guitar, 1. The Les Paul era, 2. The Jimi Hendrix/Jimmy Page era, 3. The Eddie Van Halen/SRV era. Those being the utmost influential of their times in Rock n Roll. Since then you could consider Slash and Joe Satriani but I don't think anyone else comes close.
    1) Randy Rhoads 2) Jake E. Lee 3) Slash 4) Brian Setzer 5) SRV
    Cody Mazza
    My second list.. 1. Ted Nugent 2. John Frusciante 3. Les Paul 4. B.B King 5. Andy Mckee
    1. Jeff Beck 2. The Edge (from U2) 3. Jimi Hendrix 4. Ron Wood 5. Mark Knopfler 6. Rick Parfitt (from Status Quo) The top 6, Jeff B is definitely number one, and the rest are just put in there in any random order really