Nine Inch Nails' Discography

The discography of Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor so far.

Ultimate Guitar

Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor, simple statement. The man does it all, drums, vocals, keyboards, bass, and guitars.

Halo 1

1989 - Down In It (Single) - This is the first Halo of the first song trent ever recorded. Trent saw no reason for this 3 track remix single to be released but TVT thought it would make a nice profit so it was released. The original vinyl release came out in 87.

Halo 2

1989 - Pretty Hate Machine (LP) - The first NIN full length. Alot of great songs on this. Videos were made for Sin, Down In It and Head Like A Hole.

Halo 3

1990 - Head Like A Hole (Single) - Contains all that the Down in it single had with alot of HLAH remixes and a the rare You Know Who You Are.

Halo 4

1990 - Sin (Single) - Has Sin Remixes on it and another rare track, "Get Down, Make Love."

Halo 5

1992 - Broken (EP) - 6 tracks on it and 2 hidden tracks (98, 99). Videos were made for Wish and Happiness In Slavery which was never aired on television for the explicit content, you can watch it on NIN. Com though.

Halo 6

1992 - Fixed (Single) - Contains remixes of songs on broken.

Halo 7

1994 - March Of The Pigs (Single) - Has some early versions of a few songs from The Downward Spiral and a few rarities.

Halo 8

1994 - The Downward Spiral (LP) - The second NIN full length. Its argueably the best NIN album. Videos were made for Closer, March of the pigs, and Hurt.

Halo 9

1994 - Closer To God (Single) - This is a great remix album, remixes of Closer And Heresy and a version of March Of The Pigs called "March Of The F**kheads". Also contains a rare track "Memoribillia".

Halo 10

1995 - Further Down The Spiral (Single) - An excellent addition to go with The Downward Spiral. A lot of great versions of songs and a few new things to be discovered.

Halo 11

1997 - The Perfect Drug (Single) - Went with the song Trent did on the lost highway soundtrack. Dissapointing though because it only has remixes and not the original song.

Halo 12

1997 - Closure (VHS, DVD soon) - The first video release from trent. It has over an hour of backstage footage, plus live footage on the first video. On the second it has all the videos in a unique movie like order with rare videos for Help Me I'm In Hell and some other new things.

Halo 13

1999 - The Day The Whole World Went Away (Single) - Gave the first look at the new direction The Fragile was taking. Has a different version of TDTWWWA and the song StarF***ers Inc.

Halo 14

1999 - The Fragile (2-Disc LP) - To me this is NIN at its best. 2 discs and over 2 hours of music. Videos were done for StarF***ers, Into The Void, and We're In This Together Now.

Halo 15

1999 - We're In This Together (Multiple Import Singles) - In all there are 3 of these, each is different and contains different versions of songs and rareities.

Halo 16

2000 - Things Falling Apart (LP) - Contains remixes and new versions of alot of songs from the fragile. Also has some rarities on it.

Halo 17

2002 - And All That Could Have Been (DVD, VHS, CD) - The Epic release of And All That Could Have Been has a video version, a 2 disc DVD version which features the rare TDTWWWA video, promotional trailors, Reptile (an additional live performance), and NIN with Marilyn Manson in NYC doing The Beautiful People. The Limited Edition CD release contains the live performances and an additional LP, Still. Still contains piano instrumentals and deconstructed tracks from previous albums. It also contains the great song And All That Could Have Been.

Halo 18

2004/2005 - (Untitled) - Trent is currently working on NIN's next LP, it was previously titled Bleedthrough but he has changed that. Dave Grohl helped with some drum work on the next release as well.

Other Realeases / Projects

Dead Souls - Song by NIN which was on The Crow soundtrack.

Burn - Song done for the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack. Trent produced the soundtrack and it also contains past NIN songs.

The Perfect Drug - From the Lost Highway soundtrack which trent produced.

Deep - From the Tomb Raider soundtrack. The video is hailed as a disaster, but Trent didn't direct it. The song isn't anything special.

12 Rounds - Pleasant Smell - Trent remixed this song.

I'm Afraid Of Americans - David Bowie song in which Trent does some guest vocals. The NIN remix is also on the single.

Get Your Gunn - Marilyn Manson - Trent remixed this song.

Supernaut - Trent did guest vocals on the Black Sabbath cover of Supernaut on the 1000 Homo Dj's album.

Tapeworm - Project that was rumored to have started between 98 and 2000. Had Trent and other members of NIN, Maynard from Tool, and a couple of others making an album. The project was recently scrapped by Trent. A Perfect Circle did the Tapeworm song Vacant live one night.

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    Trent has a live band for tours. Some members have included, Chris Vrenna(tweaker), Danny Lohner, Robin Fink, Charlie Clouser, and many more.
    Tom Martin
    There is also a rarities and B sides album, its not an offical numbered halo, but its called "Furthar Down The Spiral" its got loads of songs, inculuding 'The Perfect Drug' 'Hurt (live with David Bowie)' 'Hello Spaceboy (live with David Bowie)' and 'Past The Mission' which is a Tori Amos song which Trent did with her. Another bit of info, Jonny Cash covered 'Hurt' by Trent, and the video of that cover was voted the best video ever. And as for side projects, he didn't just remix Manson's get your gunn, he basically mixed and produced a lot of his stuff, like Antichrist Superstar.
    NIN are sick...did Marilyn Manson write "the beautiful people" or did he just sing it?
    amazing how such an influential band only has really three albums. go nin!
    am i the only one who thinks that these types of articles should just be posted on the forum???
    im not mental wrote: the video for wish has no adult content.
    No, it was really violent despite the poor quality. Although i've never seen one of the original broken movies.