Nu Rock: A Positive Message

Lots of new rock bands (Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, POD, Staind) are writing songs with positive messages to help teens through their lifes.

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I think it is one of the best things ever. Artists like Good Charlotte, Creed, Linkin Park, Staind, and P.O.D. are trying to present a more positive look on life. Let's take a look at each artist and see how they are looking on life more positively.

Good Charlotte - "Hold On" tells people to hang on and not to comit suicide when times get tough. "The Anthem" tells people not to change who they are to fit in with the popular crowd. "Girls And Boys" talks about how "all of these boys and all of these girls are losing their souls in a material world. "Emotionless" is a letter of forgiveness to joel and benji madden's father. That song seems to encourage people to forgive those that hurt them.

Creed - "What's This Life For" encourages us to find out what this life's for and concludes that it will be okay because we live under the reign of one king. "Higher" asks someone to take us to a place where there is no pain. "What If" says "what if your words could be judged like a crime." "Weathered" finds a hurting soul about to commit suicide but decides to hang on.

Linkin Park - Several linkin park song like "Don't Stay" and "Hit The Floor" encourage people not to get mixed up with bad friends that will hurt you. "Somewhere I Belong" wants to find a place where the singer is happy and content and not bothered by the worlds troubles.

Staind - "Price To Play" warns about how using people will get you in trouble. "So Far Away" talks about a person who has found a new life with peace and is old life is so far away.

P.O.D. - "Youth Of The Nation" talks about the problems with teens families and how that causes teen shootings at schools. "Set It Off" states "Set it off rise let your spirit fly." "Sleeping Awake" talks about how they are "dreaming of zion awake sleeping awake" Most P.O.D. songs follow this pattern.

It's not just these artists, there are many others that have a positive message. It's really refreshing to me to see artists that aren't bogged down with hate and drugs and thoughts of suicide.

