Remembering Wayne Static: His Greatest Moments

Let's take a moment and honor the late Static-X frontman.

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The news that most definitely marked last week in guitar-driven is the tragic passing of Static-X frontman Wayne Static.

Wayne left us peacefully in his sleep on November 1, leaving us too soon at the age of 48. Celebrating his life, we're bringing you a rundown of Mr. Static's greatest moments.

1973: Eight-Year-Old Wayne Wins a Musical Talent Contest

Some might say one of the moments when young Static seriously opted to go down the road of a musician. He was eight years old and won the show fair and square by performing "Skip to My Lou." Now that's some metal for ya!

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1987: Wayne Founds Deep Blue Dream With Billy Corgan

Before they reached fame with Static-X and The Smashing Pumpkins, Wayne and Billy Corgan founded a band together. They went by the name of Deep Blue Dream, but didn't last long. However, the group served as one of the crucial steps in the foundation of Static-X.

1994: Static-X Is Founded

Five years before dropping the bomb called "Wisconsin Death Trip," Static-X began their musical journey in the city of Los Angeles. Apart from Wayne, the lineup consisted of Tony Campos on bass, Koichi Fukuda on guitar, and Ken Jay behind the drum kit.

1999: 'Wisconsin Death Trip' Unleashed

Propelling the band among the top acts of the uprising metal movement at the time, "Wisconsin Death Trip" was a strong debut that featured some of the band's most popular hits such as "Push It," "I'm With Stupid" and "Bled for Days." The record was supported with heavy touring, as the band performed over 300 dates within a year.

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2000: Band Rocks Ozzfest

One of the band's first major gigs took place at the 2000 edition of Ozzfest. The band was in full swing, jamming hit singles left and right.

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2001: 'Wisconsin Death Trip' Certified Platinum

All the hard work really paid off two years after the debut's release, as in 2001 "Wisconsin Death Trip" officially sold over one million copies.

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2001: Success Continues With 'Machine'

As the band toured their debut release, Wayne got worried and began writing fresh material by himself, causing a friction within the band that would ultimately culminate with numerous personal and legal issues. However, at the time band managed to avoid being a one hit wonder with the successful release of "Machine," which was ultimately certified gold.

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2002: 'Queen of the Damned' Soundtrack Stint

Between the studio albums, Wayne found time to appear on the soundtrack for "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack. The frontman delivered vocals for the "Not Meant for Me" track, written by Korn's Jonathan Davis.

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2007: Rocking Ozzfest Again

2007 saw the guys returning to Ozzfest, rocking the event hard yet again.

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2009: Final Static-X Album 'Cult of Static' Released

The last ever Static-X album, "Cult of Static," saw its release on March 17, 2009. With 19,000 units sold in the US within the first week, it debuted at No. 16 on the Billboard 200 chart, marking the band's highest-charting release since "Machine."

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2011: First Solo Album, 'Pighammer'

Marking Wayne's final studio album, his solo debut "Pighammer" saw its release on October 4, 2011 as a tribute to Static's recently found sobriety.

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Feel free to share your favorite Wayne Static moment in the comments.

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    Rest In Peace, Wayne. Also, I remember Wayne's appearance as a guest vocalist on the track "Use Less" by one of the electro-industrial pioneers - Skinny Puppy (from their 2004's album "The Greater Wrong Of The Right"). This track also features Danny Carey of Tool on drums.
    Verbal Kint
    First Slipknot Europe Tour (asides from Festivals iirc), together with Mudvayne and Static-X, summer, a crazily overcrowded but huge concert hall in Germany - a pure massacre, i have never experienced something like this agaim, it f'n "rained" condensed water from the ceiling! I nowadays use to tell this like a "young, dumb and stoned" story lol, but well, good times & memories, the music itself does not mean anything to me anymore though. Like, at all, but i will never forget this crazy day. RIP, Mr. Static!
    Wow. I didn't even know he died. RIP.
    I know! When did this happen and How?? I'm going to have to go look in the Music news more often. I really enjoyed Mr. Static's music, Growing up with it, and it being a part of my life. Rest In Peace.
    I have fond memories of Wayne and Static-X. Saw them at Ozzfest 2007 and they killed it. They are flawless live. Not to mention he had one of the coolest hairstyles ever. Say what you will about the simplicity of the music but if all metal sounded the same, it would be one boring genre. The man was a creative genius in his own way and he will be missed. R.I.P. Wayne!
    The most favorite band of my childhood and the most outstanding and talented leader. Great loss.
    I wrote a similar piece on my music blog last Monday. This man will be missed - he had a clear musical vision and wouldn't stop until everyone had heard it - we need more musicians like Static. The article is here: