PS: Happy Holidays And QN'A Letter

Ok fellows. It's that time of the year when we should post 2006 year round up and reveal our plans for the next year. So here it is - Happy Holidays letter from UG Team!

Ultimate Guitar

Ok fellows. It's that time of the year when we should post a round up of something and tell how successful the year was, and what could you expect in the future. So what we've got this year...

1. Most good tablature websites get closed 2. A dozen of new tablature websites has been started 3. We've got a threat letter from MPA requesting us to grab our stuff and go away 4. We faced the threat and said "No, Sir" 5. We started a development of new UG, ver 6.0 6. We almost ended it. It should be ready by spring 2007 7. We moved servers once again. More servers, more power. We've got no significant downtimes 8. More people joined UG Team - we have professional writers and editors now. And they are not Russians 9. We grew to something more than just a hobby. We feel the importance of the website as we never felt that before. Awesome 10. We've got more people joined UG in 2006 than in the past 3 years.

Before I jump to something else, I'd like to thank all our users for steady support, your contributions, your priceless ideas and never ending list of suggestions. No matter what other people say or think, we love UG Community the way it is, and I hope we can make it bigger and stronger next year, when we will make UG more friendly for all your guitar needs. Also, I'd like to thank our staff members that make the thing running: medick (majority of programming and server administration, currently working on UG 6.0), till from kenig (he has made lots of in-house tools that makes our lives easier when we work with UG, and he's another guy who work on the next version of the site), Dyuha (no Dyuha, no tabs! you know the guy lol. He's in charge of reviews and contests too!), Matter (he keeps UG in-house writers and artists connected, besides of doing news and columns updates), Cosss (new guy, helps me with design - what you see on the main page is his first work for UG), h0spid (sometimes I run off of brain power, that's when I need h0spid), Dad, Zina, Vetal and hawas. Amy Kelly (our in-house reviews and interviews writer), Steven Rosen (interviews writer), Joe Matera (interviews writer), Kosh (interviews and reviews writer). Pick N' Grin (the guy who started the whole video thing on UG), Kristofer Dahl (shred master and another video lessons contributor), Nolan Whyte (the most popular articles series on the site ever!) And ofcooourse, our moderators, admins and supermods as well as the team members that help make all the articles on the site much more spam-free! You guys ROCK!

Thanks guys! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

"Hey!" you would say "where are answers on all the questions I've sent thru the form on the main page?" Even if you thought it's gonna be a joke and we will never read them (or post them on the site as an April's joke) -- you're wrong. We've got them, we loved them and we gonna answer them. Frankly, we were a bit surprized to see that there were no negative comments in entire list (and it was loooong, more than 3000 questions!) Thanks for your comments, suggestions, and ideas. The list below is entirely made by YOU.

Let's begin...

Ultimate-Guitar QN'A: 2006

* Are you ever gonna put tabs for anything other than guitar?

Yes, here is the list (tabs will be added in this particular order): Accordion, Huluhu, Xylophone, Guan, Horn, Tromboon, Saxophone, Flute, Drums.

* When are you going to make it so tabs can be sorted multiple ways... i.e. by alphabetical order and rating at once... (so you can get all songs bu an artist and the highest rated of each in one step).

Early next year. Seriously.

* Will you have more competitions open to non-US citizens next year?

Majority of our contests are open to non-US citizens. * Will there ever be "Backing tracks to jam to" section? ;]

Yes, at the time when UG 6.0 arrives backing tracks will be also available.

* When are you going to get rid of all the banners/pop-ups? :)

Straight after we will be acquired by Google for $3 billion. Or when you donate enough to buy me Ferarri Enzo. Seriously, we gonna reduce amount of popups in January. Get ready for safer browsing.

* When is UG going to organise a big UG event with a concert of famous guitarists and maybe after the show UG'ers could show of their mad guitar skills or even can play together in a band (with those famous guitarists)?

Green Day, Metallica, Eric Clapton and Joe Satraini have already agreed to play for us. It's gonna be a secret show with a tickets for those who have been banned at least twice. Me wasn't. So I won't go :(

* Is there gonna be an UG musician jokes page?

Read the article.

* Are we really gonna have to start paying for this site?

Yes. You need to pay with your attention.

* When you will have russian version of site ?

We consider the current version as a Russian one. Sometimes people complain so much about proof-checking that we think we forgot to translate the article into english.

* When are you guys gonna add your own online metronome to the site?

It's been done this year. We gonna add Chords and Scales generators and then upload everything to the site.

* When are you going to add a section in the forum just for girl rockers?

We gonna split the entire site into several sections: for boys, girls, dogs, cats and dolphins. Stay tuned.

* Are you ever going to have an online shop were people can buy CD's or equipment?

Nice idea. Though... are you seriosly buying guitars online? CDs sounds reasonable.

* When are you going to update the sites layout?

Straight after we release UG 6.0. 2007. Spring.

* Are you gonna change the look of the site any time soon?

Yes, see above.

* How many people does it take to run this website?

No people were involved into the site. Just monkeys. Sorry.

* When will you get an interview with Steve Vai?

We already interviewed him as well as John Petrucci and Joe Satriani. It's gonna be live Jan 13th, 2007.

