Vivian Campbell discovers amazing Def Leppard material.

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Last week, a fantastic new bit of information was posted on an '80s rock/glam metal revival website, by current Def Leppard and former Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell.

Apparently, whilst looking through the piles and piles of unreleased demos from the "Nine Lives" recording sessions, Vivian discovered something quite shocking - a full album's worth of decent sounding, hard rock-style song lyrics and notations as to the desired instrumentation to accompany said lyrics.

"It's really very interesting to me that there would be this much completed, useable, hard rock music sitting here in a bin with the stuff I had been planning to destroy. I haven't seen songs this solid and intelligently written, since way back when I played on the first three Dio albums."

"Call me crazy, but I think this might be Ronnie. I think it might be possible that he's proud of me reforming the rest of his original band lineup and getting a replacement vocalist to tour with and preserve his memory and these great songs are his way of saying thanks, or something. I'm not sure how a spirit could write songs, but I have to admit, no one in Def Leppard has written anything this great and hard rock-based since the mid-1990s."

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    Dio said very often on camera that he though Campbell was one of the biggest pricks he ever worked with. He said he couldn't ****ing stand him. Vivian knows this... So what the **** is he talking about??