New Pop: The Rebuttle

A Second Opinion To The "New Pop" Article Put Out Recently On

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Before I begin, I want to first say that I am, in no way, going to try and put down the writer in THE ARTICLE that this one is intended to answer. The basis here is to just evaluate his opinions and give you my own. It just so happens, I don't quite agree with all of this persons views. So, let's begin shall we?

The "NEW POP" writer did make a good point when he said that Boy Bands and Diva style acts are leaving the spotlight. I use the name "acts" because I don't really consider them artists. Why you ask? Well if having other people write the large majority of their lyrics isn't enough, then I'm not sure what else to offer you. Many bands, not just Boy Bands and Divas do this from time to time. Sometimes, you need help, and that's understandable. However, these acts (N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, etc.) were put together to make a profit for a company, not to embed themselves in music as a whole. Twenty years from now, we may remember their names. But we won't remember them because of how good they were on stage, but because of how many young girls screamed at their concerts, or how many Pepsi commercials one of them did. I don't consider New Kids On The Block innovators of anything. Someone in a marketing department of a record company had a bright idea that just happened to fly. These kids had a good voice, but no real talent. I'm also going to agree with our "New Pop" writer on his Beatles comment. They did start off as basically a "Pop" style band. But the did evolve out of that. They became a real band when they started writing about things other than love. They were even smart enough to hide the meanings of some of their songs, whilst still talking about the topic. Drugs for example and "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds".

Now, as for few artists talking about Death, Drugs, violence, and others... many people did this before Korn, or any of the grunge/punk/nu-metal bands did. Take U2 for example. While I didn't like all of their stuff, they did write some compelling songs. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is one that stands out because of it's very clear message about violence and poverty. And how about Dave Matthews? Dave is, in my opinion, one of the best lyrical writers of this time. Most of his songs don't ryhme, but flow instead. And if you don't think he talks about death or drugs, listen to the song "Gravedigger". The title should speak for itself, but if it doesn't, take a listen. Dave is someone you either like, or don't like. He does not make his music to please a recording company. Again, this is my point of view.. but in my opinion, Korn and others are beginning to write more about Depression, drugs, and suicide only because it sells nowadays. Not because they're daring to do it. If it wouldn't make their records sell, they probably wouldn't be putting them out.

Now, let's take a look at what I've seen moving into the place of new age "Pop". As we've discussed, the Boy Bands and the Divas are moving out. Rap and Hip-Hop are still in, but are very slowly losing in the mainstream. More acoustic artists and classic rock-esque bands are slowly pouring back into our culture. If you ever watch Carson Daly's late night show, you'll see quite a few new artists on their that you've probably never seen before. And many of them are bringing a classical/alternative style into today's music. I hate to go back to Dave Matthews again, but his newest CD, "Some Devil" was number one in sales for it's first week. It's stayed in the top ten since then. Dave Matthews, in all his popularity with his fans has never achieved a number one in the CD's sold category. That alone should tell you something about where today's ears are moving to. It may not be just Dave Matthews, but it's back out of the direction of Hip-Hop. Thank God for that too. Rap will probably always hang around just because it's Rap. But it's not going to be the Top Dog as it has been for the better part of the past ten years.

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    Steph Bets
    ok many people will argu this one, but lucy in the sky with diamonds was ACTUALLY about a pivture julian lennon drew, and also about alice and wonderlasnd:through the looking glass. i actually saw the original picture on the net the other day, i dunno, do a search ro sumfin
    this is article doesnt have much of a point... you state a bunch of facts about some beatles songs, but you dont make much of a statement about anything
    if you abrieviate Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds the abrieviation is LSD (acid). i read an interview with mccartney on this, but i forget if it was a coincidence or not. it is a very abstract song, which could imply drugs
    *Truly Ninja*
    I'm not sure if anyone else has pointed this out, but you spelled rebuttal wrong. TRULY NINJA IS THE NEW UG GRAMMAR AND SPELLING GOD!
    John Alexander
    I guess another problem is that I'm pretty new here so I didn't realize the amount of "Boy Band" crap that was being put up. Had I known I was being a repeating jackass, I wouldn't have posted this the same way, lol.
    ^ the only reason people got mad about the boy band things is because EVERYONE says that, and it's really common knowledge, etc... i'll reccommend you to another article of mine that might help you gain perspective on popular music: http://www.ult imate-guita day_music_blows_or_does_i t.html if that won't copy, just go to the junkyard section of the column page and click on "Today's Music Blows (Or Does It?)"
    John Alexander
    Alrighty then... I think I should have titled this different, and I apologize for that. But I will say that I never meant to put Korn down. While I never enjoyed that style of music, I did hear stuff from their earlier albums. Again, I didn't care for it much, but it seemed more original then, than it does now. Maybe that's because of all the other bands emerging that are all singing and playing about the same thing. I think the point that I was trying to make came out in the part where I talked about "Boy Bands" and bands that are generally referred to as "Pop", don't have REAL talent. They simply have a industry label using them to pump out 5-10 records then ditch them for the new sound. I'm not sure why people took offense to this as I didn't take offense to the original article. I don't "hate" any band as apparently a few of you do. Yeah, I like Dave Matthews... and here's another thing. I don't remember what it was from, but someone had talked about people "hating bands because their fanbase liked them sooo much". You wouldn't believe how many people dislike Dave Matthews solely because of reasons like, "Why does everyone like Dave?" or, "That's all anyone listens to, is Dave." Can you really tell me that Dave Matthews is crappy songwriter, and an untalented guitarist? Okay, I know someone's gonna be a smartass, but think about that one. The answer is very obviously no. Again, sorry for labeling this "POP REBUTTLE".. it should have had a different name. And sorry if my spelling wasn't correct on a WORD.
    I am not banned anymore!!!!! Thank you Zapp!!!! And I will behave.....
    Somethings are ment to be, POP music was "popular" when everybody wanted to hear their sound and lyrics... A few years went by and the "popular" thing was darker, it had changed. The majority of the music hearing, record buying mass, does not want the old POP. ...WE want the new "popular" music, witch is all of that what you and I hear. The thing is that the formula for making money used in the las decades...still works. Its like it allways was, like it allways will be. POP music, will change, the vast majority of record sales are those that do not figure in the top ten. If you add the top ten sales, and you add the rest...witch one is bigger? Witch one is POP?
    ^spelling check for the top you got a five from my vote. hope we can give 10's but we cant.
    i think something got lost in your hurry to type this up...something about an argument, or point, maybe??
    So where was this article going? Basically it put down Korn, and praised Dave Matthews.
    regardless of what the song Lucy In The Sky with diamonds is about, we all need to remember that the Beatles were stoned out of their minds for the whole production of that album anyways, and i'm sure that as a general work, it stands as a testament to psychedelic drugs.