Road To Rockstars. Part 1

Part 1 of a story I'm writing. Road to Rockstars. Not for the love of music, no, quite the opposite. Their motto, "Play, get paid, get drunk, get laid."

Ultimate Guitar

It all started with an idea. It wasn't the noblest of ideas, no, just the opposite. Three seventeen year olds sitting around in one of their basements. Drinking a little booze and one of them messing around on a guitar.

"Dude, wouldn't it be awesome to start a band." One of them said half jokingly.

"That'd be cool. We could play, get paid, get drunk, get laid." Another one said. They all had a little knowledge of music. Trevor Smith, or Smitty, as they called him, could play bass, Ryan Porter played drums, and the one playing around on the guitar, Jackson Mathis, or just Jack, as they called him, played guitar fairly well.

Trevor was rather lanky and had medium length wavy black hair that was brushed to one side of his face. He had moved to this small town when he was ten, and soon became close friends with Jack and Ryan. Jack had more of the athletic build and had short, spiked, brown hair that was formed into a Fohawk. He and Ryan had been friends and next door neighbors ever since they had been born. Finally, Ryan was a little shorter than normal and had blonde, messy hair.

The idea for a band was selfish. It wasn't for the love of music. It wasn't to revolutionize the way we listen to music. It was for fame, booze, and girls. Then and there they decided that they would start a band, and they would make it to the top. Band practice was in Ryan's garage three days from now, Tuesday. They would bring their instruments and their ideas which would be their foundation.


It was a bright, summer, Tuesday morning and the three friends were gathered in Ryan's garage and they were sitting on a couple of ratty old sofas. Jack had been practicing some power chords for the past thirty minutes. He was playing familiar teen anthems that all had basically the same structure. Smitty was tuning his bass and laying down some quick, heavy, bass lines. Ryan was playing around on his drum kit, not playing anything in particular. The noise level was extremely high, and the different instruments practicing all at once sounded like a grinding machine that hadn't been oiled for a million years.

"Ugh, " Jack said rubbing his ears. They were ringing from the noise. "Ready for some real practice? " Jack said getting off the sofa and pulling on his guitar strap. Smitty stood from where he was sitting and adjusted the strap on his bass. Ryan merely set his soda down and spun towards his drum kit.

"Let's start out with something easy." Ryan said.

"Do you all know "Dammit"? " Smitty asked.

"Great, leave me with a song that has awesome drums in it. I haven't played this one in forever." Jack struck the opening notes and they played heavy and fast. "And maybe/I'll see you/at a movie/sneak preview." Jack belted into a cheap microphone Ryan had dug out of his parents' attic. As the reverb rolled and the song ended, Jack grabbed his water bottle and took a drink. He set the bottle down and Smitty started to play something more classic. He started the instantly noticeable riff to "Crazy Train". Jack and Ryan joined in and they played the crap out of that song too.

After an hour and a half jam session, they get tired. They raid the fridge, and chips, sodas, and dip in hand they sit down on the sofa.

"So what do we all think? " Jack asked as he popped open the tab to his soda and took a drink.

"Well, " Ryan started out slowly. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm still a little rusty. We were good, but we need a lot more practice."

"I agree with Rya." Smitty said. "I think after another month or three of practicing we'll be ready to start putting our name out there."

"What name would that be anyways? " Jack asked. "We'll need a name for our band."

They all sat, deep in thought. Ryan thoughtfully munched on some chips while Jack and Smitty took sips of soda. None of them had counted on the practice being as good as it was, so none of them had put any thought into a name. Finally though, Ryan spoke.

"What about the name, "The Final Warriors". You know, "Final Fantasy" mixed with "Dragon Warrior". Those used to be our favorite games you know."

Jack pondered the name. It seemed geeky, and it was kind of weak, but it would work for now. "So "The Final Warriors" it is? "

"Sounds good to me." Smitty said. And that was it. They loaded their equipment and they all went home until next Tuesday. They all felt good about their futures. But they had no idea how much trouble "The Final Warriors" would cause them.

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    ok, to be perfectly fair he DID say that the band was founded on the premise of getting famous. still stupid.
    plus it's comical that the composer is naive enough to think that three seventeen year olds can sit down and practice for an hour and decide that in three months they'll be ready to 'get their name out there'. try writing about something interesting. reading the comments on your profile shows that maybe (cough) your friends are inflating your head a little (cough).
    You can always tell the age of an amateur writer by the stupid details they put in a story. I'm an avid reader and a HUGE fan of steven king who, for example, puts a rediculous amount of time into detailing the most seemingly mundane things so its not detail itself that i'm refering to, just the things he decided to include. just read the intro a couple of times. this is obviously a seventeen year old who wants to be a booze drinkin', jam session guitarist. the only redeaming factor of this story is that he didnt slaughter the grammar like most people of that age tend to do. you need to learn to be patient when writing, man. just because you have an idea for a story doesn't mean you can completely bypass a propper introduction and background. try again.
    sidvicious_91 wrote: A band that thinks theyll get signed for doing covers... Remind anyone of the band in "waynes world"? 6 album deal for a few covers they did? anyway, kinda interested to see the next installment.
    Rolling Stones did oryte
    ...that kinda sucked. not well written, rushed, not original, bad metaphors. sorry dude, i just didn't like it at all
    What I want to know is when they were playing Crazy Train did the guitarist lay down a clean solo?
    A band that thinks theyll get signed for doing covers... Remind anyone of the band in "waynes world"? 6 album deal for a few covers they did? anyway, kinda interested to see the next installment.
    Not bad. The thing I like about this one as opposed to the other stories, at least with this beginning chapter, is that it's come about in a very typical way which most of us musicians who have played in bands can relate. At least in my own experience. So kudos for that. I'll read the next installment for sure.
    don't know... didn't really suck me in like the others, and its pretty short and seems a bit rushed. but hey, it might turn up good
    i hope the guys change the name to sth else when they start getting noticed hehe. great story btw. ill keep my eyes open on it