Rockers on TV: Top 13 Rockstar Cameos

How do you react when a wild rockstar pops up during a random show?

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Rockstars tend to be a versatile bunch, meaning they're no strangers to stepping out of the music domain. One of the areas they commonly tend to drift into is the film industry or TV shows. So right now we'll bring you a brief rundown of Top 13 rockstar screen appearances, check it out below.

Keith Richards as Jack Sparrow's Dad

Keith Richards was already one of the coolest people in history before making his "Pirates of the Caribbean" appearance, but the coolness of The Rolling Stones guitarist was taken to another level as he turned out to be the father of non-other than Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Cannibal Corpse Rock "Ace Ventura"

Too epic not to mention. Death metal artists usually find it a bit tricky to enter popular films, but Cannibal Corpse proved it possible as they rocked "Ace Ventura" ever so hard with "Hammer Smashed Face."

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Death Metallers Judas Priest in "The Simpsons"

Over the years, "The Simpsons" featured a vast array of rock titans making their guest appearances on the show. The Who, Metallica, Green Day and much more. But this time around, we've opted for "death metal" icons Judas Priest and their latest cameo.

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Dave Grohl Subtly Grooves "The Muppets"

What makes Dave Grohl's "The Muppets" appearance particularly cool is the subtlety aspect. Being a bonafide rock star, Grohl was expected to take the spotlight, but was instead restrained as a background drummer. Once again, Dave's lack of over-the-top ego takes the cake.

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Bruce Springsteen Advice in "High Fidelity"

If there's anyone out there you should take advice from, it's the Boss, so no surprise here.

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Elvis Jack White in "Walk Hard"

Did you ever think about what would Jack White look like as Elvis? Well, we actually have the answer, so check out the "Walk Hard" clip below. Spoiler: he's awesome.

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Editor Lemmy in "Airheads"

"Who'd win in a fight, Lemmy or God? Trick question, d-ckhead: Lemmy is God!" But before becoming a God, Lemmy was actually the editor of UG... just kidding, he didn't fall that low, but he was the editor of a school magazine.

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Linkin Park's Chester and Skinhead Buddies Mutilated in "Saw: 3D"

Chester Bennington made quite a gory appearance in "Saw: 3D." Linkin Park singer played the role of a skinhead who had to pay for his deeds and was superglued to a carseat as a part of Jigsaw's demented trap. Spoiler: they all die, gruesomely.

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Mustaine, Slash, Dusty Hill and More Not Getting the Gig on "Drew Carrey Show"

Dave always seemed like a nervous guy, it even cost him a gig once. But it's OK, Slash, Joey Ramone and Jonny Lang didn't get it either.

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Geeky Maynard James Keenan in "Crank: High Voltage"

Tool's Maynard gave fans quite a surprise with his "Crank: High Voltage" appearance as a geeky young man.

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Ronnie James Dio and Meat Loaf Rock the "Pick of Destiny"

This one's just beyond epic, so placing it on the list was a no-brainer. Not to mention that Grohl also gets to make an appearance later on.

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Bat-Decapitator Ozzy in "Little Nicky"

Ozzy's bat biting is a thing of legend, so it's perfectly understandable that when you think bat decapitation, you think Ozzy. That was obviously the logic "Little Nicky" creators went for.

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Steve Vai and "Crossroads" Guitar Showdown

We'll end the lucky 13 list with an appropriate guitar duel, the most epic one of all time to be precise.

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Got some other rockstar cameos to share? Do it in the comments section.

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    I'd also say Alex Lifeson (of Rush) on Trailer Park Boys. That whole episode was pretty cool edit: sorry didn't see the above, but Sebastian Bach was also on TBP in the 7th season.
    Let me be the Red Hot Chili Peppers fanboy:
    Let's not forget Flea's guest spot as a German nihilist in The Big Lebowski. Couldn't stop laughing!!!
    Pablo Mortis
    I think you're forgetting Chad Smith's appearances in Elf, Step Brothers, Anchorman, Blades of Glory, and so on
    Though mostly involving the indie/alt subgenres of rock, The Adventures of Pete & Pete had Iggy Pop, Michael Stipe, Debbie Harry, Gordon Gano, and a slew of others guest during its brief run.
    Chester made an awesome appearance in Crank and Crank 2: High Voltage
    Doesn't he just buy a bunch of pills in the first one or something?
    Only Lemmy could sound that badass claiming to have once been an editor for a school magazine.
    Rick Springfield in Californication...when Marcy was one of Jessie's Girls
    This little sketch is still one of my favorites, it features Mark Knopfler, Lemmy, David Gilmour, Mark King and Gary Moore... How is this not epic!?