Stealing Riffs

Talking about the music industry allowing riffs to be used again and again by new bands the industry will never go forward if this continues!

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You could be a rock star. Have faith, what is so hard to match these days. The level of bands getting signed and the ability for songs to sound so simialar to hits of the past and still be credited to the new and upcoming bands is crazy! Im not reffering to any one band inparticular if you disregard my next comment... Jet.

Jet have a habit of not coming up with there own riffs, now you can speculate all you want about how difficult it is these days to come up with riffs that do differ that much from riffs of the past but the fact remains... there is no respect for riff picking!!

I have noticed very distinct simularities with at least 6 songs off the Jet albulm to hit, and not so hit songs of the past. Do you feel that the "riff" stealing that occurs in the music industry is O.K.? By this I am refering to "artists" who use musical fragments already released and use them for their own song.

Given the simplicity of many of the riffs and the finite limit of short chord sequences that sound okay and rythmic variations which are fashionable, I would think it nearly impossible to impose liability without massively altering the music industry. But maybey this is what the music industry needs to move forward and get out of this fag boy, never played a real gig in there lives, unsung era of soft rock, and hard crap. Where to now? It needs to happen and if riff stealing is allowed to go on it never will! We will be left listening to the same crap repeated by differant bands for the rest of our lives.

What I mean by riff stealing is when the band deliberatly listens to riffs and then reproduce the same or similar riffs by playing a musical instrument as opposed to sampling the riff using analogue or digital recording technology.

Even the ideas for many riffs can be stolen. Artists like to use the word "inspired" instead of stolen. This means they where listening to that song when they came up with theirs, using a similar chord pattern or strum pattern with a similar beat, call it what you will but this is stealing.

So all you have to do (if you want to be a fraud and create your music from the geniuse of another artist) is change the odd bar in a riff and come up with a catchy lyric to support the tune. As simple as taking riffs from the stones. This will leave you feeling pretty down on your own ability, as im sure Jet realise they are really crap, but it will leave you with a buttload of cash and a record deal.

All thats left to do after, stealing a riff, stealing a record contract, staling the love of poor unsuspecting fans and robbing yourself of a crack at creating music that has real meaning is to. Create stories of yourselves, such as you drink like fish and need to cut back, create the hard image, it worked for Jet. It can work for you!

