Sh-tty Bands That Are Very Awesome Live

Name a band you hate, but delivers a damn fine show.

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So as you might have noticed, this week's UG Top 10 focused on the finest stage shows in rock. We'll eke out the list with the opposite side here, focusing on bad bands that deliver top-notch shows.

I have to admit that I'm not much of a music basher, no matter the style, so this one's more based on UG's opinion during the mentioned Top 10 vote. Check out the list below and make your own additions in the comments.


When it comes to KISS, fan reactions range from super-devoted love to immense hate. Possibly due to Gene Simmons' business side, they're not exactly a crowd favorite here. You can't deny them the impact they had as far as influence and stage shows are concerned, but the quality of KISS music is always a highly-debatable subject.

Would you call the guys overrated or underrated? Both ways could work when you think about it.

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GG Allin

This one's kind of a joke, but is it really? Yes, GG was a demented individual and his shows could easily make you sick, but boy were they memorable. Sadly, that's not what you can say about his music.

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They might be the most slammed band in the history of rock, but Nickelback knows how to deliver a testosterone-driven rock show. Fireworks, loud guitars, naked ladies, it's all there.

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No disrespect to late Oderus, but GWAR weren't exactly the greatest band in the world. They did deliver an epic live show though.

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Avenged Sevenfold

This band tends to receive massive hate around here, but also steadily garners more and more affection. Many argue on whether A7X are really the "torchbearers" of rock music and insist that their music is plain awful. Would you agree with that?

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Got something to add here? Do it in the comments section.

