Mother's Touch

It's a short story I wrote for a school assignment. Hope you like it, doesn't really have anything to do with Guitars, but I just hear the Pink Floyd song: Mother, being played to this.

Ultimate Guitar

I was alone in the dark, sprawled on the icy floor. A million of questions popped up simultaneously into my head, like where I was or even how did I get here, and most importantly why was I here? A throbbing pain numbed my senses; I was in a state of what felt like total paralysis. My eyes darted from side to side trying to identify my location. The sounds of pounding boots loomed closer.

My heart was thundering, it felt like it was going to rip out of my chest. What was I suppose to do? The door creaked open and light pierced into the gloomy room, blinding me temporarily. My reaction was to shield my eyes, but something was restraining me. I was shackled. A tall man came over to me; he was clad in that vile Nazi general uniform. He gazed at me with mesmerizing blue eyes, as if he was scanning my very soul. His demeanor showed sympathy, but I know that these people can be deceiving. Let me go. I said with a trembling voice, the words struggling to come out of my dry mouth. The Nazi shook his head. In due time. Right next to him stood an innocent little boy, he looked up at his supposedly father and said cheerfully.

I like him, Father! a smile decorating his face and revealing his dimples. Good. muttered the Nazi to his son. Both of them turned around and walked out of the door, the light swallowing them whole. The source of light slowly faded as the door was closed shut. I lay there trying to imagine what would happen to me, and especially think of a way out of this situation. Morning had finally settled in, after what seemed like hours. I could hear the sweet chirping of the birds and the distinct sound of running enginesWait! What was I doing outside the ghetto? A sense of relief and panic coursed through me like an electrical shock. Was I ever going to see my loved ones again? The sweet smile of my mother, it felt like I had just received a jarring hit to the jaw. I had regained my strength from the little sleep I was given.

I tried loosening the pressure the shackles had on my wrist, but all attempts I made were futile, they were so tight around my hands that they turned white from the little blood flow. Little steps approached; as soon as I heard then I sat upright. Come on, it's time to play! a squeaky voice roared. It was the same child from last night, but his appearance was much more visible. Deep blue eyes, and light blonde hair were attributed to his plump little frame. I nodded to him and whispered with my raspy voice. Water His innocent face transformed suddenly to one filled with disgust. You Jews are so demanding! No wonder Daddy is getting rid of your kind! he paused. Well except for you A sly smile crept across his lips as he turned around and grabbed a bowl of dirty water. Here you go!

He threw the bowl at me, most of it splashed onto the wall near me, but I still tried grasping it with my legs and pouring it all over my face. It was bitter and dark, but I felt some sort of refreshment in it. Now we're going to take a walk, and if you try to run, my daddy will burn you, like he's doing right now to your whole family and those Jews in the ghetto. I just stared at his deep blue eyes in amazement, how so much evil existed in one child. A tear rolled down my eye as the image of my family being burned alive materialized in my mind, their screams I could hear them echoing in my head. That's right, get emotional Jew. Said the pestering child, I wanted to hit him so bad, I wanted to unleash my vengeance on this poor soul, but I could hear my mom whispering into my ear. Stay calm Aryeh. Where was she? I needed to find my beloved mom. Schutz! bellowed the child. Lassen Sie ihn gehen he added.

Two tall officers came over to me and removed my shackles, I could feel all my blood flowing back to my hands, but they were still numb. They grabbed me with their big powerful arms lifted my small frame off the ground. I was finally taken out of that wretched room, and into a fancy living room, decorated with the pictures of Hitler and his wicked propagandas. The well dressed people, looked at me with no expression, as if I wasn't human. The guards passed through the differently adorned rooms of the house, and out the exit. Outside I saw the Wall, I was too small to see past it, but I could pick up the odd smell of scorched wood, and flesh. I could see the distant buildings collapsing onto the quiet streets of the ghetto. You want to go to see your family, don't you? asked the German boy with a cocky appearance. The guards continued to drag me around the streets, my legs bumping across the cobblestone.

We took a sharp turn and I was faced with a horrible scene. I was at the gates of the ghetto, bodies littered the floor, but the building where we stayed was surprisingly intact. Hope was in stored into my body, a shot of adrenaline coursed through my veins, I could feel my legs again, I was going to find my mom, and I needed her. When I felt the loosening of the Nazi guard's grip on my arm, I made a dash for it. The little boy's eyes were wide as he screamed. Come back here Jew! I was looking forward, paying attention to nothing, just my destination, into my mom's arms. I felt a sharp pain in my back, the clamor of rifles followed right after. I'm holding on Mom I was at the door, the bullet dug deeply into my back, I was crying intensely.

We lived on the first floor; I was crawling on the floor, avoiding any debris on my way. Aryeh. I heard. Where was she? I looked at our apartment door, it was blown open. I saw my mom standing in the middle of the room, with that special smile of hers that made the sun shine. Mom! I cried out. Its okay, Aryeh. She said with her soft voice. Go to sleep, it's all just a bad dream. My eyes slowly closed, I could feel her velvety touch. Her warmth, surrounding me like a blanket, I felt free.

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    GSD N3
    Seriously, this is better than most of the stuff posted on this site, and... IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GUITARS??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? Hehehe, but seriously, Great Job! I liked this alot.