Textbook Criminals. Part 2

Ric ponders about the band, and the future drummer is located.

Ultimate Guitar

As Ric wandered down the corridor in search for his drummer, he began to wonder about why he actually wanted to start a band. He wasn't especially bad looking (he thought), and he tried to be nice to people. He did spend a ridiculously large amount of time on video games, and found that often he couldn't speak without mentioning an obscure reference to something no one else knew.

And he sometimes started singing a song simply because someone accidentally said a song title.

And he annoyed people just to see how they would react.

But aside from that he thought he was alright. So why be in a band? Was it for the chicks? A friend of his had started a band a few months back and since then had been out with so many girls that he'd lost count. Then again, that might've been because he was rather good looking and had recently just received a large amount of cash.

Was he just bored? A lifetime on the Xbox does get a bit old after a while. Or did he just need an excuse to spend time with his friends?

All this went through his head until he found the right room.


Brad's head was bent over a book, where he was desperately trying to get some maths homework done before the lesson started. Ric walked over and sat down opposite, pushing his face right in Brad's.

Hey Brad.

Brad didn't look up. Ric leaned to the left and saw a little pink wire coming out of his ear. The low screaming of some obscure metal band was barely audible. Ric smiled and took out the headphone.

Hey Brad!

Brad looked angry when he raised his head. Clearly his concentration had just been broken.

What? he snarled.

Good morning to you too, replied Ric, slightly taken aback by the anger, little on edge today?

Brad closed his book. Didn't get much sleep last night. Do you want something or are you just here to piss me off?

Ric smiled. Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to be in a band with me.

Brad leaned back in his chair and stared Ric dead in the eye. What?

Ric explained the idea. Brad listened in a half interested manner, nodding occasionally. His fingers started to tap out the beat to the song he was listening to. When Ric shut up, he looked away for a second.

This sounds kinda gay.

Ric looked disappointed. It looked like Brad would also need persuading. Or bribing.

What's wrong with it?

Well, it all sounds a little vague. I mean, do you even have a name?

Ric looked nervous. Uh, yeah he muttered, eyes darting for inspiration. They fell on the maths book Brad had been looking at earlier.

Yeah, it's the Textbook his mind wandered to try and think of something that sounded halfway decent with that dumb idea. A word came to him.

The Textbook Criminals!

Brad looked at him in disbelief. That's the stupidest name I've ever heard.

Ric frowned. He thought it wasn't bad considering he'd just made it up then. Hey, we can change the name later. Are you in or not?

Do you have some kind of band practice set up?

Working on it. Ric's eyes looked in Brad's to check he believed the lie. Brad stared back with a one-eyebrow raised expression. He sighed.

Alright, I guess I'm in then.

Ric smiled broadly. So far this idea was going quite well. He had all his musical friends involved. Now all he had to do was get a practice room with school. He extended a hand to Brad.

Welcome to the band!

Brad smiled faintly and shook his hand. Who else is in it?

Oh, it's just me singing and John on guitar so far. But I guess that's all we need, right?

Brad looked doubtful. His fingers stopped drumming for a second, then resumed when the next song began. The finger drumming was a habit that was beginning to annoy a few people.

What about a bassist?

Ric stopped smiling. He hadn't even considered having a bassist. He'd been nave enough to think that the band didn't need bass.

Uh hadn't really thought about that. He paused and considered it for a second. But I guess I could just learn it and play when I'm singing. How hard can it be?

Brad laughed. Yeah, sure. And when that fails, try and think of someone who might be interested, ok?

Ric stood up and started towards the door. Just before he walked out, he looked back at Brad and smiled.

No worries. I won't fail at this. I'm sure.

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    I could just learn it and play when Im singing. How hard can it be?
    haha yeah, it is only bass