Rock Stars With The 'Hottest' Tattoos

Which Rock star, in your opinion, has the "hottest" tattoo?

Ultimate Guitar

Couple of years ago before moving to Japan I was judging people with tattoos, doesn't matter which size or amount was on a body, if anyone asked whether I wanted to get one I would give a strong "NO!"

At this point some of the readers would wonder how is it relevant to UG columns, cuz it is unrelated to music. Actually it is relevant, as lots and lots of Rock stars are having more than one tattoo. Haven't you heard about "Tattoo Freak" Rick Genest "Zombie Boy", Canadian model who starred at Gaga's "Born This Way". This is just one big example, over 90% of rock stars are having more than one.

Just to show you how cool he looks:

Tattoo saloons are quite famous in Japan (It is interesting to mention that The Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan, traditionally had facial tattoos for centuries). You can get a decent tattoo for like $120, with high quality, "aftercare" and further discounts for a next one if you "spread the word". Most importantly, it is hard to stop after you have started. You start with one tattoo on your wrest, another one on your neck, surely ankle should not be ignored... Soon your body is fully covered with all your "emotional expressions".

Some of them are cute, I had serious thinking about having one on my hand, with the word "Freedom" written in Kanji. I think this is a good location: you can still hide it in office and look cool while being casual.

Drawbacks Of Having One:

  • You can't be a donor for several years,
  • It is prohibited to enter certain public places (swimming pools, saunas, etc.),
  • People might judge you too strict,
  • And most importantly, you can't get rid of it after you have it on!

    But the right tattoo, on a right place, can really make it worth.

    Which Rock Star, In Your Opinion, Has Da "Hottest" Tattoo?

    P.S. It was hilarious reading about Professor Green "Lucky" tattoo on his neck in 2009, when just weeks later he was stabbed in the neck with a broken beer bottle in an altercation.

    Picture Attached:

    ...or The Prodigy's Liam Howlett' "I have arrived" tattoo on his neck in 2008. In other words meaning "I've just come."

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      I'm not so sure about your interpretation of Liam Howlett's tattoo, but regardless, this article is poorly written and really doesn't have much place on this kinda website. Lots of people come on this site for music other than rock, and lots of people other than rock stars have more than one tattoo. Also, stating that, then giving an example of a model from a Lady Gaga video isn't really the best way to link tattoos with rock music. Then providing images of 2 people that aren't really rock stars and only appear to have tattoos on their neck doesn't help. Simon Neil, singer of Biffy Clyro has lots of tattoos. I don't know much about them apart from one says "God Only Knows what I'd be without you" from the Beach Boys song, in relation to his late mother, and a puzzle piece from their album of the same name, also with sentimental value to do with his mother passing. Other people who spring to mind at the moment are Josh Homme and Dave Grohl - maybe these could have been better in your article? Although I still don't see it's relevance. Sorry to come off so negative!
      I like James Hetfield's one on his left shoulder; the one with the cards representing the year he was born.
      Not a very good article. The only cool pic is the zombie guy, the others are just plain neck tattoos that I see every other day.. you also explained the drawbacks of tattoos for some reason, I think that is common knowledge to most people. I agree with the first comment, could've used better examples of rock stars or famous musicians..