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Why is it that guitar is always thought of as a screaming producer of noise? Next time you write a guitar riff put a little love back into the guitar and bring it to its former glory.

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Why is it that guitar is always thought of as a screaming producer of noise?

Hi, my name is Jack Avarice, or so that is my name in my band. We normally play rock but we sometimes will go to jazz clubs or something like that. Everywhere we call they ask how many guitar we have(dont know why tho). We have three. A rhythm, a lead one and a lead two. When they recieve this information they immediatly say sorry night is booked. Finally we asked someone why and he replied with a dry: "Because guitars are so noisey." Noise?!?! That seems to be the stereotypical thought about guitars. And while some of us will blame music of today we must also look back to the history of the guitar.

The guitar is derived from the medevil lude. It came from Europe where it was also transformed into the now classical guitar. Classical arepeggios are some of the most beautiful things you ever wanna hear. Those, combined with finger picked chords make the classical guitar okay.

Now after much research and advances in technology guitars became electric. The sound was a bit different but not so that it sounded bad. As more of a blues feeling began to emerge thus came the begginnings of rock. When rock started to get popular more people would experiment with the guitar. All kinda of technigues were used, and with the use of pedals and modulators the sound of the guitar would be changed forever.

As the rock scene moved up there became more controversy with guitars. And to add to the controversy a man by the name of Jimmy Hendrix came to the scene. Picture Woodstock '69. Some of you either dont know all about woodstock or nothing of it at all but that is where Jim played the unforgetable version of the national anthem. This giant solo was madepossible with a large ammount of feed back and disortion and many thought it to be a disgrace to our nation. The guitar had changed from a Piano counter part to a new wave of noise pollution... or had it changed at all?

You are all undoubtably asking yourselves ok thanks for the history lesson, no what? Well, now that you have that very vague and brief history we can get onto the real reaosn that guitat is always linked to rock. When you are watching a movie and a rock osng comes on, what does the person listening to it do? Well if its waynes world then they play the best dman air guitar you hve ever seen. Through mocking of rock music in films and such the guitar has become linked to it. When in acutallity most classical, jazz and blues had guitar in them. Now as far as music today,yes distortion has become the big thing and guitar will never go back to the way it was permanently, but what are you going to nnotice more, a man sitting in the back of an orchestra pit playing an acoustic or a man on stage screaming in a mic and playing an insane solo? Its all about what the public sees and what the public wants. In a nutshell the guitar has changed to the times and along the way has had some good rap and some bad rap, but what we all need to to as guitarists is give it back its good reputation, next time you write a guitar riff put a little love back into the guitar and bring it to its former glory so when you go to book a gig and the perosn asks you how many guitars you can say "300000" and the guy will be all the more happier.

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    Bong Water
    im a little at a loss as the what to say here... Firstly, your grammer wasnt great, and it made the article hard to completely understand if you intend to read it thoroughly. This seems like a high school essay from an average student. The history lesson is extremely brief, so much it in a way insults the history of the guitar. I get what you are saying about your experiences with guitars being shunned for the noise factor, but perhaps the reason you don't get gigs at those particular venues is because they are not keen to house your particular genre of music. You say you play rock, but go to jazz clubs. When attempting to play gigs there, do you intend to play jazz or rock? Are these piano based jazz clubs? You need to understand that just because you enjoy distorted, loud and layered guitars doesnt mean that every venue must appreciate this. If you want gigs for your genre, try in pubs and such, places where people are not as appreciative of the technicality and creativity of jazz. The way this is written appears sugar coated and under researched. I like your theme, you could have done a lot more with it. But in regards to your opening statement, the guitar is always thought of as a screaming producer of noise because thats all some people will allow it to be, thats all they portray it as, and complain when theyr style isnt welcomed by everyone. Not everyone enjoys screaming, overdriven guitar work, and theres no problem with that. You just need to move on and find a place that does.
    ok, i think its not really about the distortion, its about, well more or less the lack of skill in the guitar player, we havent seen another angus young or another jimi hendrix or another van halen,that is what we need to see, than maybe someone can appreciate the guitar
    Bong water says that his grammer(guy who wrote the article) wasn't so good and yet he makes mistakes himself....hehehe
    This is highly humiliating and grossly nonsensical. JIMI is the name...and You must have a screwball time-machine thru which you transpose in to different eras of guitar-evolution...thats was SO sucky! no wonder you r not allowed to play gigs considering your confusion about playing jazz or rock...and about your retarded talks. And...i agree with everyone who condemns this travesty of an article.
    Where the f*ck are you trying to play where they ask you how many guitarists u have? I've never even heard of a place refusin gigs cus of "too many guitarists". Gigs will be loud regardless of the number of musicians in the band, simlpy because of the PA
    yeah, and you went from medieval days to 50's rock??? by the way, its jimi hendrix... anyways how is this supposed to help ANYONE? im at a huge loss here
    avarice you need to stop writing articles. Usually a club may ask how many guitars because they need to mic EVERY insturment. Maybe since you have 3 guitars(for whatever reason)a bass plus drums...and god knows what else..their shitty PA systems cant put out 3 distorted guitars cleanly to have it work right. Do you use your brain at all?
    right that was randomly crap. the WORST grammar ive ever seen. well maybe not the worst, but it was fairly retarded... and check your history, some of thats a bit off here and there...
    It's all very well to tell us the problem. But surely you can offer a better solution than "put a little love back into the guitar." What the hell does that mean? If somebody loves using their guitar as a "screaming producer of noise", then aren't they "putting a little love" into it when they play it this way? The guitar should be exactly what you want it to be. And if you want it to be a screaming producer of noise then good on you.
    Geldof the Grey
    this is avarice's third article. His first flopped, as did his second. He PMed me to ask if I would help him write his third, giving two examples, one of which I was already writing and another about Cobain's death... YAWN! He insulted several senior members, including those who constructively criticised his first two articles. He also argued with the mods, starting two threads about how we should hurt/murder them. He has since been banned without even losing Noob status... He will probably be back... OFICIAL: My post better researched than avarice's entire article
    Must be a darned big jazz club if it can hold 300000 guitars and guitarists.
    this article didn't have much a central point, and the writing/grammar didn't help. ok for a first try, if it is.
    Bong Water
    haha yeah but mine was just a reply that people are mostly gonna skip over... his article was posted on the home page. i simply made grammatical errors cuz i cbf fixing em up. glad to see so many others agreed with my opinion though. if ya want a laugh, read this clowns other articles... even worse =D