Success: 8 Famous Rockers With Lucrative Side-Careers

Name a musician with a successful second job.

Ultimate Guitar

Despite having one of the greatest jobs in the world, some musicians are always hungry for more. Whether it's exploring other artistic domains or just diving straight into the business side, here are eight musicians with lucrative side jobs.

Jared Leto

Arguably the most prominent musician-turned-actor these days, Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars managed to build a successful acting career, strong enough to support him on its own without the music side. Some of his major movie features include "Requiem for a Dream," "Dallas Buyers Club," "Lonely Hearts" and more.

Vinnie Paul

Vince recently discussed his business ventures, stating that music hasn't been his primary source of income for well over a decade. Specifically, Pantera drummer owns four stripper bars, a sports bar, a music complex, and his own tour bus company.

Meat Loaf

He's the proud owner of one of the top-selling albums in history (1977's "Bat Out of Hell" sold around 34 million copies), but Metal Loaf also appeared in over 50 movies and TV shows. The role of Eddie in "The Rocky Horror Show" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is often considered his most notable one, but for us he'll always be Robert "Bitch Tits" Paulson from the "Fight Club."

Bruce Dickinson

How to be a successful businessman rockstar and be loved by everyone? Ask Bruce Dickinson. He's a pilot, the boss of Cardiff Aviation aircraft maintenance company, a brewer behind signature Maiden beer "The Trooper," radio and TV host, book author and a founder of fencing equipment company "Duellist."

Gene Simmons

How to be a successful businessman rockstar and be hated by everyone? Ask Gene Simmons. Apart from being the co-owner of LA KISS football team, the bassist is in charge of over 2,500 KISS-related licensing deals.


Back to actors. Apart from rocking the stage with Body Count, Ice-T appeared in over 50 movies since 1984, making him a legitimate actor.

Sammy Hagar

Up next is the booze lord! Former Van Halen singer started off his Cabo Wabo restaurant chain in the '80s, ultimately launching the Cabo Wabo Tequila line about a decade later. He sold 80% of his booze business to Gruppo Campari for a hefty sum of $80 million. And while we're talking alcohol business, here's a shout-out to Maynard James Keenan and his wine empire!


The one and only Bono - it's enough to say that he owns 1.5% of Facebook, and that stake alone is estimated to be worth over $1 billion. U2 frontman has a few prominent side businesses as well, namely a five-star resort and a place on the board of Elevation Partners private-equity company.

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    Black Mustangs
    Jared Leto was an actor long before 30 Seconds to Mars was anything more than a side project.
    I foud it funny that Meat Loaf was labeled as in "Fight Club" but Jared isn't...
    Woah, look at Gene; never ever trust a man(child) who is 60+ and wears a wig! Carta igienica FTW!
    Slash - movie producer Joe Perry - hot sauce company Ron Wood - painter Gerard Way - comic book artist Bryan Adams - photographer
    What about Brian May, PhD in Astrophysics
    Well, it's not his "side career". He's got his degree just a few years ago, for his own satisfaction. He has no money from it. I'd say that the badger protection he's been doing for a few years is sort of a "side career".
    Liam Gallagher has his own clothing label, Pretty Green. Warning: everything is just ridiculously expensive.