Textbook Criminals. Part 1

Ric, a nerd who thinks he can sing, suggests forming a band to his friend Joe, a loser who knows he can't play guitar, and receives a different reaction to the one he was expecting.

Ultimate Guitar

We should start a band.

John hadn't slept much last night, and wasn't a morning person anyway, particularly when the morning was spent in school. So when Ric started jumping around excitedly in his face suggesting things such as this, his responses tended to be short and sharp.

No. F--k off.

Ric's face fell. He'd been planning out this whole conversation in his head the past evening, and it wasn't supposed to go like this. John should've been more, Totally bro, let's do it! and around about now offering a high five. Or something. This just didn't quite cut it.

What? I thought you'd be well up for this!

The form room was empty, and rain was pouring down outside. Everything inside was grey and drab and dull. John raised his head from where it had formerly been laying and looked up from his seat at Ric. Ric's large grin had disappeared and been replaced by the mouth of a man whose just been told his cat just died.

Look, can we talk about this later? I'm not exactly having a great day.

John's usually cheery face was drooped, and it was obvious he'd been crying. Why of all times did Ric have to ask now?

Aw, come on. Stop being such a pussy. It can't be THAT bad.

Ric's remark threw John into a rage. He stood up and punched Ric square in his belly, knocking all the wind out of him. Ric collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Of course it's THAT bad! John growled this as he stared down at Ric, angrily. I had a great girlfriend, and now I've lost her to some nerdy prick who thinks he's so awesome that he can just walk in and steal her from me!

Ric clambered onto his feet again, gasping for breath. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again. John sat down on a desk and put his head in his hands.

He is so much worse than I am! he yelled into his hands. What does he have that I don't?

There was a brief period of silence, except for Ric's breathing. Rain splashed down on the window, and thunder rolled overhead. It looked like the storm would be there for a while. After some time Ric spoke.

Which nerdy prick?

John looked up at Ric in disbelief.

You don't know? Ric shrugged. No one tells me anything these days.

John smiled at this. Ric certainly had managed to completely screw up any sort of social status he may have had to begin with.

She's dumped me for Michael.

Ric looked confused. Which one?

The nerdy one.

You mean the one with the dumb hair who talks about games all the time?

That's the one.

Huh. He actually is a prick.

John laughed, then sighed. I thought I actually had someone for once, and then she runs off for someone else. Story of my life.

I always hated Social Distortion.



John laughed again. Ric had a habit of throwing in random comments when someone managed to say a song title. A quick look at his iPod would show an eclectic mix of bands, ranging from Alexisonfire to ZZ Top, and he knew the titles to every one of the songs he had.

John, however, tended to go for more mainstream music, particularly classic rock. Currently he'd been sticking to Led Zeppelin, but every now and then he chose something a little different, such as Ladyhawke.

These differences in music taste didn't really sound like a good mix to put together in a band, and John had been considering this since Ric had suggested they form a band.

So, this band. What kind of music were you thinking?

Ric's broad grin returned. Well I was kinda thinking maybe something punky, since you're not all that great at guitar yet, or maybe even poppy, cos let's be honest, I'm not exactly a rock singer

Ric laid out every single thought that had been running through his mind since he'd had the thought. When he finished talking, John looked at him thoughtfully. After a few moments he spoke.

Sure. I'm in.

Ric punched the air. Yes! I knew you would be eventually.

John laughed and smiled. I guess now we need a drummer, right?

Ric nodded. But no worries, I've already got one in mind

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    In the middle the dialogue got to be a bit unnatural, but generally I actually like this.