Release And Distribute Your Album Without A Record Label

Those artists who decide to be selfproduced are always more self released and self distributed.

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Those artists who decide to be selfproduced are always more selfreleased and self distributed.

Actually I really raccomend that but just if you are really enough committed in that. - What do I mean with that?

Well there are really a lot of stuff to do working on a record before to release that, releasing that and above all after that process. I can say that there are actually 3 main ways of distributing your own record: 1 Sell at Gigs 2 Sell on the web 3 Sell in the stores 1 - Sell at Gigs - This is actually the best way in my opinion and above all if you play a lot of shows or tours..

That is working a lot because of many reasons directly connected to the way that your show impress and involve the fans attending the show

Obviousely you have to remind the crowd that your album and merchandise is on sale at the merch table, 3, 4 and even more times during the show.

To do that for everyshow you must: - Set up a merchandise corner and a merchandise table. - Have somebody standing there and selling the stuff during all the show, before and after that. - Have cds, t-shirts and other little stuff on sale. 2 Sell on the web Well... This is a very interesting point.

There are hundreds of websites on which you can put your record on sale. I'll mention some here:

On these websites you just have to pay a small fee to put your record on sale and those companies keep a small percentage of incomes from the sells. I decide to open my own store on my website ( to sell my music and my band's albums, soon this distribution will be open to other artists. That will be a really big step foward; I'll speak about that deeply in another time and circumstances anyway. 3 - Sell in the stores Even if it sounds a little Oldfashioned and in same ways it is; it's still working.

You can have an agreement with some distribution companies or you can deal directly with the stores owners. In the 1st and 2nd case (sell at gigs and sell in the stores) you need to open your little company to pay taxes and be regular worker according to the law of your country and you need keep track of all the sells.

I think this is a really important subject, I have a lot of musicians who ask me some tricks about how to sell and distribute their own music. If you think you need some more deep advices about this subject please write me. Look foward to hearing from you soon.

Dimitry (guitar player, guitar teacher, producer)

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    Kinda obvious shiz, not even that interesting... I was expecting allot more from the title.
    Yeah this can get a little bit expensive with founding a company. In my country you need to pay 4000$ to do that, and that's wothout taxes and shir...