Starting A Real Band

6 Basic steps to get people to bang their heads to your music: don't be shy, be flexible, have a right equipment, make gigs, have a good reputatation and advertise!

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Hello, everyone! I have been playing in a band for about 7 months now, and I love every second of it. On the other hand, I have had some trouble in the past with getting the word out. Trying to get people through the door to have a little jam session can be quite difficult. This is what you have to do:

1. Don't Be Shy. Ask As Much As Possible!

This means don't just look amongst some of your closest buddies. Ask around! Make new friends! Even if you don't think they meet your expectations, you can still learn something from them.

2. Be Flexible With Your Needs.

This means the same thing you have been hearing all of your life: you are never going to get everything you want. Sometimes you should settle with what you have and practice until your fingers fall off.

3. Have The Right Equipment.

I recently read an article saying that as long as you can hear yourself play, you are fine. That is true, but only to a certain extent. You also want everyone else to hear you play! May I suggest for an amazing variety of equipment that will surely fulfill your every need.

4. Location! Location! Location!

You will definitely have to at least be near a large town or city to get the word out on your "future band". What's the point in struggling to become a professional band if nobody has ever heard of you? I understand it if you would just like to jam out with your buddies as a meaning of group expression, but if you want to become pro then get the word out!

5. Have A Reputation.

It is always good to have a reputation. Whether you want to be known as "the good guys", "that band that blows them away", or "those meddling kids" is an important factor of being a band. Something new and exciting will definitely be an attention-grabber (ex: Ozzy Ozbourne biting the head off of bats). That does not mean go out and hunt for bats. You have to make something out of yourselves that will keep people coming running back.

6. The Most Important Of All... Advertise!!!

This step is pretty much self-explanatory. Tell people about your band, get gigs at exposing places, put up posters, print out ads in the newspaper, make a website,and gig often. These are just examples of some of the things you must do to get your name out.

Well, I certainly hope that this article will help you in your future band decisions whether you have been in a band for 10 years or are just starting. Please keep in mind that this is my first ever article, so please try not to criticize this article too much. With that, what are you waiting for? Start rocking!

- Dan

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    man, this must be the best day of my life, 1st twice in the same day. Seriously, you have a point with what you have said.
    i wrote this same article, only it was longer and well-written. no offense or anything, but if you cared to submit articles through the forums, this could have been avoided.
    Oh my god, you are such a ****ing *******. I cant believe how big your ego is. You do realise the people telling you that youre good are like 12 - 16 with a couple exceptions? Dont let the head grow TOO big.
    i'm going to go friggin insane by the time i'm 20 with these articles going around! lol sorry dude but better luck next time!
    Wow guy, that was a great example of someone who lives with their head in a hole for too long. Nice completely obvious article. Starting a band is as easy as falling off a log.
    'i wrote this same article, only it was longer and well-written.' Friggi njerks such a big headed *******
    Your intentions were good, but I don't think it turned out as planned. If you're going to write something like this, don't just skim the already well-known, pointless surface information. I have to agree with frigginjerk. Good first attempt, though. Mad Love Brit
    this was good. but thats not wut music is about, as robert plant once said, "...its a message of enjoyment. the whole idea of music from the beginning of time was just to be happy." by advertising and stuff, it seems like your just starting a band because you want to be famous, or get some girls. i think if you do that then your starting a band for the wrong reasons. if you do it to have fun then eventually things start to go your way, plus you learn more. thats just my two cents.
    I have to agree with frigginjerk on this one, his was done before, and much better. Sorry
    i wrote this same article, only it was longer and well-written. no offense or anything, but if you cared to submit articles through the forums, this could have been avoided.
    Smashing Aztec
    thanx, but im pretty sure all the things that were said in the article, were pretty much already well known facts
    i love it when a bunch of dicks decide to bash someone for trying to help people trying to live their dreams or what-not. i hope you all become my friends. i need to eat...
    joyful womble
    i think this is really good (no sarcasm). if we cant enjoy playing in a band how can we pish around arguing whether elixir strings aree better than dean markeleys. the main thing is to ENJOY and HAVE FUN playing, because thats how music started in the first place.
    did this even go through the forum? cuz if it did then the quality must be going down.
    pluckin crazy
    Man ..seriously that totally helped..thanz to whoever posted that thing...our band is kinda strugglin at the moment and has got a lot of the last part helped the most
    this is a basic article but I like it, just got in a new band (in 2 aucually but one new) and this will help,
    it sucks. if you dont know this stuff then you have no buisness in a band anyways.
    this is basic stuff here. i live in a small town no one has heard of and yet we're pretty famous for Virginia. try again.
    Geldof the Grey
    I've seen about three of this column. It was average, I give it a three, as it's easier to get to than the other ones I have read.
    Wasn't bad. There were some good points made throughout but it didn't cover some things that I was hoping to read...