Musicians Who Are Also Best Friends

Music sure brings great minds together and these guys are a great proof to that.

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Musicians Who Are Also Best Friends

In light of the recently published article about the Ultimate-guitar community on we want to remember some of the best bromances in the history of rock music.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Before they fell in love with the blues, before they started writing songs, before they formed one of the most famous bands in the world, Jagger and Richards rode tricycles together. "I can't remember when I didn't know him," Mick told Rolling Stone in 1995. "We lived one street away; his mother knew my mother and we were at primary school together from 7 to 11. We used to play together, and we weren't the closest friends, but we were friends."

But everything had changed after two struck up a conversation about rock and blues on the train. On the way, Richards learned that Jagger had ordered the two albums directly from Chicago's Chess Records, as they were unavailable in England. Excited by their talk, and wanting to hear the LPs, Richards invited Jagger over for tea that afternoon. Following the listening session, the budding singer invited the amateur guitarist to join his band, Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys, which played songs by Eddie Cochrane, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry.

The following year, Jagger and Richards would find a kindred spirit in Brian Jones and the three would form a new band, named for one of the songs on the two records that Jagger was carrying at the train station. With Muddy Waters's "Rollin' Stone" for inspiration, the new group became the Rolling Stones. The rest is history.

After all these years they remain best friends. Even after Richards mocked Jagger's junk in his autobiography - saying it "doesn't quite fill the gap" - the frontman forgave his guitarist ahead of The Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary.  Because only the closest celeb buds can make jokes about each other's penises and get away with it.  

Iggy Pop and David Bowie

'David's friendship was the light of my life. I never met such a brilliant person. He was the best there is'. 
Iggy Pop

You have to be hard-pressed to find friends who admired one another more than Bowie and Iggy. The 'Ziggy Stardust' singer propelled his buddy's career into the public consciousness after producing several of Iggy's albums (and even touring as the keyboardist in Iggy's band).

Iggy Pop met David Bowie in 1971, a period of excess when "we were all pretty bad but he was at least viable," Pop said. In 1976, Bowie invited Iggy to travel along with him as a "fly on the wall" on the tour following the release of Bowie's album "Station to Station." Onstage, David Bowie portrayed his Thin White Duke character while flooded in white light.

After the tour, David Bowie produced Iggy Pop's 1977 solo debut album, "The Idiot," while traveling in France and Germany and working together on songs — often with Bowie providing music and perhaps a title and Pop completing it with melodies and lyrics. "He subsumed my personality, lyrically, on that first album," Iggy Pop said. He compared David Bowie with the character in George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion" and the musical "My Fair Lady."

David Bowie made a point of visiting Iggy Pop's parents in Detroit, where they were living in a trailer. "He came to my parents' trailer, and the neighbors were so frightened of the car and the bodyguard they called the police," Iggy said. "My father's a very wonderful man, and he said, 'Thank you for what you're doing for my son.' I thought: Shut up, Dad. You're making me look uncool."

Dave Grohl + everyone

Kurt Cobain, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Hawkins, Trent Reznor, Jared Leto, Neil Young... you name it. Every person on this list has either been seen in public with Dave Grohl aka "The Nicest Dude in Rock." He supports numerous charities, remembers his fans, performs in fans' garages, sits in for sick colleagues etc. And judging by the stories he's just really fun to hang out with.  And that is precisely why all these people love the guy. Way to go, Dave.

What friendship do you think the best in the world of music? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    Clapton and Harrison shared same wife this is friendship
    Gene Simmons and Himself.
    Dave Mustaine and Himself "Hello me, meet the real me!"
    Dave would hate Dave tho
    Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt? They've been best friends since teenage years. Was expecting a lot more out of this article.
    For sure. And Tom and Mark from blink as well, for a very long time. It's a shame managers/fame/whatever, messed their friendship up. Aliens existing or not.
    “My father’s a very wonderful man, and he said, ‘Thank you for what you’re doing for my son.’ I thought: Shut up, Dad. You’re making me look uncool.” even when you're a rock star, you can feel embarrassed by your folks
    What about Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson? Dudes have been best friends since middle school.
    I think Steven Tyler and Joe Perry would have to be an obvious one. They fight a lot, but I get the sense they almost have a brotherly relationship.
    Next time I find a musician that I want to play with... I'm inviting him over for tea and we are going to rule the world for 50 years.
    ^ who is Kurt Kobain?
    I like how people thumbs-downed you. I guess they didn't notice the misspelling either.
    Killer Mike and El-P from Run The Jewels. They gush over each other any chance they get, it's wonderful to see.
    So.... bandmates then. Yeah. Could of just called this one "bandmates." Really, only 3 examples?
    Josh Homme also seems somehow close to Dave Grohl, and somehow Trent Reznor. Or maybe I'm just subconsciously implanting my super-group fantasy into your brain.
    Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes more than anyone else I think. I just watched that Eagles of Death metal documentary about the Paris shooting, and they seem really close.
    Jack White has said today Bob Dylan keeps a bowling ball at whites ally in his house, the ball has John Wayne's face on. If thats not friendship i dont want to know what is.
    Is Keith and Mick a joke? those guys hate each other's guts and don't interact with each other unless they're on stage.
    Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes are clearly the best of friends and it especially shows in their interview after the terrorist attack in Paris.
    I remember back in 2001 Zakk Wylde absolutely hated Dave Grohl for writing a song for Ozzy that Zakk thought was terrible, but apparently they are good buds now.
    No Steve Vai and Hevy Devy? For realsies? Anyone?? These guys are friends for almost forever, I presume!