Sanford High. Chapter One A

Maddy is looking forward to her first day back at Sanford: to her first orchestra practice, to seeing her best friend and her girlfriend.

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It was eight thirty in the morning. Maddy was sitting on a bench in the forecourt to Sanford High's Sixth Form Centre. It felt strange to be back in her heavy uniform after a glorious summer of denim shorts and tiny, brightly coloured vest tops; her regulation grey skirt, crisp blouse and smartly tailored blazer felt constricting in comparison. Yet despite the discomfort of uniform, Maddy was glad to be back at Sanford for her first day of upper sixth. It was a chance for her to get away from home and to get back to doing the things she loved, mainly playing in the orchestra and seeing her friends. Owing to conflicting holidays and summer activities, Maddy had seen very little of her friends over the eight weeks they had been off, so she was looking forward to seeing them again one friend in particular. Olivia Hartford or Liv, as she was known to her friends and family was Maddy's best friend and, more recently, her girlfriend. Yet thanks to the Hartford's annual holiday in Barbados, Maddy had not seen the object of her affections for a little over four weeks. The thought that any moment now, Liv would be walking through the school gates made her both excited and nervous.

The number of people passing through the forecourt was rapidly increasing. Sanford High Grammar School was a private establishment, and thus had fewer pupils than most educational facilities, yet Maddy still found herself peering at and around the huddles of students, trying to catch a glimpse of her friends. Her fingers were fiddling restlessly with the hem of her skirt and she longed to reach for the black case on the bench beside her and pull out her violin, if only to give herself something to do. However, earning herself a reprimand so early in the new term was not a good idea, so she left the exquisite instrument in it's velvet-lined casing.

It was not long before a familiar face emerged. Two forms appeared at the gates, one tall and slender, the other shorter and much stockier. Maddy recognised the black hair and chiselled features of her other best friend, Felix Crompton. The slightly shorter man to his left was his father, whose sturdy form was lumbered down with the black mass of Felix's cello case. The man's voice rang out across the enclosed space.

If you played sports after school like most boys your age, instead of messing around in that silly little band of yours, you'd be strong enough to carry this yourself!

It's an orchestra, dad, came Felix's glum response. He spotted Maddy as they were crossing the forecourt and his face broke out into a smile.

Alright, you? he grinned, and Maddy found herself drawn into a tight hug. It feels like it's been ages. You okay?

Yeah, glad to be back, said Maddy, returning his smile Hello, Mr Crompton, she added politely to Felix's father, a man whom she did not greatly like. Strict and argumentative, Felix's father had long been encouraging his son to forsake his love of music for something, in his words, more masculine.

Hello, Madeleine, the elder man responded curtly, setting down the cello case. How is your father? I haven't seen him at the golf club for a while.

He's well thank you, replied Maddy. He's been in Paris on business for a few weeks but he's home on Friday.

Lovely, Mr Crompton grunted, with the air of one who thought otherwise. Give my best to him and your mother.

We'd better get this to the music room, Maddy, said Felix. I'll catch you in registration.

Alright, Maddy smiled. See you soon. Bye, Mr Crompton.

Felix's father mumbled an indistinguishable goodbye before retrieving his load and leading Felix into the school. Maddy's smile stayed firmly in place. It felt good to see her friend of many years. Now all she needed was one more person to make her life feel complete again. She resumed her seat on the bench and waited apprehensively.

At quarter to nine, the bell began to ring, signalling for the sixth form students to head to their registration classes. As the forecourt began to empty, Maddy begrudgingly collected her things, wondering whether her friend was simply late or if there was another, more worrying, reason for her absence. She headed for the heavy doors that flanked the entrance to the school, her high spirit's fading rapidly. Yet, before her feet had even touched the careworn steps, a voice from across the yard called her name. Maddy froze and she felt her stomach twist into knots of nervous excitement. She turned around and her eyes met the sight of Liv running awkwardly towards her, her bag and bosom bouncing in unison. A smile blossomed on Maddy's face once again as the girl came to a halt in front of her. She moved forward as if to kiss her, but Liv subtly backed away.