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    Calling GG Allin awesome in any way is just stupid as hell. There is nothing cool about raping women and throwing your own Sh1t at people..
    Agreed. GG Allin was shocking just because he was twisted and demented, his "stage antics" were disgusting, not cool or impressive.
    GG is praised because he had that F you attitude. He did what he wanted and, to an extent, is respectable. With that said, the guy was an absolute nut. He took things too far. He also has some decent songs. Nothing amazing though.
    I wouldn't say I respect him, for obvious reasons, but I do think he had some pretty interesting views on life (not that I agree with them). He is fascinating in the same way a historian may be fascinated in Hitler's history.. pure wrong but still fascinating.
    Steadily gamers more and more affection... I read that about 20 times before I realized it was an "rn" and not an "m"
    I was at SARS Stock in Toronto in 2003. Justin Timberlake did a great set. I'm not a fan but he did a good show on very short notice. Unfortunately some dude threw a water bottle at his head. I give him props for coming into a lineup that was 90% rock.
    I think A7X is a cool band with a unique sound.As for Kiss, I have alot of nostalgia for them. Even thought their music is mediocre, the whole novelty and live aspect is fun. GWAR is just f%cking hilarious. Gwar is from Richmond where I am from. I was within proximity of Brockie's house when he died. It's such a shame he went so soon. Thankfully theyre building the GWAR BAR in Richmond to keep the legacy alive.
    a7x's stuff from 2003-2011 was sheer gold, with a few gems on Waking The Fallen. Never was a fan of the screaming on the first two albums though. And some songs off of their latest album Hail to the King are actually growing on me, as much as I never expected that to ever happen
    Kiss are good musicians but gene is a egomaniacal jerk
    Yeah. And Gene being a jerk doesn't make them a bad band. It doesn't affect their music. I don't like Gene as a person but I like his songs, singing and bass playing.
    I agree with this list but A7X, really? Their latest album is nowhere as good as any of their old stuff (personally I think it was down to the Rev not being their as he was key to their songwriting), but you have brilliant songs like anything off City of Evil and some amazing songs off AS, WTF , and Nightmare. Calling themselves the Iron Maiden and Metallica of today is a dick move but they were an amazing band that give great shows!
    Wife dragged me to a Nickelback show, they do put on a hell of a show. They play to the crowd, and they had plently of things to look at and pyrotechnics.
    D.R.I. are a pretty generic thrash band but when I saw them in 2012 the whole place was going crazy
    Aw come on, do Avenged Sevenfold really deserve to be on the list with Nickleback. I know a lot of people don't like them but they are a solid band.
    Have you ever heard any album of Gwar? Maybe not all of their records are great but some of them are pretty decent. Many "normal" bands didn't record album as good as for example America Musta Be Destroyed.
    Maybe it's just me, but I saw them live last October...I literally couldn't understand a word said and all the songs sounded the same. I was also showered in red and blue "cum" that stained my car seats
    Im probably going to stand alone for this one, mostly because I think most UG users would walk out of a show if they played, but Asking Alexandria surprised the hell out of me this year. Sounded super tight and the crowds energy was pretty intense, even if it was 90% scene kids. Its a shame they just write cliche lyrics and reuse the same basic metalcore riffs because I reckon they could do much much better (And lets not forget the 2 breakdowns every song -_
    Yeah, if you look past the breakdowns they actually have some good songs. And there is a lot of energy in their live shows
    Im on the fence about most of their stuff. I admit, i used to bash the f*ck out of them like a "true metalhead" and then when I saw them, I admit, i liked a few of their songs, but im very open and honest about criticizing their stuff. In a way, i listen to their songs (same with BvB) because i want to listen to what it is they're writing into their songs. What makes it catchy, the lyrics, etc etc. Their live energy was flippin awesome and they write some half decent songs, but I believe they have a huge potential that they just dont take, and Danny is actually a wicked screamer.
    Dear author, explain what makes Kiss a sh-tty band. And I don't mean that Gene is *******, etc. They are decent musicians and they have NEVER claimed to be good ones. Some of their albums (Destroyer, Revenge, Creatures of the Night) are very good even on musicianship level. So, please do elaborate what makes them so shh-tty.
    The author probably doesn't think they're shitty, it seems more of a case of pandering to the UG audience.
    Opinion is opinion. Calling bands shitty 'cause you think they are is simply disrespectful. Don't want to read this...
    GG Allin was very ****ed up, but I do like his music. I would rather just buy the records than to have seen him live in his day!
    this needs a new thread, good bands who suck live, and/or opening acts youve seen upstage later bands...SUB QUESTION! can a and who sucks live truly be considered good?
    Clutch Control
    Saw Kasabian at a BDO and they totally blew Soundgarden off stage, top 5 live acts I've ever seen, but I dislike the majorit of their music.
    Tough call on anthrax but it's great u mention them as a great live band
    Nickelback awesome live? How many time have they been booed off stage by now?
    Not a big fan of Ghost, but damn if that stageshow of theirs isnt awesome.
    Not entirely relevent, but 36 Crazyfists used to be a band that I disliked and couldn't listen to. Then I happened to stay through a set of theirs at Download festival in 2008, and they put on a fantastic show and I found myself singing a few of their songs after the show. Since then I've grown quite an appreciation for them.
    You could always do this the other way around, bands that you like but are 'not so good' live. Red hot chilli peppers and faith no more, (remember them?), spring to mind
    Anthony Kiedis has some rough vocals sometimes, but the rest of the band are consistently amazing live. Really, the only time during their success that they could've been considered "not so good" was when Frusciante was going through full-blown drug addiction, but he got past that and delivered on some of the Chili Peppers' best work IMO. And yeah, everyone remembers Faith No More because Mike Patton is one of the most versatile and skilled vocalists of modern times. I never cared for Faith No More's music, but anyone denying his singing abilities needs to get their hearing checked.
    Most metalheads seem to be to "l33t" to like cannibal corpse these days, and they play amazing sets live. I've been to a lot of metal shows, and none have ever been like a CC show.
    Rob Zombie. Especially in a club setting. Now this isn't saying tha John 5 sucks cause he doesn't, nor the rest of the band, but I never listen to him ever but will go see them in a club anytime I can. Great energy and live show every time.
    Why people now just do TOP's, why not a column of opinion, debating something ?
    I can't say they are shitty (they're not, but they aren'twell appreciated everywhere)but Dillinger Escape Plan could havebeen in thatlist! Their shows are pretty intense!
    Although I like them live and I like their albums: Limp Bizkit. Many people who say they don't like them on record, enjoy them live.
    I'd never really heard gear albums but they were great live,hellyeah are awesome live but can't stand there albums
    To lump KISS in with the rest of these bands has to be a joke. The influence they have had on other artists from Dimebag Barrell to Dave Grohl, Mike McCready, Scott Ian, Rivers Cuomo, Tom Morello etc.. puts them in another stratosphere from these other bands. They still are an influence today, although not on the same level, but "Monster" has sold over 200,000 units and in 2009 "Sonic Boom" was there highest charting LP ever! In my best Gob Bluth voice "Come On!"