Reaching Milestones

Whenever you reach a goal, it's cool to take a second and pat yourself on the back. Just don't do it for too long...

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We as guitar players usually don't take much time out to be proud of what we've accomplished. We're so caught up in trying to play like whatever guitar hero of the week we're supposed to worship or trying to be better than the next guy or girl that we don't stop to look at our own improvements. Why don't we?

This is more of a rhetorical question but it is definitely something worth thinking about.

I'm not saying to throw a parade or brag online about how great you are or to put anyone else down but I am saying that when you reach a milestone, whether its being able move between chords smoothly, writing your first song, joining your first band or playing your first guitar solo, you should take a minute to look at how far you've come, the obstacles that got in your way and how you dealt with them. Any progress you make in your playing is great and you should be proud of yourself for keeping going when others just simply stop. You are one step closer to reaching your goals and that is pretty awesome.

Don't celebrate for too long, there is always room for improvement but be happy and proud of yourself for getting this far and use that as ammunition to keep going.

Here is to you and your progress...

By Byron

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