* When someone searches for a band on UG, can you all possibly show the current status of every band (i.e. recording, writing, touring)?

Only if you can give us idea where we would get this info on more than 10,000 bands in the database?

* I just want to say one thing, Have you always been this sexy?

Yay! No comments =)

* Can you make Christmas songs in Power tab that aren't so damn hard to play?

If you will start learning songs for xmas 2007 now, you won't consider them hard next time ;)

* When are you going to realise Santa isn't real?

And Santa was going to send you Les Paul... Don't expect anything good from him now!

* Are you killing off the lawsuits to shut down tab sites? I will call Chuck Norris in to help you if you need backup.

Chucky is already on our side, but thanks for your desire to help anyway! I'd appreicate if you can make Pamela help us here in the office too... you know, we need a secretary.

* Can you play every single song on the site?

There is nothing impossible when you backed out by Chuck, Pamela and enough vodka.

* Why do you tilt the camera for every single photo you post on the site?

Our heads are tilted that way. Sorry for the inconvenience.

* Did you get all the beer i sent you?

NO! We never get enough. Resend please.

* I want to see picture of the UG office and Zappp's pretty face!

Oh finally! We expected this question. Boys and girls, it's time to show where we work and how we look. Ready? Click the links below!

Office BuildingRestroomZapppUG Rocks!
Zappp is on the left, the guy at the right in a military form is from KGB checking whether we are legal.Zappp's designing new interface
* When is Zappp going to run for President in Russia?

Zappp is one of the main candidates on the President Elections of 2008. As you probably know, it's gonna be online election - please vote for me.

* Does drinking vodka make a better person?

It depends. The short-term effects of drinking alcohol can cause numerous adverse effects on the user, including: slowed reaction times and reflexes, poor motor coordination, blurred vision, slurred speech, confusion, anxiety, restlessness, heavy sweating, nausea and vomiting, dehydration - a leading cause of condom breakage, coma, death from respiratory arrest. Over time, heavy drinking can cause permanent damage to the user's body and brain. The physical damage caused by sustained alcohol abuse includes: high blood pressure, brain damage, bone damage, reduced sperm count and mobility, as well as sperm abnormality, early menopause. Now forget this and go get a bottle (I hope you are old enough, right?).

* When are you gonna remove the hyphen from your web address?

It makes the site name looks longer. We love everything long and big. oh.

* When will you develop your own tabbing software which is UG exclusive, so only UG members can use our tabs?

Just after our programmers complete writing a new Vista update. It will be a built in feature in all Microsoft product.

* Where is this "Kenig" that Till is from?

Here it is...

* When are we gonna get some inside look at Metallica's upcoming album?

Play St.Anger in reverse order. That's what it's gonna sound like.

* Do any of you UG team actually play the guitar?

Yes, some of us were in a band at once. Remember this "...and nothing else mattersss..."? That's our stuff. We sold the lyrics and music to then unknown band though :(

* Do you have to pay a guy to read all of these?

No comments.

* Do you think you could be greater than you are?

We are ultimate people, remember?

* are you people real, or are you a computer generated myth?

Ah, now you know...

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    well done. its been a great year, and i cant wait to see what the next has in store. cheers to all of UG
    dude...this site has saved my life at some points, like when my hands feel like learnin to play somethin new, its here...ROCK ON!
    The third question could be mine :dance: Hm.. Maybe the majority are, but the sweetest ones.. I had a look at the contest site, the two contests I really wanted to enter was the Metallica one and the Mastodon one, both were "U.S. residents only".
    outlaw metaler wrote: yes trombone tabs i gotta start tabbing the grinch right away
    Between the two of you...I'd go with the SEASICK CROCODILE! Ba-da-ba-da-beeeow, ba-da-ba-da-beeeow!
    Mky wrote: I love UG!
    Xeus wrote: long live UG!
    samerika wrote: AMEN!!!! great year the next one
    metal4all wrote: UG f-u-cking rocks!!!!!
    diamondbakk666 wrote: u guys are russian? damn
    Lol. 2007 sounds like its gonna be good. Here's hoping!
    lol, according to google maps UG seems to be located in some giant airport of sorts.
    This is the best Tab and Rock news site ever!! Keep it up guys!
    whats this? i rated this article low....BAN ME I WANT TICKETS rock on dudes! this site kicks ass and crotch
    hahah nice sense of humour, UG Team, you rule. i loved the pic of the hobos.
    i love u ug this is the first website i check everytime i get online
    Athasios89 : I wake up everyday. Only to come down to my computer and check the UG page. and can I got to that UG concert, I've been banned like 14 times.
    you can get banned 14 times? i though we only got 3 or 4 b4 we get permanently banned...r u guys really russian?this really confused me...UG rocks even if it is run bu russians!!!!!
    I wake up everyday. Only to come down to my computer and check the UG page. and can I got to that UG concert, I've been banned like 14 times. I LOVE UG. WOOOOOHOOOOO
    wait, was he joking about Accordion, Huluhu, Xylophone, Guan, Horn, Tromboon, Saxophone, Flute and Drums? cause about half of them have tabs anyway but i need sax sheets to live.
    UG=love. thanks for a great year guys, and what looks like an even better one coming up.