Noisecore, And What It Is

An article explaining the extreme type of music "noisecore": the style created with blast beat or chaotic drums, chaotic guitar & bass noise and vocals.

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Definations vary, depending from who you ask. Noisecore for me, and most of people I know, is the style created with blast beat or chaotic drums, chaotic guitar & bass noise and vocals. Often hardly at all riffs and length of tracks remains in couple of seconds explosions where maximum amount of energy is included in minimum amount of time. Tracks can go to even couple dozen of seconds, but hardly ever reaches length of 1 minute or so. Before this also very noisy hardcore & punk bands such as Disorder, Kuolema and others used "noise not music" slogans, but still remaing more hardcore than noise.

But noisecore as explained before has been use as a term since mid/late 80's and stabilized itself as a own genre. After that noisecore term has been during the years adopted by different people to describe also other forms of music. Some consider dull grunge with feedback to be "noisecore". Maybe as answer to "noiserock". More recently some semi-mainstream music what is actually technical metallic hardcore, has get stamp of "noisecore" from mainstream metal magazines like Terrorizer. But simply, if it's music, it's not noisecore! Those people probably never heard of noisecore. Journalists and fans who claim Isis, Burnt by the Sun and the Luddite Clone etc to be noisecore can just fuck off and find term for the music what doesn't exists yet. I have been told bands themselves have not used this to describe themselves.

Very often noisecore includes some musical elements, but they serve as mere "intro" before actual blasting insanity. Some of the bands play noisecore because of lack of skill, but it is important to notice that the genre is not only a joke or field for "untalented", but also serious form of "music"?

Grind-noise is pretty much the same thing, but goes closer to grindcore, including some grinding riffs, sometimes song structures, but still closer to noisecore than "musical" grind.

These days grindcore is not what it used to be. Before grindcore term was know, there was fast hardcore and metal bands doing recordings and they were dirty and rough. When term grindcore was better known, bands like Repulsion, Napalm Death, Blood, Unseen Terror, Agathocles and countless others played music what remained harsh, noisy and brutal. Mince riffs, blasting drums, brutal vocals and usually short and to-the-point tracks.

These days many of the grind bands are over-produced and technical. Some, including the music press, seems to accept music as "grindcore" if there is fast blasting drums. Fast drums alone doesn't make music grind! Sometimes you get talented guitar leads, amazingly fast blast beats, technical riffing and melodies and surely it is good for those who just switched from Slipknot to the semi-underground. But for those who desperately crave for good old grind atmosphere, many of todays offerings remain disappointment - if not even disgrace to the term grindcore! This site is not interested to involve in such type of "grind".

Noisecore/grindcore doesn't have standard imagery, ideology or lyrical content. Underground attitude and noncommercial way might be one of the very few standards of the genre. In ideology or expression, each form of life and death is represented. Some for bigger, some for smaller extent. Noisecore and grind is melting pot of people from metal, punk, industrial, experimental, (etc) scenes. This lack of universal image can be seen as a good thing. Within most music styles, there is stereotype way of life or thinking and therefore, to be "accepted", people make articifial images what fits in it. With noisecore/grind there is no need for that, and this makes bands more honest. You see easier who is politically motivated to certain direction, who is peace lover, who praises war and violence, who celebrates the gory orgies in excrement and who is there just for fun. Just pick the directions you enjoy and leave the rest.

