That Guitar Is How Much?

This article will (I hope) help you, the reader, figure out how to buy an affordable and nice guitar.

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Okay, you habe finally outgrown your old accoustic/p.o.s. electric, and you are ready for something better. What do you do? Everyone claims to have the best prices. Who do you turn to in your time of need? Well there is an easy process for all of this, there are 4 simple steps to finding the guitar you need, and they are all in question form.

1. What is my price range?

Ok as we all know most guitars runabout 150-300 dollars for an ok guitar as you move on further you start getting into more prestigious models of guitars. Most guitars are in the 150-300 dolars range these are Ibanez, Squire, Stagg (which I do not endorse), B.C. Rich, Washburn. Then you get to the $400-700 range. Fender mexicans, better Ibanez, maybe even a decent Jackson. now the rest you can get a Gibson, a gibson Les Paul Epiphone, an artists series guitar. But most of us being kids are in the $150-300 range. So now we have our money. And there is always that christmas and birthday money we have all been saving.

2. What am I looking for?

Are you looking for fast action, more frets, cooler style, different color? Now I have the dough, what do I want as far as a guitar goes? Well let's look a the guitars available again. We have a Squire, an Ibanez, a Stagg, or a B.C Rich. Now Stagg is the only exception because they use other guitars looks and put their name on it, so if you are going purely on looks go with a stagg. If you want somewhat of a punk style guitar or just a nice ordinary all around good guitar youll want a squire. Squire is a smaller branch of Fender. Maybe you want the korn look or the incubus look. Ibanez has very versitile designs, and have many gopod guitars, they have fast action usually and are very light. Now the B.C. Rich, these are some very unique looking guitars, while I dont recomend gettin one as a second guitar to just screw around with I also cant say no you can never get one. These guitars are very attractive to the eye and play very well, much like an ibanez. So lets say ok we want an Ibanez (wow good choice).

3. What kind of music am I gonna play?

You aren't gonna want a brand new classical guitar to play metal. Alrighty then, we are gonna get that Ibanez, but we need to make sure that this is the right guitar for our choice of music. You dont want a classical guitar for rock and vise versa. We will just go with stahndard rock.

4. Where can I get a guitar for good price?

Do you want a new guitar from a shope or a used from a friend or perhaps online?

While I don't expect you to all follow this like a religion I just figured that I would share what I do when I buy a guitar. I have just recently perchased a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender acoustic. I started off with a Fender strat then moved to and Ibanez Grx, it takes time and effort to get more guitars, and even then its hard to decide when you hsould use them, maybe I'll make an article about that some day.

