Ten Annoyingly Catchy Songs

A look at some of the most enduring ear worm hits.

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Let's face it: there are a lot of songs you really like. You might sing them in the shower, or put the lyrics on an online profile in the "about me" section. Then there are songs you just can't seem to get out of your head. This list deals with the latter.

Number 1: Nickelback - "Rockstar"

Even if you are one of the many people who hate this band, there's no denying you've probably at least hummed the chorus a couple times.

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Number 2: The Clash - "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"

This is not one of the Clash's better tunes, but even still it's pretty darn unforgettable.

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Number 3: Los Lobos - "La Bamba"

Don't speak Spanish? Not a problem, this song boasts a great party beat.

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Number 4: The Kingsmen - "Louie Louie"

I find it interesting that despite almost indescypherable lyrics, this song manages to get a good deal of listeners singing along, though they usually improvise the words.

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Number 5: Nirvana - "Sliver"

Nirvana are most likely a band nobody would expect on this type of list, but trust me, once you hear this song, it stays in your head.

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Number 6: David Bowie - "Space Oddity"

This is the same deal as "Rockstar." Even if you hate David Bowie, you probably enjoy "ground control to Major Tom."

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Number 7: Rick James - "Super Freak"

Thirty years and this is still one of the most danceable tunes around!

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Number 8: Blink-182 - "First Date"

I can't really say anything that isn't obvious. This is one of the best commercially created songs of the 21st Century. It's unavoidably infectious and I'm saying that as a man who really hates pop punk.

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Number 9: Katy Perry - "I Kissed A Girl"

The irony is that, hearing a guy sing this makes it entirely boring.

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Number 10: Journey - "Don't Stop Believing"

Whether you know it from the 1980's, "Family Guy, " or "Rock of Ages," Journey's signature tune transcends all boundaries.

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I have chosen to exclude any songs by the Beatles, as well as anything that would be too obvious. Regardless, I hope everyone who reads this finds their new favorite song.

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    From time to time I send some Theory of a Deadman song to some friends who listen to Nickelback telling them it their new single and they always buy that.
    I wasn't saying they were good songs, only that they get stuck in your head way too easily.
    What the **** is a Nickelback, some sort of currency?
    Yes. The name originated when they worked in a coffee shop and the regularly asked customers if they would like their nickel back, implying they wanted to keep the change. Apparently the name stuck.
    I agree with the Nirvana one. I'm a huge Nirvana fan but I can see how the Sliver can be annoying. Same with First Date and Should I Stay or Should I Go
    I can agree with some, but some are just terrible. Like the Nickelback one, critics agree, that song is one of the worst songs of all time. In conclusion, some I can agree on, some I don't.
    Yes...but it gets stuck in your head. It doesn't matter what critics think.
    link no1
    I dunno, the only time I ever had it stuck in my head was when it was played near 24/7. Since it's died out and become rarely played with the general public having forgotten they are 'HUGE ROCK FANS!!!<3" and that Nickleback exists, I forget the song as soon as it's finished now and carry on with my life.
    The Bowie one is even more stuck in my head after watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
    How can someone hate David Bowie or even compare Bowie to Nickelback?!?!
    Yeah, that's what I was wondering. Scrolled up to the top of the article to double check the title. It is indeed "Ten ANNOYINGLY catchy songs." That's some shit. Apparently the author has shitty taste in music.