Rockin' Pets: 16 Rockstars and Their Pets

Cute doggy can melt even a rockstar heart.

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For this week, we'll spice things up with a fresh dose of cuteness.

This one doesn't need much introduction, it's rockstars and their favorite pets.

Cute, weird, turtles, it's all there, check it out below.

Dave Mustaine and His Miniature Pet Pony

Ozzy Osbourne Making Out With His Pet Bulldog

Slash, His Pet Snake and Betty White

Michael Jackson and His Pet Monkey

Billie Joe Armstrong Hiding Behind His Bulldog

Courtney Love and Her Pet Tortoise

Willie Nelson and His Pet Horse Voodoo

Paul McCartney Posing With His Doggie

Phil Anselmo Lovin' His Doggie

Dave Grohl Teasin' His Doggie

Lord Kitty

Cantrell Kitty

Zappa Kitty

Cobain Kitty

Mercury Double Kitty

Elvis Kangaroo (Combobreaker!)

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    link no1
    Dave Mustaine and Elvis are the only ones that really interested me, just because they were odd and really unexpected.
    damn freddie, those are some fat-ass cats!
    Bijou and Delilah... 2 songs on the Innuendo album were dedicated to these cats. Even the artwork on the album included Freddie with a cat vest. Although a pretty common pet, Freddie was obsessed with his cats.
    Sid Vicious and his hamster, Sid Dave Vanian and his two rats, Rigor and Mortis John Lennon and all his cats
    Fun fact: Paul McCartney's dog, Martha, is the namesake of the song "Martha My Dear" on the White Album.