Should We Make A Band Then?

Information on creating a band from scratch. Should you make a band, if so, what do I need, what should I have? The answers are all here.

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Ever thought of creating a band amongst your friends? Creating a band from scratch isn't as hard as you think it is. Below are all the essential things you'll need to create a band.

  • The Band Members:

    For different styles of music, you must have different types of people playing different types of instruments in your band. Popular bands around the world are usually rock bands (punk, metal, ska mainstream etc.). To make a succesful rock band, you need these people in your band: 1 or 2 Guitarists ; 1 Bassist : 1 Drummer and a singer (optional). The people in your band must all like the same style of music in order for your band to get along well and play the type of music you want. If you cant get hold of some people, try advertising in your school, in local music shops and other popular places, and ask people to sign up, later on, you can have an 'audition' to see who are the best. Once the band members have been chosen, its time to go on to getting your gear, gigging and promoting.

  • The Gear:

    To begin a band, you need gear, you may be a beginner or an indermediate who already has his own guitars etc. here is a list of things that could help you gearwise:

  • Guitars & Amps:

    Ibanez Rg's, Fender Mexican Strats or Squire. These are good quality guitars at a great price. To get some strong punchy sound, try a 50 watt amp, the best would be a marshall or a crate.

  • Basses:

    Squire basses, Soundgear by Ibanez, Yamaha are great basses at a superb price, for bass amps, you may only need a 30 watt amp opf the same brand or hartke, marhsall, fender bass amps.

    If you would like to add some effect processors to your rig, you should try the Zoom 505 II multi-effect pedal, or if you're only getting one effect, make sure it's gona be a delay.

  • A Good Name:

    So you've got all the gear and the 'cool' stuff and u start to look pro, but you need a band name now. This is always a fun part, and someone else in ur band will always come up with an idea thaht's better than yours. To make sure your name isn't already taken go to and register your band. here are a few good names for different styles of rock:

    Metal: Leviathan / Stryde / Pazzed away Punk, Emo: Outdated / Eat Me / Forever Is Friday Mainstream: Weather / The Rain / The Leaves

    These are just random ideas that sprunginto my mind!

  • A Place To Rehearse:

    You got the gear, the name but you havent got a place to play. The worst thing to do is to rehearse at ur own house with parents there offering you burgers and squash, neither is it any better at a church, school hall. The best place is to rent a studio to play in, they're usualyly cheap and offer u good gear.: A nice vocal PA, a drumkit, and if it's a good studio, a few amps. These places usually cost around 8-9 $ US for an hour or so. At a studio, ur totally hassle-free.

    Here you go, you've got the people. The gear, the name, and the place, now all you gotta do is practice a few more times, write some wicked songs, and you could be at ozzfest 2004! who knows?

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      Why do I need to hear you tell me what guitar I need to be in a band? Crap article...
      this article sucks. why is zoom effects good, yeah right. and what's with getting a delay pedal. i have one, but why first? this is an excuse to get your name on this site.
      i admit, it was a pretty shit article i wrote. but im only a 12 yr old attempting to write....
      and one more thing... you said nothing about skill level, knowing how to actually play the instrument or anything... and renting a studio, ur assuming ppl have money to burn?
      this article had like nothing whatsoever on making the actual band all its telling us is what equipment u would buy as if we gave a shit... also this subject has been so overdone... aka frigginjerk and that other one. theres way 2 many.
      Oh give him a break... At least he was trying. And does it really need 20 people all to say exactly thing? Honestly.. Every one of you guys who's posted here has said this article sucks... can't you guys just leave it to the first person who said it? And btw... The Zoom effects are good if your on a budget because for a relatively low price, you get a whole bunch of effects to play with. Stop giving him such a hard time
      total crap, you should concult frigginjerk on how to redeem yourself.
      Psh... I only found the band register link useful... the rest was just nontruths and garbage... sorry... Really, There is no shame in practicing at someones house. You can actually become famous off of it if you have a populated neighborhood.
      THis looks extremyl simalar to an aticle on songwritng/forming a band taht I saw in Total Guitar. they even had teh band names ideas as well
      "Metal: Stryde / Pazzed away" Not so sure that the likes of Morbid would call his band that! Might need a little more work man, try and branch out from the Blink 182 School of forming bands...
      are you succesful? cause you are talking like you know how the whole bizz works. Practising at a house, well that won't make you famous, you must pay 8 bucks to go to a studio, THATS how you become successful. Thats bullshit. Ever heard of garagebands? hell i've done it, set up the drums bring in amps and there you are, a great place to practise. all you need to do is ask your parents OR if you own the place, move the cars out. And you missed out on a important point. HIRING gear. check your local music store if they hire out amps (PA systems) because not everyone can afford good 100 wat amps and hardly anyone has PA systems unless they are full serious singers.
      You're totally wrong about not practicing at someones house, there's no problem with it whatsoever, in fact it's benficial because why waste money renting a studio, when you have plenty of space at home..? Sorry, but this is a poorly thought out and badly written article.
      to be successful you need "1 or 2 Guitarists ; 1 Bassist : 1 Drummer and a singer (optional)" 1 - we're not baking a cake, we dont need a recipe 2 - White stripes dont have a "1 bassist" and they're rolling in cash now 3 - having a certain kind of guitar has nothing to do with a being in a "successful" band