Well happy shopping. - AvArIcE

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    Dont forget the JHS range...Encore, Vintage etc can be found in the 150-300 range, for UK and some European UG'ers. Also the Agile crew will probably have something to say about this article. Not a bad job, covered it pretty well.
    Nice, I have a Yamaha EG 112C Electric as my second guitar, i'm thinking about gbetting a third and that article was a huge help, thanks.
    wow.. thats the sort of article you should post on a site not populated by people who shitloads more about guitars than you do... what, do you know like 4 diffrent types of guitars? congrats, you must be proud
    Tom Martin
    i think the most important beginner guitar is the squier. just about everyone i know got one... paul reed smith are the best guitars tho
    ok, if you are looking to get something that can be used for more than power chords, do NOT listen to this guy, ok buy an Ibanez they are nice and light, with a decent look, but why not get something with a NAME, not some letters. IF you want a guitar that suites you, first, find out what you like to play, not listen to, but like to play. I myself like all kinds of music but i find that some good AC/DC is always fun to play, but i love gettin into some jazz like metal, like a mix between stevie ray and metallica. so why not go to a place where you can sit down for 4 hours and play on any guitar they have there and find the one in your price range that you like and enjoy the most, a musical instrument is very important in the process of creating music. An X-Plorer isnt gonna be a very good country guitar now is it ??
    you can get fender mexican models for the 150- 300 dollar range and epiphones
    hey axeslinger and n_punx, mike actually did use to use ibanez. he used it when they first started recording before he had money. Now he uses paul reed smith most of the time and he uses mesa boogie amps. know your shit before you talk.
    your right bout that les paul thing...i recently recieved a les paul guit from my uncle..i thought it was just another one of those vintage stuff he often collect from abroad..but from a recent online article from this site..i learned that it was a cool thing to have around..even if it's sandy green..=)
    I got an Epiphone Les Paul 100 for three hundred for my birthday (my dad left the reciept in the case).
    Why do you write these crappy articles? They don't go anywhere or tell you anything new. Why would anyone be on this website if they didn't have SOME knowledge of guitars. All you've pointed out are brands and colours. Jerkass.
    Emenius Sleepus
    hey dude, I see what you are trying to do with this article - and it does help a little, but it's too big a job, to be quite honest, cuz you seen how many people you got flamed by because they are so in love with the guitars they have. If you said all those brands just as an example it's not a bad article. Also BC Rich instruments are quite versatile - I tried the Mick Thompson Signature Warlock - and it plays "Under The Bridge" by the Chili's just as fine as what it was made for - Slipknot's catalogue. Oh, and for punk or goth rock or whatever - it's a real player's instrument at only $700 Australian (or about 400 US I think. depends on the conversion)Anyways, it's rated at roughly the same price as some Ibanez RG models and ESP Forest F-50, both of which are awesome intruments. So there. All I'm trying to say is that it's not a bad article, but with the amount of relatively cheap yet good-quality instruments such an article is too hard to write in-depth. And for all those people that flamed the guy, Epiphone instruments still cost a lot for a player on a budget, yet Les Pauls, as great as they are, are nowhere near as versatile as Ibanez RG for instance. (just an example) And Ibanez GAX series are similar in specs but cost twice as little.
    Next time, you should actually do some research. If you think it is too big of a job, then forget it. Here are two things that I think everyone wants to see from you in the future: 1. Keep it simple, stupid. 2. Hopefully, there won't be a next time. I really hope that you take my suggestions, as well as everyone elses, into consideration. P.S. You are a dumbass.
    u kinda cut it short at the end... it seemed like u got started but never finished
    hey man it may not be the cheapest guitar in the world but its worth every penny/buck. I bought a GIBSON LES PAUL FADED a lot cheaper than the average gibson and it has TWO pickups. Great for any kind of music and only sumfin like 600 dollars now
    You dont recommend Squires, yet you tell people to buy them.. hmm.. My first electric was a squire, perform(s)ed beautifully.
    bad article. i never knew incubus uses ibanez. saw mike einziger with paul reed smith most of the time(sometimes fender). u didnt mention on things like pickups, wood, etc. which are very important when choosing an electric guitar
    Geldof the Grey
    once again, it could have been way better. Sorry, but you just repeated yourself a lot, it wasn't structured properly and it lacked comprehensive detail. The idea was there, but it lacked polish. Just because it's not a turd, it doesn't mean it doesn't need polishing (or something to that effect). This probably isn't worth 5 stars, and I would sleep much easier if from now on you would post in the comlumns forums from time to time as I hate to see an article with potential not stand up as well as it could. We don't merely want to criticise your work, we just want to help out and you can do the same for any article in the forum yourself. Also, we would like to know what you're up to if you are going to be posting a lot of articles Thanks
    Dude.....never write another insults me to read it. I feel I should mace myself.
    haha....and the only person who likes it has redefined the term grammatically incorrect. Jackass...
    you don't know a ***in lot about guitars do you. who in incubus plays ibanez? try paul reed smith.
    PoondendaDos, if you're gonna insult someone, at least spell your chosen word right. Deushe? Hah. But anyways, Avarice, you should invest in a spell checker, and take the advice of whoever said it above me and post in the columns forum to get some tips and to have your articles checked out before you submit them to the main site. As you can tell by some of the [immature/stupid] comments above, people aren't very forgiving.
    dude...hate to break it to u, but ur article isnt that great...but that doesnt give these idiots and excuse to drag ur crap article through the mud, least ya tried, i also agree with gnr8801...o and u did forget schecter...they rock, my first guitar was a scorpion..i dont regret that too much either
    yea guys that's a pretty good deal for Ibanez guitars and how bout any other brands of guitars? how much can you reckon you say about tongue of colicab?
    Schecter Omen6s might cost around 400$ but they are a better buy than a cheap Ibanez. All Ibanez I see in shops for around 200-400$ have bowed necks.
    I would think a good guitar price range would be 300-700$ for a 2nd guitar. Your first beginner guitar should be around $150-300 and as you get better you aquire better quality instruments. If you think $150-300 is an upgrade, then what are you currently playing? Good idea for an article, but mayeb put a little more thought and effort into it next time.
    Bad, really bad. You left out lots of brands, specifically Schecter. The C-1 Classic is probably the best guitar $700 can buy.
    hey can anyone help me on what guitar i should buy next?...i usually find myself playing the smashing pumpkins the off their album siamese dream a lot...and my price range is from like $150-300 US... o and ok not gonna say crap on it...cuz i dont know too much on guitars...