Scenes From A Memory, The Story

An interpretation of the first half of Dream Theater's epic concept album; Scenes From A Memory. In the form of a short story, of course.

Ultimate Guitar

*Please note that I did not compose the ideas for this story.* *This is merely my interpretation, or an embodiment of the album in short story form. *All the music referenced in here belongs to Dream Theater, not me.*

In a lone brick building somewhere in the suburbs of New York City, there was a doctor. This was no ordinary doctor, this doctor specialized in hypnotherapy and recalling suppressed memories in patients. This man, Doctor Lorenz, was infamous among the medical community for his unusual methods.

Not far from the Doctors' location, out in the suburban neighborhood, lived a man named Nicholas. Nicholas was an ordinary man. Despite being in his early thirties, with lush brown hair, chiseled features, and a hefty bank account, he had never married. No had he ever had children, or known anything other then being a working man in a blue-collar society. However, as of late, Nicholas had been having these peculiar dreams. One day, after finally having enough of it, Nicholas paid a visit to the mysterious Doctor Lorenz.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, taking deep breaths and letting each one out slowly, said the Doctor to Nicholas, who was now laying back on a recliner in the seemingly ancient office. The room was painted a dark green, and furnished with dark leather furniture, which was worn from the years of use. All this, combined with the dim lighting and the ancient appearance of the doctor, led to an overall gloomy office. Imagine a brilliant white light above you, focus in on this light as it flows through your body and allow yourself to drift off within it, continued the increasingly focused Doctor. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, the Doctor resumed; Now as I count back from ten, you will feel more peaceful and calm.

Nicholas, still lying back on the cozy recliner, never made it to the end of that count. He had fallen into a deep trance-like sleep, and was now walking back into the same dreams which had been haunting him in the previous nights. However, this time something was different about the dream. Instead of merely seeing bits and pieces of the people and events in the dream, he was witnessing it as if he were there.

Nicholas found himself sitting in a house, presumably from the early 1900's, surrounded by lavish furniture, silk draping, and other extravagant decorations. All these things, despite being fragments of a dream, felt oddly familiar to Nicholas. As if they were all just a strange deja v to him. After sitting up, he found himself face to face with a large mirror, perched upon a huge dresser. Reflected in that mirror, was a beautiful girl, clothed in a long, flowing green dress, with silken raven hair, and eyes that were blue like a clear summer sky.

Young child, wont you tell me why I'm here? asked Nicholas, involuntarily in both his dream, and in reality to the listening doctor.

Unknown to Nicholas and the doctor, the girl in the mirror had a dark, guilty secret. She was a ghost of the past, come back to haunt Nicholas about her death. Meanwhile, in the dream, the image in the mirror was shimmering, and Nicholas was slowly falling back into consciousness.

Well Nicholas, it appears that there may be more to these dreams then just a reccuring nightmare, said the Doctor. What do you mean Doc? It's only a dream, questioned Nicholas, as he sat up with a puzzled expression on his face. The doctor took a deep breath, and a very grim, serious demeanor came upon him as he began to explain. After listening to everything you've told me, and listening to your dreams? It appears you are being haunted by a lost soul, possibly your own soul from a past life, since everything in the dreams seems familiar, remarked the perplexed doctor.

You see, death is not the end of life, but merely a transition into the next life; and so it is very possible that your dreams are a manifestation of your past life trying to tell you somethingsomething grave, Doctor Lorenz said.

So, what you're saying is that Victoria is really my soul, acting as a ghost from a past life? questioned the now-intrigued Nicholas.

It is possible, but I'm afraid our available time has expired and I must say goodbye until our session tomorrow replied the Doctor in a solemn tone.

Later that night, after the therapy, Nicholas had driven home and taken some time to relax at his apartment. His mind was running wild with thoughts and questions about what had occurred during the therapy. All he could think about was Victoria! Why was she haunting him? What happened to her? What does he have to do with any of it?!

Despite his restless mind, and whirling thoughts, Nicholas had soon succumbed to the warm embrace of sleep.

Sure enough, his dream that night was a reoccurrence of the same dream he had been having. However, something was different tonight. After seeing Victoria in the mysterious mirror, he found himself walking along a path in the fog. Along that path, he encountered a peculiar old man, who was all by himself, almost as if he was expecting Nicholas to meet him there.

Lad, did you know a girl was murdered here? This fatal tragedy was talked about for years, said the strange old man upon approaching Nicholas.

