Rare Nirvana. Part 3

The third installment of 'A Guide To Rare Nirvana' series.

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Welcome to the 3rd (and probably final) part of A Guide To Rare Nirvana

Tracks covered this section:

01. It's Closing Soon/ Old Age 02. D-7 03. Moist Vagina 04. More Than A Feeling 05. Montage Of Heck 06. Escalator To Hell 07. Dough, Ray & Me 08. Baba O'Reighly 09. Black & White Blues 10. Heartbreaker 11. Moving In Stereo 12. My Best Friend's Girl 13. Formalahyde 14. Buzz Cut

It's Closing Soon/ Old age

This is a Kurt & Courtney duo found on the 1993 Rio Tape. I think the only other song that has surfaced from this tape is Old Age. Apparently a genuine 1 minute clip of Old Age is circulating. There is dispute as to whether the song (Old Age) was written by Kurt or Courtney.


A great cover of the Wiper's song, D-7 was recorded in the 1990 Peel Session (the same session that brought us Son Of A Gun, Molly's Lips And Turnaround.) This song was rarely played live, but featured as an encore at Nirvana's 1992 Reading festival performance.

Moist Vagina

An In Utero out take that didn't make the album, this song was originally to be titled 'Moist Vagina, and then she blew him like he's never been blown, brains stuck all over the wall' but was abbreviated to MV. It was later covered by Sonic Youth.

More Than A Feeling

Smells Like Teen Spirit was often commented to have "borrowed" it's legendary intro riff from this Boston classic. Nirvana once played a sample of MTAF to introduce Teen Spirit, but this was more to mock the allegations than anything.

Montage Of Heck

Often mislabellled 'Noise Bleed' this is a, shall we say, collage of audio clips from movies, songs, and TV shows, as well as Kurt experimenting with backwards talking, made by Cobain on his 4 track. The "song" also features a snippet of a track, presumably titled 'The Lanlord Is A Piece Of Shit From Hell' which features Krist Nevosolic singing this one line over a sludgy guitar riff.

Escalator To Hell

Sometimes called 'Montage Of Heck Part II' this follows the same theme as MOH, as it is compiled by snippets of songs, movies etc. Like Montage Of Heck, Kurt made this on his 4 track.

Dough, Ray & Me

One of the rarest of the rare, this is one of the last ever recordings made by Cobain, in his basement with Eric Erlandson and Pat Smear. Apparently there are two known recordings, one has surfaced under the name 'Me And My IV'

Baba O'Reighly

A cover of the well known "The Who" song, Cobain replaces the lyric 'I hope I die before I get old' to 'I hope I die before I get like Pete Townsend'

Black & White Blues

A two minute instrumental of Kurt playing bluesy riffs on an acoustic guitar. This has confirmed to be authentic.


Apparently Nirvana played a bit of this Zeppelin classic at their first ever performance (a house party in Tacoma 1987) but the song broke down after Kurt forgot the lyrics.

Moving In Stereo

This cover of the Cars' song was played in Munich, (March 1st, 1994) which was the last show Nirvana ever played. The song ended the set, so is therefore significant for being the last song ever performed by Nirvana.

My Best Friend's Girl

Another Cars' song from the Munich show, there is nothing too noteable about this song, except that as far as I know, it was only ever played that once.


Sometimes called 'Bullshit Jam' this is a jam of the band playing the Carmen opera theme tune, I think at a house party. Quite rare, I've never heard a recording of this song.

Buzz Cut

When Love Buzz was first recorded for Bleach, it was going to have a 45 second long intro, that was made up of clips from children's records. The intro was later cut to 10 seconds, before being abandoned altogether. However it still exists under the name 'Buzz Cut'.

That's all for now. I may do a part 4 if I can find enough info on other Nirvana rarities, but possibly not.

Peace out and R.I.P Kurt Cobain.

All questions/comments to the_legend_kurt@hotmail.com.

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    To even think that Nirvana would attempt a Zeppelin song, when they don't have half the talent Zeppelin did. Stick to the power chords Kurt
    Martin Blank
    Because livenirvana.com already has a list of everything that you need to know about these damn songs.
    freeskate, your a dumbass. i know far more than you. "formaldhyde" is the bootlegger name cuz krist says something like "this cup is full of formaldhyde". it is the theme from carmen. it was not played at house party, the most commonly heard one is from the trees club in minniapolis. "buzz cut" is part of montage. "moving in stereo" wasnt really a cover. krist recites some lines after best friends girl. and that was not the end of theyre set. they played a full set which hasnt surfaced/
    And, for the third time, your info is completely misguided, and, for the most part, incorrect. *Please* get at least some of your facts straight before you decide to post a part 4.
    More Than A Feeling Smells Like Teen Spirit was often commented to have "borrowed" it's legendary intro riff from this Boston classic.
    Which part of More Than a Feeling is the riff supposedly "borrowed" from? There's nothing in the song that even sounds remotely like it.
    Anyone know where to get any of the Outcesticide albums? They have most of these songs...
    uhhh, there are only five Outcesticides, unless u mean the Cobra series which are clones.
    i love you all for not bashing the late great saviour... youre all very deserving of peace, love, and empathy...nirvana was the grestest that will ever be
    haha your right martin blank. i do get most of my awesome nirvana intelect from live nirvana. but dont do a part 4 until you get your facts right freeskate
    who here heard of nirvana box set has like a dvd or cd or something with over 60 unreleased songs =) comes out some time in november
    Nirvana138: It is coming out in november with 72 songs and 68 of them are unreleased...it will be a hot box set must say....Q magazine did an article about them!
    Nice. NIRVANA KICKS ASS. U spelled a bunch of shit wrong though dude. For example Krist Novoselic's name.
    Diceman42: How many times do you have to post? Stop spamming. Also, if you dont like to read about "this Nirvana sh*t" then ffs dont click on the article
    moist vagina and marijuana are the same songs.btw i didnt find anything interesting in the last the first two parts but this is quite interesting.nice!
    In the first place...the title is spelled "Baba O'Riley"...secondly, the line "I hope I die before I get old" is from "My Generation", not "Baba O'Riley". I know that Nirvana did occasionally cover "Baba O'Riley" in concert, however.
    Are you sure the reason why you haven't been able to find the track you've named 'formalahyde' isn't because the word is actually spelt 'formaldehyde'?
    this is soo stupid, all the rarities are a raritee for a reason, there horrible recordings, ive nearly all of them and matbe 5 of them are good
    i believe that old age was found on the nevermind demo tapes was it not?
    Martin Blank
    Can you please stop posting these? Your information is always so out of wack that isn't even funny.
    ZMAN 182
    this kicks ass man thanks for making this, make a part four you haven't mentioned the zeppelin cover dazed and confused i dunno i think its a rare track
    ZMAN 182: this kicks ass man thanks for making this, make a part four you haven't mentioned the zeppelin cover dazed and confused i dunno i think its a rare track
    I've got that one, it's nothing but feedback for the first half, then Krist cuts in with the bassline for Dazed & Confused, then slowly it starts to almost resemble the song, and Kurt squeezes out the lyrics almost painfully.
    Really nice, but please concentrate on the spellings and also can anyone tell me that from where can i get these rare songs since they are not released? where can i find them ? is there's any compilation of all these rare songs can i get them from any record store ? please help me and IM me at decayed_phantom its my yahoo id. NIRVANA ROCKS...CHEERS !