Muse Turns 20: Their Greatest Moments

Name your favorite Muse moment.

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You might still consider them a new band, but Muse have turned 20 this year.

The Teignmouth trio has been through a whole lot of adventures over the past two decades, we'll round them up in a brief rundown below.

Here's to another 20 and more!

The Humble Beginnings (1994)

Back in 1994, Muse had a long road ahead of them, just check out this Battle of the Bands clip. Kudos for the two guys in front!

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The First EP (1998)

Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies, their self-titled debut was released on May 11, 1998, featuring four songs, three of which ("Overdue," "Cave" and "Escape") found their place on the next year's full-length debut. Check out their humble beginnings in the clip below.

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Best New Band Award (2000)

In 2000, the trio was presented with the Best New Band award by NME, marking the beginning of a string of prestigious accolades in years to come. Other winners that night included Blur, Travis, and Shaun Ryder.

First Top 20 Hit - "Plug in Baby" (2001)

The group's first full-fledged hit came at the beginning of the last decade. Announcing the upcoming album "Origin of Symmetry" four months ahead, "Plug in Baby" was unveiled on March 5, 2001, peaking at No. 11 on the UK Singles Chart, and therefore becoming the highest-charting Muse single at the time.

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First No. 1 Album - "Absolution" (2003)

Still riding the success wave, the upcoming Muse album gave the band their very first No. 1 release in the UK. In the US on the other hand, the record reached a modest spot No. 107.

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First Major Festival Headlining Gig - Glastonbury 2004

It wasn't long before the group landed their very first major festival headlining spot. The event took place at 2004's Glastonbury, with frontman Matt Bellamy later describing it as the "gig of their lives." Glasto boss Emily Eavis returned the praise, dubbing Muse "the ultimate booking."

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75,000 Wembley Tickets Sold Out in 45 Minutes (2007)

Setting additional records, Muse sold out the entire newly-built Wembley stadium in a matter of 45 minutes. We're talking 75,000 tickets here. The year was 2006, and yes, the second show was added.

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500,000 Copies of "The Resistance" Sold in First Week (2009)

In 2009, Muse sold half a million copies of their new album "The Resistance" during the first week, a figure that seems astronomical mere five years later.

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Return to Glasto (2010)

In 2010, Muse became members of an exclusive club of repeated Glastonbury headliners, rocking the No. 1 UK event for the second time. The 2010 show featured U2's The Edge as a special guest.

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Muse Song Named Greatest Riff of the 21st Century (2010)

Once again, it's "Plug in Baby" time. In 2010, following a Total Guitar vote, the band's first hit single was named the ultimate guitar riff of the current century, beating the likes of Green Day, Kasabian, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Live at Rome Olympic Stadium (2013)

Marking their most ambitious live setting to date, the Rome Olympic Stadium gig was immortalized with an official release in 2013. As a part of "The Unsustainable Tour," the show saw Muse rocking the crowd of over 60,000.

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    Oh, I really like this video from 1994 - maybe isn't original enough (without Matt's signature vocals - it's clearly under grunge influence, especially considering the year) - but really love their raw sound, sincerity and maybe even modesty - comparing to today's theatrical playing on stage by Matt.
    Hearing Plug In Baby for the first time when I was 13 made me pick up the guitar and got me into rock music. I really love their music.
    They really grew fast. Less than a decade after their first album they were already playing stadiums.
    They used to be one of my favourite bands but sadly the last two albums sort of lost me (I still bought them) I can't deny that origin to black holes was an incredible run and light years ahead of any other "rock bands" from the time.
    Agree with this completely, the last two albums weren't even half as good as Black Holes or Absolution. Don't get me started on Origin of Symmetry, which is still one of the greatest rock albums ever in my opinion. Sadly, I can't really ever see them reprising the rawness of the first two albums which got me hooked, but bands evolve I guess. 3 part symphonies are cool 'n all, but 'Uprising' sounds like a Gary Glitter track.
    I used to consider Muse the best band of the last 20 years but sadly their fanbase made me avoid the last couple of albums and even i've stopped listening to their music at all
    "their fanbase made me..." Bullshit. You made the choice. From what you're saying, you stopped listening to a band because other people listen to the band, and you don't like those people. Way to live your own life.
    What a strange thing to do. Why would a bands fan base prevent you from enjoying their music.
    Sorry but what's wrong with their fanbase? Genuine question. I've never heard anyone giving out about them before.
    Best muse moment when i saw them on a giant billboard selling cigarettes.. wait that was the worst muse moment...
    Best moment for me would be the first gig I saw them at. Newport Centre Nov 2001. It will never be surpassed (Unless I meet Matt Bellamy).
    Best band ever. Bought and saw HAARP completely randomly, 1 month later I bough my first guitar. Even tought I'm a true metalhead right now, they are still my favorite band and ever will be.