Out of respect, Nicholas politely replied; Sir, who was murdered here and why does this keep happening to me?

Nicholas had many more questions to ask this elderly man. Although he was a stranger, Nicholas felt like he could trust in the words the man spoke, and was thankful that he appeared in his dream tonight.

You'll know the truth as your future days unfold, replied the man as he turned away and faded away as everything in the dream turned to into light. A brilliant white light completely surrounded him, and suddenly, he was awake. After lying in bed a pondering what he remembered from the dream, Nicholas was hit with a hard realization. The murder that the man was referring to must have been Victoria. Such a monumental discovery led Nicholas to believe that he would not be able to rest again until he got to the bottom of this and so, he got up and set off for the hypnotherapy office.

Later that day, Nicholas was sitting behind a computer in Doctor Lorenz's office, researching the area of his dreams, the people in them, and most importantly, Victoria's murder.

After browsing online for awhile, Nicholas came upon an old newspaper article, the headline read; Murder, young girl killed, Desperate shooting at Echo's Hill dating back to 1928, from a town named Metropolis, New York. The article explained the unexpected and also unsolved murder of a young girl named Victoria.

A witness heard a horrible sound and ran to the scene; a witness heard a horrifying sound. He ran to find a woman dead and lying on the ground. Standing by her was a shaking, nervous man gun in hand Witness says he tried to help, but he'd turned the weapon on himself read Nicholas aloud as he scrolled over the article. After thoroughly reading the articles' contents, and taking a moment's pause to think, the Doctor declared; It appear that is murder was a sad close to a broken love affair. She wanted love forever, but he had another plan.

But Doctor, it says the murder was never solved by authorities, and there was evidence that led to beliefs that the murder was staged by a third person. They even found a suicide note, which the man says he'd rather kill himself then harm Victoria. said Nicholas as he stood from behind the desk. Both of the men were stumped on the next step to take in solving this predicament. After a long silence filled the already gloomy office, Nicholas remarked; I know what I must do Doctor, I'll see you tomorrow.

Upon leaving the brick building, Nicholas dug around in the glove box of his car and pulled out a map. He had decided to visit Echo Hill in Metropolis, which was only a mere twenty minute drive from where he resided. Sure enough, Echo Hill had an extensive cemetery, and so it took Nicholas awhile to find her grave. However, just beyond the churchyard gates, where the grass was overgrown, he found her headstone.

Nicholas was overcome with sadness as he sat in the grass by the headstone. He had felt as though Victoria was right there beside him, with a hand on his shoulder. Then, after re-reading her headstone, it might as well have been his name on the headstone. His heart dropped in his chest, as he was stricken with grief over this poor ghost of a girl from his past lives.

In reality, Victoria was actually haunting Nicholas through his dreams, seeing as Nicholas' was just a reincarnation of her soul. But, unfortunately for Nicholas, she would not let him rest until he got to the bottom of everything. But why would a ghost from the past, haunt someone about their own death?

To Be Continued

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    Dream Floyd
    Wait but... How did you find the Doctor's name? And New York? What? Did you make them up? Is God a lie? Does Dream Theater exist? Am I just the image of myself in another universe? Is this all a lie? No but seriously, this pretty sweet.
    Hell Kaiser Ryo
    But through her eyes say that Nicholas had a son and a wife. "She wasn`t given any choice Desperation stole her voice I`ve been given so much more in life I`ve got a son, I`ve got a wife." Awesome stuff though
    eh... love the album. love DT. this... not so much. nice idea, just dont see the point of recapping the story of the album. MAYBE if you would turn it into a broadway musical... haha
    Thanks for the postive feedback guys. I just thought I'd put a twist on the story by writing it all out into a story. You know? Please rate and continue giving feedback, thanks
    I kind of like this. It's rather interesting hearing someone else fill in some details and turn it into a story. It just has a few misspellings and grammatical errors, but I can't wait for the next part, and hopefully other albums as well. Hell I think you could do a whole story just on the Count of Tuscany.
    YngwieLi wrote: I kind of like this. It's rather interesting hearing someone else fill in some details and turn it into a story. It just has a few misspellings and grammatical errors, but I can't wait for the next part, and hopefully other albums as well. Hell I think you could do a whole story just on the Count of Tuscany.
    Hahahah, I could! I'll start on Act Two later today when I'm out of class. Thanks again for the feedback everybody