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    Right, so is this correct... you bang all the cymbols and just jam open strings on full drive (11)... and just kinda scream? wow yeah thats gay.
    i kinda have to put up with it - there is a noisecore scene well kind of scene - its popular. personally i dont dig or understand it but if you're into botch or dillinger escape plan or whatever yeah go for it. i dont think "noisecore" will last though.
    cannibal corpse are death metal dude- 'ye old skool' badass metal, its far from noisecore dude
    wow now even my little brother can start a band and record an album grindcore sounds like crap on a stick selling for $19.95
    I love Grnd/noisecore. It is music for people with ADD, or who just want to hit something. Great music. If you haven't ever seena Noise or grindcore band live, and are musicaly open, check it out. it is fast, fun, energetic music. Rock on!
    noisecore is more than just banging random shit out for a few seconds. It is very in your face and i think ive heard it called power violence too. just because some music is out of your music comfort zone doesnt mean it sucks. at least respect a band for getting their name out for what they do, if you know them personally then you can hate them if neccisary.
    lol so much prejudice and fear, a guitarist, NOT PLAYING MUSIC THE WAY YOU ALL EXPECt!!! OMG!!! IT MUST BE SH*T!!! im not a great noisecore fan to be honest but i wont disrespect it i think it has a great deal of catharsis with it bit i dont see any real progresion in the genre, and math core seems ot be a little more interesting, noisecore is just too limiting as a term. still, better than ***ing pop-punk
    if you don't know what it is, read,listen,and learn... don't come on here being an ******* just 'cause you're not familiar with it!!!! & if you don'tlike it; fine! I don't like it much myself...BUT I don't humiliate myself by bashing shit I don't know about, or creating gossip (lies) like most people on here do. I like reading listening and learning about music-- new & old-- wheverever and whenever, but there are too many people on here who excrete ever time they open their mouths on here.... sure, sometimes I talk shit, but at least I talk shit about something I know about....otherwise you have no opinion
    Yeah, notice the name NOISEcore. Why are you even calling this shit music? It's named NOISEcore for a reason. The name in itself proves it's not music.
    fender rocker16
    i bet they have never heard of modes or scales. any idiot can slam random notes. how dare they call that music
    oh yeah... another good thing to try, is randomly strumming the open strings, gain on full, then messing with the tuning knobs!!!! yes!!! i am a noisecore virtuoso!!!! bow to me bitches
    no yopax, noisecore is retarded shit for retarded people like myself. if u dont listen to it, *** off and go listen to all those inferior bands of nu-metal, if u do listen to it, well done bro you r now an official retard
    most of you here are braindead numb***s who have a very small scale of range on music. ever heard of nordic metal, no bet you aint. (this is where i expect u to run to google for answers)
    Greetings from Guatemala, noise is playing without minding if people's gonna like it or buy it which is what all death, black, brutal metal bands do, expecting to be rewarded or being popular, no standards, different ideologies.
    I need some noisecore band names.. im new to this stuff.... i do like punk thrash and grindcore/hardcore but i need some noisecore band names. thanks!
    You guys suck, nothing you guys named is Noisecore, and this article was ripped of from another site ***ing posers
    exactly none of these bands you named are noizecore. Dillinger are (sub genre metal whatever you wanna call it) i call it technical metal.... if you wanna hear noizecore go download some venetian snares or atomsmasher, noizecore is awesome because it the opposite of music, and its made to BE THAT WAY. Its pretty much a slap in the face to all music. Thats what makes it unique. I love a lot of different music punk, hardcore, screamo, indie, rock, whatever. Grindcore bands arent converge or burnt by the sun. Check out the holy molar, or ed gein, or even the infamous locust for grindcore.
    Oh my god you are an actual **** panteradude you ripped off this "article" from someone who knows what theyre actually talking about. none of you even understand noisecore. its not music!!!!! thats the whole point! and all these bands you lot are mentioning are not noisecore. well some of you know what you're talking about now to stop you being a criminal you might like to mention the fact that you stole this text from if someone did that to me i would not be happy
    oh and these b astards wont let me swear. f uck censorhip, thats an erosion of our civil liberties. you c unts
    panteradude, you definitely stole this article, word for word, from and how come no one mentions arab on radar or twodeadslutsonegood****?
    fender rocker16 wrote: i bet they have never heard of modes or scales. any idiot can slam random notes. how dare they call that music
    OMG I KNOW MY SCALES LOL!!!!! shut up, you are the reason why music never progresses, and sounds like processed mainstream shit. "oh, let me stay in a D dorian scale, cause its safe and i wont **** up" FUCK that. i say do whatever you want with music. Music is self expression, and if you want to play minor second chords all the time, so be it (do you know what a minor second chord is, fender rocker? cause most noise musicians do.) anyway, Fck that dude. let music be what you want.
    this seems like some pretty fucking stupid shit. sometimes when im really bored, and want to piss my neighbors off, i randomly bang on my roommates drums... really fast... i bet id be a pretty sweet noisecore drummer!!! hell, id be such a good drummer, i wouldnt even need drumsticks
    Grind/noisecore isn't my thing, but what you wrote sounds pretty accurate from what I do know. I can't really say though, because I hardly know any. I know a little Napalm Death and that's about it.
    two types of grindcore bands where im from are..if ur curious about the glasgow grindcore scene... Man Must Die, more technically minded. mu e%20Website/Audio/Severe% 20Facial%20Reconstruction .mp3 Co-exist, http:/ / /1/coexistukmusic.htm
    Boxcar Racer I think has a noisecore song called My First Punk Show, and it's only a minute and is just lots of what you said. I actually kind of enjoyed it.
    Noisecore? Grindcore? What the hell? Neverheard it called that before. I am used to it being reffered to as dissonance, feedback, fills, etc. Interesting. Seems like there are labels for new styles coming up daily, ie. "Emo music" ... can't just call it moderate rock? Nu-Metal... not just called hardcore anymore?
    where im from glasgow has a very brutal grindcore scene, with bands like co-exist and madman is absolute... very nice article.
    I don't think I'd pay 11 dollars for a CD that was five minutes long with just a lot of noise.
    I would say Converge fits nicely into this category, except for their 7 and 8 minute songs
    So what your saying is that... there are bands who, for 6 seconds, slam there drums and guitars wildly and stop, end of song?.... hmm.... Sounds.... ya.... You guys ever have that problem where you have so many questions or things to say that you just cant decide which to choose so you just walk away? Im gonna do that now.
    Of what you just described in your article, to me, it sounds like untalented people who just make noises with their instruments because that is ALL they can do. Why would you pay for something like that? Everyone, don't make fun of punk for be notalented people if you can say this is. You'll be totally contradicting yourself.
    i've been told that a lot of these grind/noisecore bands will intentionally break musical rules just to make it more intense. offbeat drumming, offkey/out of tune instruments, chromatics, conflicting time signatures for each instrument and such. is that true?
    ull have to peice together the URL's they didnt come out right..or pm me n ill give u the url's in a pm if u cant figure it out.
    Cain 777
    this sounds like a description of the pretty much complete crap label of Blip-Grind meaning the songs are less than five seconds maybe ten if it's a long song. For example listen to Agoraphobic Nosebleed, A.C. this is blip-grind. It's a waste of 12 bucks. I'll take what I prefer. It's what I call Noise and/or Grind bands, like Unsane, Isis, Old Man Gloom, Converge, Burnt By The Sun, Pig Destroyer, Dillinger Escape Plan, and The Melvins. I'll take those bands any day rather than some throwaway.
    Sleep Deprived
    Bah, it is easier to just find music you like. Genres are too damn confusing. I am not good at catergorizing music. In my mind all rock-like music lands into soft and hard. Play whatever you want. Listen to whatever you want. Don't confuse yourself (and me.)
    I didn't follow you there... poor grammar! Oh well. Doesn't sound particularily appealing.
    Honestly, I just DL'd some of this stuff... me and my freinds have laughed like that in a while lol