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    FatMike88: jet sounds like they molested some acdc songs and transplanted the heart of acdcs music into there own
    They did, they were inspired by ac/dc thats why they sound kinda the same...
    You're a ***ing loser... how do you know that jet didn'y come up with those riffs on their own that just happen to sound like other riffs. It is getting harder to make your own riffs without sounding like others. There's such things as coincidinces get over it.
    jet sound different to me so im happy r u on crak!!!!! jet is ac dc wit out angus young they sound juss like them with crapier solo's
    This article is as valuable as a load of rat semen. Also punkrocka, if you're going to criticize someone's GRAMMAR spell the damn word correctly.
    k do u all want to stop havin a go at "silver shade". he has got a point so why cant he express it without all u dickheads havin a go at him!!!!!
    Yes, thats right "silver shade", lets suck aaaaall the fun out of music. It's bleedin' music for crying out loud, this is not politics, not peace negotiations... it's music. It's fun. Windout... please!
    jet sounds like they molested some acdc songs and transplanted the heart of acdcs music into there own
    UG should have a section set aside for rants so the rest of us can avoid them
    enough said this sux. Dude you can't they jet steals riffs without examples. you can't keep bashing them for no reason. You said nothing important. I am either givng you 0 star, for your waste of your time and mine.
    type "1" if you like big boobs or type "2" if you like HUMONGOUS boobs. Hell, type "3" if you are indecisive but don't give a shit one way or the other about Jet.
    if anyone hasnt noticed Jet sounds a shitload like AcDc but they didnt steal their riffs, just same guitar and guitar effects maybe?
    all i have 2 say is that amatures borrow and pros steal...words from steven tyler.....
    Man this article is pointless and is jst baisically dissing jet, *** yeah stealing riffs aint anything to be proud of if u totally rip em off, but if you do it in a way that makes it your own then fu*k it, everyone does it because we all take our inspiration from other musicians and their influences rub off Pointless article and u just wasted 5 mins of my time ....thanks a bunch
    Theres nothing wrong with Jet, who cares if the riffs are similar to AcDc. Have u heard the other stuff on their album? Its Great
    Dude what are you talking about. Being inspired, yes i said inspired, is nothing to be ashamed about. So your song and that song both play a C#13 in the beginning of your chorus. But Jet does suck.
    I have nothing wrong with Jet. As a matter of fact I think they are a few solos away from being the next AC/DC.
    tyler larsen
    has anyone ever noticed puddle of mud sounds an awful lot like nirvana.....hmmmm.the whole music industry is like this basically.the bands try to sound like another original band to feed off the other bands succecess..pretty lame isnt it.Jet sounds like just about everything else out there today.retro rock is whats "in" now and youre left with shit like jet and puddle of mud.some bands that are original end up changing theyre sound because of little success..otherwise known as "selling out" although metallica changed but they didnt try to sound like a different band.brent156 jet got somewhere with their music becuase that style of music is in now..trying to be retro rock.i bet you as soon as the "in" genre changes jet will quit and try to be somthing else theyre not.fuCKYou.
    thats one of the most frustrating things for me, im a bassist in my band, but i play guitar whenever not with my band. just simple things like chord progressions start to sound so similiar, unless you're playing like crazy like gmaj7thsusadd9, (dont know if thats real). "Punk Rock" music is really a pet peave of mine, so much of the stuff sounds the same. even though alot of it may be nice a "catchy" sounding
    YOUR AN IDIOT.....sorry, but you need to get a life. Ideas don't only come from riffs. Who cares if something sounds simular. As long as it's your own it's all good. get a life- Bashing JET is no way to live, at least they got somewhere with their music.
    silver shade
    Perhaps you would be better off writing a column bashing mine... tell me how it really is then if what i think is so wrong.... give me some alternative cos as it is music sucks balls. I cant stand waiting for another JET/ACDC band to come along and pump load after load of the same boring riffs. However its either that or listen to Enja or Pete Murray, who top my list at the moment... the only decent bands who are branching out in the rock genre are.... The Vines and The Strokes PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!
    Wow what a pointless waste of my life. Musicians get influences and shit from tons of sources...chances are something they write will sound similiar. If you listen you can hear it in MANY songs. Get a life and stop being a self-proclaemed "witty rebel with an attitude that knows a hell of a lot more about music than anyone else ever created!"
    first time i heard "Are you gonna be my girl" i thought this is complete rip-off of "lust for life" which i think is by Iggy Pop.
    I think stealing a riff note for note has no respect in it, but taking a patern of note invervals or rhythems is cool.
    I SAY JET SUCK man, are u gonna be my girl? riff verse is obviously a modified 'lust for ride' of IGGY POP, and riff stealing it's not that bad if really make it of ur style, tempo changed, scales, so, the original song would be DA INFLUENCE, AND FOR GOD SAKE AND TO MAKE THIS SH*T LONG, plez do steal riffs from jazz, classical of simphony music, or even folklore from different places, and make it ur own so SHIT MUSIC FINALLY DIE W/ Mother F*CKA TELEVISION. and plez make ROCK W/ EGGS only for men!
    ahh well i dint bother really reading all of the article, but i figured it was about jet stealing riffs...oh well i dont really give a shit i think jet rock.
    dude....bad article, I dont agree with you at all. Page "stole" from other bands a TON! So, by your standards Page is crap? I expect a reply.
    Punkrockab)LEARN HOW TO SPELL. HOLY LOVING LORD PEOPLE TRY TO WORK ON GRAMMER AND SPELLING!!! Please! See, I found it funny that he mispelled "Grammar" as "GRAMMER" when asking someone to learn to spell. Tsk tsk!
    Sanitarium by Metallica is a great song, but the main riff was "lifted off some other band who will remain nameless". Lots of great and talented bands do this. Get over it.
    If you read in to any band and the sources for their songs they will say they - not neccesarily stole it - but got an idea from it. Sometimes people do it unconciously, I find that once in a while I will create a riff and think its awesome but then i hear the same thing on the radio. Stop blasting Jet and go create some original music if you are pissed.
    who cares if Jet's riffs sound similar to other riffs? its not like they're doing a cover then saying that they wrote it. loosen up and have some fun with music and stop criticising so much.
    Backup Guitar
    Its true, Jet does use a lot of riffs that have been done before, but its not fair that you pick on ONE artist. Support your argument with more examples.
    Seems like a rant about Jet to me.... but whatever, i basically agree anyway