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One of the biggest clichés ever is saying that new music sucks. Goddamn! There is no bigger lie than that.

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One of the biggest clichés ever is saying that new music sucks. Goddamn! There is no bigger lie than that.

I grew up listening to Pink Floyd, and Genesis, and Led Zeppelin so I believe I certainly do know what good music sounds like (do I sound pretentious? If I do, that was my goal).

So, for those of you out there who seem to have trouble finding quality in today's music, let's take a look at what I consider to be the best records to recently have appeared.

Artist: meWithoutYou

Album: "Pale Horses"

Year: 2015

Genre: alternative rock with avant-garde flavour

Frontman of this one – Aaron Weiss – is the most interesting guy ever. He is a strongly spiritual person who lives in harmony with nature by eating nothing but what people have thrown away. He also is a university professor.

The most prominent feature of his music is a very distinctive vocal work combining reciting with screaming. Themes of the lyrics are by themselves a true piece of original art incomparable to others'. But why don't we let him speak for himself?

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This is something absolutely brilliant, groundbreaking, and original. I strongly recommend all of this band's work.

Artist: Alt-J

Album: "An Awesome Wave"

Year: 2012

Genre: art pop

Alt-J's first album is great in its immersive beauty. Band took its time to write and arrange and it paid off – their debut is atmospheric, full of symbolism and wonderful songs that together create one long stream that might be characterized by the very name this album was given – an awesome wave. A wave that is going to sweep you away if you let it.

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Be sure to check it out.

Artist: Grimes

Album: "Art Angels"

Year: 2015

Genre: layered electropop

This one is a bit of a long shot. I would never have thought that I would like an album of poppy electro beats and melodies that sound like something you could hear at random disco. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Claire Boucher, the Canadian artist behind this project, used the lowest quality sounding arrangements possible but inserted them with meaning, atmosphere, and depth. Her lyrics are intelligent and even though you might feel a bit strange listening to this, you certainly should. Check out the KEXP performance of her earlier work from the album "Visions" that is totally different to "Art Angels" but grasps her musical prowess.

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Artist: David Bowie

Album: "Blackstar"

Year: 2016

Genre: eclectic jazz/rock

The last one on this quick list of new music that rocks couldn't be anything else but the greatest musical farewell ever. It still makes me sad to think about David's last days that had to be filled with fear and anxiety over dying.

What is absolutely stunning about "Blackstar" is how brutally modern it is. Bowie makes no compromise with exploring new grounds. This combination of jazz and rock aesthetics is something that yours truly would love to write someday as it precisely matches my views on how the modern music should be shaped. Jazzy lines, raw guitars, David's mysterious voice.

There can be no doubt that we have lost a creative genius that is never going to be forgotten. Not because of his worldwide popularity but because of sheer quality of his art, its originality and innovativeness.

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To conclude – music is certainly not lost. And anyone saying that the new one is lacking quality is just being lazy.

Divison Bell out.

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