Not right now, she mumbled. My mother's in the car she'll see us.

Alright, Maddy conceded, settling instead for a tight embrace. She caught the sweet scent of her girlfriend's hair and her knees weakened a fraction beneath her. Let me look at you, she continued, stepping back slightly to take in the sight of her.

Gorgeous, Maddy concluded, as per usual, though in a different way this time. Liv's usually fair skin had been tanned several tones darker and her once chestnut hair had been lightened by the sun to a rich caramel brown. You look great, said Maddy. I can't wait to see the photos. I'm truly gutted that I missed out on four weeks of you in a bikini.

Liv giggled, mirroring Maddy's warm smile.

Come on, she suggested. We don't want to be late and get reprimands on our first day.

The two girls linked arms, exchanging shrewd and smiling glances, before proceeding into the building. Right at that moment, Maddy couldn't care less if she got a hundred reprimands before the day was out she was simply glad to have to woman she loved back in her life.

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    Pretty cool. You have a long way to go before you can compare to Nolan Whyte, but still, I liked it! I'll be reading the rest as it comes along.
    ^That and it said "grammar school" which threw me off. I was about to be really confused.
    blood_and_gold wrote: Thanks for the comments everyone. Maddy's violin - or the violin I based it on, the one I desperately want - is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I have ever seen. For the record, the gang are in upper sixth, which means they are 17-18. x
    thanks for the clarifiction, I am assuming its like a british way of saying it, cuz we go by grades in America so i had no idea wat upper sixth was either lol
    Interesting, not like other stories where there is a band starting at a venue.
    Thanks for the comments everyone. Maddy's violin - or the violin I based it on, the one I desperately want - is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I have ever seen. For the record, the gang are in upper sixth, which means they are 17-18. x
    A mysterious violin? How is a violin mysterious xD This looks pretty sweet so far, 6th form means 16-17 right?
    Oh this is UG material allright, 2 lesbians talking about each other in bikini's and a mysterious violin in a black case... riiiiight.
    since when did colohue become a mod lol? well, nice to have another mod around..comes in handy xD
    sgt. shaft
    i just read the first paragraph, going back for the whole thing writer, i think you're awesome!
    I really like what you have here, but it is a bit short. The characters seem like they'll be fun and this story already has my attention, can't wait for the next one. My only complaints are these: that this installment is too short, and that your diction can range from almost rediculously formal to being hard to understand. Other than that, it is fantastic. 8/10
    I have a feeling every installment of this is going to garner a load of smart ass remarks, though it's looking good so far. The story itself is written well, but I'd expect no less from Tom's editor. It's definitely a different take on things, and I'm interested to see where you take it.
    Lesbians, orchestra, and a feminine dude cellist. Nice job. I'll be anxiously awaiting the next one. They is just so many places this story can go I would be thrilled to read.
    agreed with the too short. also happy to see that it was just part 1 of chapter 1. looks good so far. dont let us down
    Thanks everyone for reading and commenting so far. For the record, yes this is the first half of Chapter One. It was split up out of concern that it might be too long. Apparently not, but nevermind. If you'd like any more information about the story, there is a blog on my profile. x
    so obviously maddy and liv are homosexuals? and possibly bisexuals? well, your characters seem very young :S well, like 14-ish if you ignore the whole bikini section. the good thing about UG stories are that they don't have the summaries, making it a hell lot more interesting.... and IF you find out that the story sucks after reading it, you'll be bummed and its too late...but none of the UG stories so far are bad, most of them are good...this one has to be more descriptive to make it far... well intros can't have much emotions and personalities, but it has to be much more descriptive to attract a reader into having vivid interest.
    Icarus Lives
    Cool, well written. What's it going to be about though? None of the UG stories have a little summary thing like you'd find on the back of a book. It'd be handy.
    Oh, please tell me you're gonna do some proper plotting with the lesbian theme and not just use it for fap material. The writing style is better than that of most UG fiction, which is gratifying. I'm waiting with bated breath for the unfolding of the plot.