Music Has No Bounderies, Recognize it As Art

It seems everyone today has this strange pessimist view on music. There are no rules about having solos or outlines to follow. Music is about art and expression and you can do what you want with it. And most importantly, don't complain about it.

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It seems everyone today has this strange pessimist view on music. Just about everyone is complaining about how music has lost touch, or how solos are missing. I used to be one of these people, making little sarcastic comments about how many of today's bands don't play solos like it made me cool. You may find yourself in that same situation. But think about this: who's listening to you? Who really cares anymore? Music is about opinion, and other people aren't going to care enough about yours to change their mind. So stop while you're ahead and don't complain.

There's also a lot of hatred towards Fred Durst now for some reason. Why do you hate Fred Durst? Is it his cocky attitude? His giant fan base? His "mindless" lyrics? If you hate Fred Durst you've probably said yes to these questions. But do you hate Fred as much as you hate David Lee Roth? Think about it. They're both cocky. They both are extremely popular. Their lyrics are not exactly genius. But why does everyone love Diamond Dave and hate poor ol' Fred? Because it's cool to hate Fred and it's cool to love Dave. They both make great original music. It is about time you guys learned some respect.

"Where are the solos? I can't live without my solos!" What's the problem here? There are no rules on how to write music, except one: be creative. Use your mind along with your instruments and don't just play how you think you're supposed to play. Solos are awesome and fun to hear/play, but if you don't want to put a solo in your song, then whatever. You don't have to. Take Tool for example. They have incredibely long songs, some without solos. The rarely ever follow the whole verse/chorus/verse/chorus/end pattern that is so popular, and still make great music. You can make great music going off on your own. You can also make great music following the pattern, just don't strictly follow it.

Something that particularly sets me off is everyone's hatred towards rap. Rap is definately not the same thing as rock. A lot of the lyrics are about partyin' or women or life on the streets, and rock's lyrics aren't. But this is what rappers have to offer. This is the material they feel like writing about. You probably can't relate to many rap songs or just don't care about what they are saying, but other people can and do. Rap is poetry spoken with music in the background. You may not like it but it appeals to many people. Some people don't even really care about lyrics and just want something to dance to or party to, and there is nothing wrong with that. Rap music is also expression of what's on the mind. The things on rappers minds may not be on your minds, but get over it.

If you truly have a love for music then you should learn to appreciate what it is: art. It is a puzzle you can put together any way you want to. You don't have to do what's "cool" and complain about how much someone sucks. If you were really smart and not so weak-minded you would realize that the artist is just doing what they love: making/performing music. People like Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, all rappers, and all nu-metal groups are constantly picked on. They're just doing their thing, they're expressing themselves. And if you are still that stubborn and thick-headed after reading this article to complain about solos or how much a musician sucks, I pity you. You may continue to complain, but just remember that no one is listening to you and no one really cares.

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    I don't agree with you with what you said about rappers, you said it's poetry with music in the background, but how can those lyrics be poetry? and the music in the background, that's not music, that's just some simple rhythm or beat. so i don't think you're right about that.
    I hate Diamond Dave and I hate Fred Durst for the same reasons you just mentioned. And if no one cares about my comments why did you bother to write an article (much longer than this comment) in response to what I have to say?
    Brand Nizzle182
    i agree 100% people jump on the bandwagon to hate people. most rap is mindless and annoying but noone can hate all of it. there are awesome rap acts like outkast and eminem. i love to voice my opinons and arge with people but it is very reatarded nobody really cares about what they are talking about. nice article
    i think the big pop vs. rock debate stems from the fact that half the people want something musically impressive, or original, or alternative, or whatever. music REALLY matters to these people, and they take it quite seriously. solos or not, the music must be of high calibre, and we usually look to whats been done in the past to define what is the best. people like us eat sleep and breathe music, and we are fanatic about our genre affiliations. hence the general disdain for rap music on this site. that's why we get into such heated arguments about music, and that's why there's so many articles on this site about "What Defines Good Music," or "Which Music Is The Best." and the other half of the people see music as something to dance to, something to have in the background at a party, etc... it needs to be new and fresh, because once the novelty wears off, it's no fun anymore. we here at UG are mainly from the first category. a few of us are intelligent enough to be able to see both sides, myself and the article writer included. we have no choice but to respect both groups of people, or else we can be called hypocritical by anyone who likes "better" music than we do. for example, someone who like pop-punk could look down on someone who listens to only boy bands and beyonce and eminem. but on the same scale, a Led Zeppelin fan could look down their nose at the pop-punk fan because Zeppelin's music was less commercial, more technically impressive and appealed to a more diverse musical crowd. so i agree with this article in that we should simply accept and respect the fact that people have different tastes, and that not everyone takes music as seriously as we all do.
    that last thing you said made no sense buddy. and just to clear things up, tool is by far my favorite band and i just used them as an example. and what you said about them, i've already realized this, which is why i mentioned them in the column, wiseass. and your comment about rap was stupid, because electronic instruments are like KEYBOARDS and sound effects are also classified as instruments, they are just not the traditional string instruments. it's nice and all that you think you're smart, but know what you're talking about. by the way, cute little (_)'s you made there.
    ^ yeah man, i know how you feel about the example thing. it's impossible to use an example of a band to prove a point on this site and not be flamed by people who don't like the band, or who just want to put in their two cents about their favorite bands. ignore idiots like that.
    i think it is disgraceful to compare fred durst to david lee roth. u know what the difference is? one can back up his cockiness with skill. the other can't.
    i agree with all those except on rap.Its true some of it is poetry but allot of this f-ck heads didnt even grow up in the hood and live far away from it.And i that whan they just have nothing to rap about and they just talk about drugs and s-it.The only rapers i do respect are 2 pac,dmx,and eminem.All the other ones can go f-ck themselves.
    Ratiug318: i think it is disgraceful to compare fred durst to david lee roth. u know what the difference is? one can back up his cockiness with skill. the other can't. David Lee Roth and Fred Durst are both outstanding vocalists who can write honest, cool, and sometimes funny lyrics. David Lee Roth isn't exactly singer of the year though, and neither is Durst. If you call Durst's lyrics idiotic, look at Just A Gigilo and say that it's genius. It's just a funny song. And just to clear things up, I like and respect both Van Halen and Limp Bizkit. But way to jump on the bandwagon though guy.