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    please. no. this is just crap. they make money, they dont give a ***(thats f uck). good charlotte probably didnt write the song "hold on", write the lyrics, and if people say that, they probably have no insight into the LA studio that good charlotte work in.
    1. You defended lose....automatically 2. All the bands you named suck...(I like LP though) 3. Next Time you write a article at least know what you are talking about.
    you, my friend, are an idiot. hmm... songs have always had messages, some of them positive. you consider songs about school shootings positive? or is it because it's saying it's a bad thing? and in that case, dosn't that apply to a hell of a lot of songs? and all that is pop, man. i guess your idiocy comes from the fact that these examples mean nothing, they are'nt great interpretations of the songs, and many songs of the past and future sing the exact same things.
    ok first of all.. ok, i... it could have been frikken better u idiot! Yeah!! Linkin PArk!!
    [quote]"Sleeping Awake" talks about how they are "dreaming of zion awake sleeping awake"
    what does this have to do with anything all they are doing is talking about the matrix. [/quote] I hope you're not serious. Good Charlotte are a bunch of untalented, MTV-loving sellouts. They try to write lyrics that teenagers think they can relate to, throw in a few power chord-dominated riffs, and bam, they're rich and loved by preteen girls everywhere.
    if this is really supposed to be the message of those bands, then they ***in suck even more, than without a message...i think the word "tool" was alread mentioned! oh and rock is not simple ***in headbang and fast living yound dying crap...and stones are rally the worst example for fast living young dying, dude...
    what a load of dog shit. first time i've posted on the columns, and my god this was CRAP. i wont deny it, i like Staind (well i pretend that 14 shades of grey doesnt exist) and LP, but, when you interpret lyrics, atleast get your interpretations corrects. PRice to Play is about getting into the music industry and simply about the price you have to pay to get heard.
    OpeN WidE
    yes, he was presenting a good point, bu the presented it badly. it is good to see happiness and positivity in music. one of them bands should have been the darkness. they have really positive messages. unlike all this depressing emo S.H.I.T going around now. decent article, could have been better, say "frigginjerk" or one of the "elites" (haha) of article writers had written it.
    wtf? you forgot one thing tho, all bands these days are just in it for tha money and Good Charlotte for definite.
    hey there-just wanted to commend the writer for picking up on the positive messages in music. so much poor depressing lyrics come out today and fair enough the writers are in bad places but i feel if they cannot help others through bad times and simply drag people into them theres no point in their meaning. Creeds lyrics alone are very positive and clearly display issues...but they offer hope and help. Other bands like 12 stones pick up on this and it encourages me a lot to see it. Thanks-ill check out these tunes now
    Totally agree with ya...
    Na man, it wasn't that bad of an article.... I mean, the message the guy was sending was that its good to see that some bands are on the right track.... so I say that this article was pretty good...
    Rock is all about kicking ass-livin fast and dying young (or old and very rich!). These bands all suck.Dude- you seriously need to get out and buy some classics- try some Van Halen, Stones, Zepplin, Guns & Roses, Hendrix, Vai, Satriani blah blah etc etc. Stop listening to this shit!
    i couldn't agree more
    Define shitty: 1. A place with lots of feces 2. A moron trying to defend nu-rock and ends up making a douchebag out of himself
    Yo, peatemark, that was funny...your right, this article is bulls#$t because you can't really say what the artist is trying to send out. Everyone thinks different so no one is gonna see a song the same way. However you take it then thats what it is. just because YOU say that thats what it means doesn't make it a fact. So go listen to some real ***in music like Hendrix, Steve Vai, Zepplin, you know, something with a little soul and feeling...peace!
    you mask no sense man...i think Marylin Mansons music should be up there to hes a pretty positive person and has influenced lots of children to do posititve things...
    If rock is supposed to be devil's music then how is sending a positive message rock. Its not. Unless the devil has changed and now is sending positive messages to troubled teens. Ahh fouck who ever wrote this article.
    0blue skies0
    all the bands article mentioned are shite, they really are. their are better bands than those within the same genre HOWEVER since like u said - they give youth positive messages - i think they're essential & will tolerate their existence. For fashion kids who dont dif musically deeper yet connect with Charlotte etc. as an escape - if it keeps them from suicide or violence - then hell, thats a great thing in my book. most political bands dont make a blind bit of difference BUT these guys do!! respect (altho not admiration..)
    Yeh, am afraid u really do suck pretty bad at this article writing thing. Am not slagging cos I aint any better, I just kno not2try. If ur gonna write them pick less controversial subjects. ie. Not christianity and Good Charlotte.
    CivilDP - you're an idiot. Zion is a RELIGIOUS term. This article was... Useless. >.
    i'm so f_ucking pissed that Ultimate Guitar doesn't make 0 stars an option for voting. i can't believe i'm gonna rate this piece of shit article at 1 star. i'm going to hell. kutless, do yourself a favor and stop writing piece of shit articles. or just kill yourself..
    Good Charlotte - "Hold On" Song about preventing suicide. Kinda pointless when the bridge WHINES-LIKES-A-BITCH taunting "what are you waiting for?" Man this was lame
    I can simpathize, but when you wrote this article, you were just asking about 180 people to call you a pussie, and rant about how old metal is GIVE UP!! conform to the nonconformists.
    here we go again with the 'i like these bands thing'...worst article ever in UG..wonderin how come they allow these articles to even enter the home page..
    i agree with most of what is said: this article was written by a retard. It's cool to like whatever kind of music you want to and appreciate it, but this article, and the bands you wrote about suck
    Linkin Park are totally ***ing appears your just trying to defend Good Charlotte...sorry man can't agree.
    Positive messages? that music sucks, creed is decent but Good Charlote?, Linkin Park? Man, i'm going to tell you the thruth. That lyrics, are if not written by de labels, are influenced by them because, the music that talks about teenagers problems, are bought by teenagers, this is MARKETING, is not real music.
    I like Creed and staind, but this was a bad article I think, atleast find somewhere else to post it, cause everyone on here will bash it, I like positive music, but I don't think these bands are very positive, maybe Creed, but not anyone else, wasn't that a good charlotte CD or song that was called "the young and hopeless?" And stainds's "it's been awhile", "Mudshovel", "for you" are definetly not uplifting. Linkin park, uplifting, lol.
    linkin park are very negative almost all the songs place the blame on an unnameable person, this leads to loads of teens thinking, "wow everyone sucks and totally unfortunate. God hates me boohoo." hehehe don't get me wrong linkin park are ok, but their lyrics are usually about a person plaguing their life
    people are missing the point. It doesn't matter that these bands suck. What makes this a crappy article is the authors attempt to interpret the lyrics. All he's doing is writing the words.
    "Sleeping Awake" talks about how they are "dreaming of zion awake sleeping awake"
    what does this have to do with anything all they are doing is talking about the matrix. Get better examples worst article ever
    seriously now.... u suck and should go to hell for writing this... and all these bands suck ass
    wasted guitarst
    yes i agree this is the worst article i have ever read positive message G.C powerchord pop shit L.P drop c crap guitaring with one finger and the other three are combinations of the two if u want positive guitaring play Radiohead their guitaring is very inninotative especially on the OK computer album , or something heavier like the datsuns or play old stuff but just dont ever listen too shitty rubish like G>C