Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal - Similarities

A guide to the common factors present in the two main "Prog" genres.

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I have seen a lot of people argue over whether Progressive Rock or Progressive Metal is better. So, to be a bit more interesting, I'm going to highlight a few things that can be found frequently within both genres.

Number 1: Concept Albums

The vast majority of Progressive artists have released at least one concept album. From Pink Floyd's fairly easy to understand classic "The Wall", to Tool's incredibly strange and unconventional "Lateralus," the concept album is a amazing, if almost annoyingly common sight among the discographies of Progressive Rock and Metal bands.

Number 2: Classically-Influenced Guitar Work

If you actually take the time to listen to the guitar in many Progressive songs, there's a very strong hint of Classical music. The key examples of this, at least in my opinion would be Yes' "Roundabout" and Coheed And Cambria's "Welcome Home," though there are quite a few that I could list, if I really felt like it.

Number 3: One-Word Band Names

Off the top of my head, here are a lot of Progressive Rock and Metal bands who have names consisting of a single word: Yes, Rush, Genesis, Kansas, Queensryche, Tool, Opeth, Mastodon, Buckethead, Deftones, Rainbow and that's just in five seconds of thinking.

Number 4: Anti-Egos

What I mean by this is that I've seen a good amount of interviews with musicians playing in bands who are considered Progressive and all in all, I can safely say they're some of the most mentally casual and stable people in the music business. Excluding Alex Lifeson's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame speech. Simple stuff to think about and as a conclusion, I would like to say that anyone reading this should feel free to post more similarities between Prog Rock and Prog Metal, in the comments below!

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    What the hell is this? How is being a relaxed person even remotely related to prog rock or metal? And one word band names? What about KISS, Pantera, Death, Aborted, Nirvana, Suffocation, Lifelover, Slayer, Megadeth, Melvins, Panzerchrist, KUKL, Burzum, Austere, or Pathology? All one word band names, none of which are prog. "and that's just in five seconds of thinking."... Obviously. "though there are quite a few that I could list, if I really felt like it."... If you're writing an article, you should probably feel like giving more than two examples. You didn't even touch on dynamic structures, connected songs, common themes throughout an album, 10+ minute songs, changing genres, etc. This list was obviously written in less time than it takes to listen to any Opeth song.
    Progressive rock is progressive music played with a rock idiom. Progressive metal is progressive music played with a metal idiom. It's that simple, and this has to be one of the worst articles on UG. I'm sorry...