Seeing Your Band As A Business

Want to succeed in the music business? Then remember that the "Business" is just as important as the "music". Here's a quite idea as to what to focus on when looking at your band as a business.

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The basis of making a band successful has to start with how you see the band, and I think the best place to start is to see the band as a business. A business with something to sell. As someone who works in B2B sales, I know that the key to this is knowing your customer and knowing what it is your trying to sell, and this is something I wanted to get across in this article.

In the case of a band or musician I can think of 3 main things you should aim to sell: 1. Your music

2. Yourselves

3. An experience The main element will obviously be your music, you want to capture your audience and make them want to listen and share your songs. Obviously to maximise your chances of this you have to know your audience and promote your songs correctly to them. For instance, if your aiming at students then there's no point in focusing on getting your songs played on the radio if you can be more successful buying advertising space on a Univeristy campus.

You also want to sell yourselves and your image. It's all good focusing on the music and hoping that'll be enough. But in reality you want people to be interested in you, in what your doing and what your working on. It's always encouraging to get as many facebook fans or twitter followers as possible, but you also want to maximise how many of them actually take an interest in your updates, and how many will be looking out for your next track/video or live show.

And lastly your selling an experience. Your show is your big sell. You need to make people want to make that effort to come see for band play live. If you sell them a great experience then they'll be more inclined to make the effort to spend their time and money to come see you again. A great experience will also encourage those at the show who dont know you, to look you up and follow you further.

Obviously enjoyment is the main factor of been part of any band, but if you want to reach out further than just your friends and family, you need to be more business minded. It'll help keep you focused, make you feel you have a plan, and most importantly help you successfully reach your goals.

So by getting together, doing your research and setting your goals you can ensure that all members of the band know what it is your trying to achieve. Thus helping band harmony and allowing you to focus on creating the best "product" available.

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    Very good advice especially talking to your band about it, its good that everyone is on the same page and understand that a band isn't just parties and chiks but its a business. Hey if any one knows if the Al Dawson Metal Label Secrets are legit or know anything about it please drop me a line on my profile. Also if you could tell me how long you waited for shipping and how you paid(if its legit) I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
    To FrontmanShieldsThe first parts cool,just seems like page one.Are you gonna elaborate on this or is that it?It makes a lot more sense to me than some of this crap. "The correct way to string your guitar"Jesus,man,since I signed up on this about a week ago cause I got hurt and can't play for a little while and was lookin for some info on something I'm having a hard telling whats real and whats not.Could there really be that many idiots out there?As far as the second part goes,it seems really simplified.Does the guy have enough talent?Would he work if he stopped his crap,whatever it is?If he can't cut it musically he's down the road.If his drinkin or drugs or throwing chairs out the 18th floor window is the problem,can you straighten him out.Is it worth it?I got sent down the road once,and I thought it was my playing,and it was REALLY hard to take.About a month later I found out the head of the band,s wife had a thing for me.I guess I was the only one who did'nt know it.After that first month three out of the other four came over my house and wanted to start something new.They just had to finish out the road trip.It was like one of the best days of my life.I had been thinking about quitting,and I don't know how to do anything else.I'm just saying,it's complicated,for people like me,it's my life.That was a very long time ago and I still remember that first night.I even went out and played the last set.Anyway,theres my two
    Sorry,man-I thought this and the other piece were part of the same article,thats why the comments.I'm obviously new to this computer stuff.The guy's right,good advice.I don't know about you,but the time for that stuff has always been at meetings and rehearsals.When the lights came on and I got my cue,I never thought about a damn thing I can remember,I don't care who was watching.I juust think you oughta expand on it for the 1/10th of 1 percent who will do it for a living.