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Starting from now, we will be writing about interesting unsigned (local) bands from all over the world. We will publish information about them (mp3, pics, bio) on these pages of website. If you're a member of a band, you talented and you got something to show to the rest of the 'Net - please send us your info and you will get featured spot on the main page! We can help you to be heard by more than one and a half a million of people monthly!

Below is a listing of necessary info:

1. Band History/Background: Just some general info about the band would help. You should send us not less than a 2Kb of text. We will not accept "My band is from Africa and we play punk" messages. Be creative! Write us why pople should listen to your band!

  • Band name [Who choose that name? Why? What does it mean?];
  • Location;
  • No. of members;
  • Genre(s) of music [Your likes/dislikes in music? Your influences?];
  • Biograpghy [When you made your first gig? How much your playing? Why did you decide to start a band?];
  • Some interesting facts about your band;
  • Why people should listen to your music?;
  • Link to your website.

    2. Photos of your band [in .gif or .jpg format please]. Minimum dimension is 200*200 pixels. Please put some description for each file.

  • Photos of each member of your band;
  • Photos of your band;
  • Pics from gigs.

    We do not store pics on our website. Please use public hosting to store your files on.

    Example: (This is our solo guitarist Mike with his axe on a gig at our local club) (This is a band pic from our lates perfomance at local Music Festival)

    3. Links to audio files [.mp3 or .wav]. We do not store digital music files on our website. Please use public hosting to store your files on.

    4. Submit all info above through our form. It is located HERE.

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      I just started a band 2 years a go (Reverse Parallel) and well we rock we play mostly punk rock and rock iv posted a few tabs but im hoping to post some new ones pritty soon. eny q email me at m toodles
      My name is Jonathan(18) and I play bass in White Summer. There are four members in the band and as of right now we are pretty good. We play Alte Rock/Prog Rock. I would have to say we sound like (I really hate to say this) Smashing Pumpkins more than anything else, no where as good but me and our lead singer write some really good songs. We have strong beliefs in music and we stick to that simple belief of Music before image and we really dont care what the *** you think of us. As long as we make music that we like were ok. The main reason me and my friends started this was because there really isnt alought to do in Suburbian Baton Rouge Lousiana. Never come here...It sucks here!! We hope to have some gigs in the near future and maybe begin professionally recording songs. Oh yeah the name White Summer is something my friends and I say when we... well Im not going to tell you anything else, but the name White Summer originally came from a Led Zeppelin song. The song is Jimmy Page's Guitar solo he did at live shows.
      is it just me? or does it piss anybody else off that it seems like a whole lot bands who can afford nice equipment suck? yes, of course some of these bands have nice equipment because they deserve it, but what about the rest? i'm in college right now (tight budget), and there's no way i can afford gig worthy equipment. i'm not going to brag about whether me and my band are good or not, but i know for a fact that there are some EXCELLENT musicians here who are also as financially strained as i am. i'd love to see what would happen if every band with original stuff had access to nice equipment and a proffessional recording studio. i bet that we'd be seeing a whole lot more excellent music. don't you?
      Yes that does anger me! I saved for 8 months to get my now gig worthy bass amp. The only really good guitar my band plays with is a Gibson Les Paul, but it was or drummers dads and we got it for free. Everyone else plays Squier or Epiphone, cheap 200 or 300 dollar guitars. My Squier bass was 250 and it works fine but i would love a 75' Jazz Bass!! Anyway me and my band do fine with the mostly crappy equipment we have.
      OpeN WidE
      check out my band, "open wide." we only have one sound clip, but its pretty good. also, we have been doing more heavy stuff recently than in the clip. we are a six piece from richmond, and play all over richmond. -justin from open wide
      Whats with all the Death and Metal Mayhem or whatever the hell you call yourselfs? Anyone not play heavy metal music?
      I agree code_warrior. I got me a new bass amp at and got an amazing deal. Its a 120 watt amp and its retail price is $699 and I got it for $199. I couldn't believe that deal. I also play a squire bass but I plan to get a Ibanez EDC when I can afford it. My band got lucky because the drummers neighbor loves our music that he gave us $500 dollars to go to a recording studio. That totally ruled. Currently we are trying to get our name out since we haven't done a gig since Feb. We play classic rock and if you any of you like that stlye and live in central Utah and want to check us out go to http://thestrangers.non et and get more info.
      Man! Utah, I love classic rock and would love to play with you guys. To bad I live in Louisiana.
      Anyone in live in Grande Prairie, Alberta and plays Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Metallica, or Guns N Roses want to start a band. I like to play lead but I could play rythym too.
      METALLICA 1198
      Yea i have 2 bands one we have no band practice and the other one we have had only 2 band practice LOL.But hey this is good idea.
      I posted a comment a while back and got some good feedback on our website. Our name is Fallout and we are from Idaho. We recently recorded our first cd and we have 3 songs that are available on our site. It is for all who want to check it out. We really would like to hear from you all on our forums or guestbook. For those of you who have already signed our guestbook, we really appreciate it.
      Yo I just got a new band goin called, OFFtheLEVEL....we have been real busy practicing and getting ready for our first big gig....I haven't had time to set up a page yet...but if you wanna learn a little more about us drop me an e-mail...livingendpunk@ho
      Hey, I think that it is funny on how everyone is like, "I need to start a band!" Stop saying it and do it. My friend and his bro started a band, FADE. They had everything but one thing... me. Im not saying im good, because i think that i am average... but we have just made a cd, have about 20 songs written, and are doing shows. we are from Wisconsin. the oldest member just tuned 18 a week ago... so we are some young ****ers. drummer is 16, bass is 17, and me guitar (16). so watch out for FADE in the future. Ill be posting our address soon, if you want a cd contact us. our webcite will be posted soon...
      And to let all of you know... all of our songs and band name are copywritten... so if anyone breaks our copyrite rights, you will have a huge ass law suit to deal with.
      ...webSite...your quite an angry kid...or pimp...or whatever the hell you call yourself. im sure FADE is not all that bad, yet i don't think you'll have to worry about copyWrite laws quite yet. but thanks for the...threat?
      BPG I'm gonna submit my band to UG promote your band soon. ^_^
      Hey I just started a band with my friends were pritty good. Im lead guitarest along with my friend josh and basist tim. We play mostly punk rock. we have bed playing togethar for a litle over a year,and our band name is Reverse parallel. sorry spelling sucks I typed this kinda fast
      i feel so left out ... our band has a guitarist playin the bass on his six stringed guitar, we have me (lead) another dude (rythym), no drummer, and no singer, it aint goin anywhere...and on top of that...we dont have a name...crap...
      hell yeah... might actually get recognized for how good we actually are now...
      I'm in a band in Idaho called Fallout. We are an up and coming band and for anyone who is interested in checking out some of our music our website is If you like it or want to comment on it, there is a guest book and you should sign it.
      Hey, im a drummer, ive been playing 8 as u can imagine, im pretty good.... Where do u live?
      great! all i need is a guitarist, a drummer and a vocalist to get my band going.... damn it!!!
      Hmmm, I've been playing with my band now for about 2 years but I've been playing lead guitar now for about 9 years. So yea, this is a definite
      i play guitar i play alot of classic rock and metal, in fact thats all i play i live in orange county.
      im in a band thats just started....we're in hanover PA. i play rythem. we dont have a lead guitarist yet but i did get a hold of a bassist and drummer. our band is called A Sudden Loss Of Sight Ian Pugh - Rythem Guitar (and maybe vocals not sure yet) Caleb Stickles - Bass (Upright and Electric) Sean Nwabugwu - Drums