Someone By Your Side

When you open yourself up to other musicians then you may find yourself a better musician yourself.

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I think that one of the best things that you can do to improve your musical skill is to play with a fellow musician. I mean by this is that if you find yourself a person who plays your instrument by yourself and never wants to open up and play with another, I think you are missing out on a lot.

By playing my guitar with others I realized that I picked up so much from their different methods of learning. Everyone develops different methods of teaching themselves whether you are self-taught or you are taking lessons.You may also find easier ways to do something. For example if you are willing to learn different tuning methods or just something you don't no how to do you can just watch what they do or you can even just ask. You are also able to compare different techniques and methods of learning when you start to play your instrument with someone else.

Also by playing with another I think that you become more motivated to learn something new and take on new challenges. For example if you are just a strict metal person maybe the person you are playing with likes blues. Maybe by playing with this person you can open up to different styles of music. Another good thing about playing with another is picking up songs that they learned or maybe you would like to share with this person something you have written.

When you play your instrument with another you may also feel the motivation to take on bigger challenges. Such as you may have found yourself before to just look at the tablature for a song an tell yourself that it is to hard and give up completely. When you play with a friend or whomever you may see that person is able to play a more difficult song and may motivate you to try something at a new level.

I think that by playing with another musician that you will find yourself taking on greater challenges. By comparing your methods and techniques you are able to learn so much about your instrument and maybe some quick and easy methods. I know that by doing this. It will help you to become a better musician.

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    good article. very true. i also find that i learned a ton from playing in a full band. i'm the only guitarist, but just having a rythm section and someone singing made me brush up my timing and my chops.
    i really dont have any one to play with and you always wanna try to out do your buddy so its giving yourself something to shoot for
    John Alexander
    I personally, play a rhythm style on my acoustic. But, I try not play the songs I've wrote in a simplistic open note fashion. I tend to use alot of the two string chord progressions towards the bottom of the guitar for verses to give a percussion effect then move somewhere else after that. I learned to like that by listening to a few different bands.. and I've gotten better at my soloing skills. Considering I never took lessons, it made understanding a solo relatively hard for me at first. But, 20 songs later, I think that listening and playing with the right people helped to make me better. Good article man, I agree with it pretty much completely.
    I am writing a bit whit two of my friends and it sounds pretty good. We are playing a mix between Metallica and a little Rage Against hte Machine.
    "two string chord progressions toward the bottom of the guitar and for verses give a percussion effect" That is the BEST euphemism for power chords I've ever seen.
    shut up yeah that was an aiit article...oh yeah spike thats ***in funny shit haha!!!! good work
    ad_lib_oz, you shut up! I havent done anything to you and you start fukkin with me....
    it is amazing how much playing with another musician enhances your playing. A good friend and I are in a band together, and, while we both play different styles of guitar, by playing together we have become so in sync with eachother that it makes the music have much more depth. When a whole band has achieved this, then they are set for greatness.
    thats how i learned to play, i'm very lucky to live in a town with lots of guitar people