That Time Ozzy Osbourne Said That He Wasn't 'A Fucking Warlock' Trying to Turn People Into Satanists

Excerpt from the 80's interview.

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That Time Ozzy Osbourne Said That He Wasn't 'A Fucking Warlock' Trying to Turn People Into Satanists

Hey, folks!

Today, we present you a pilot of our new rubric called 'Interviews from the Past', brought to you with the help of old-school Vancouver rock journalist Steve Newton who's been interviewing rockstars for more than 30 years. Tell us what you think and if you like it, find more awesome interviews at Steve's website. Enjoy!

I’ve interviewed Ozzy Osbourne a couple of times, but it’s been over 30 years. The first time was in 1982–not long after the tragic death of guitar legend Randy Rhoads–and the second was in ’84, when he was touring with Rhoads’ replacement, Jake E. Lee, on the Bark at the Moon Tour.

Back in the eighties Ozzy was at the peak of his “heavy-metal madman” stage, infamously biting the head off a bat and pissing on the Alamo. At the time I couldn’t have cared less about his headline-making shenanigans–I just wanted to hear “Crazy Train” over and over again–but the kids ate it up. In ’85 the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Centre) was formed by some “Washington wives” to try and censor such recording acts that might have an ill effect on youngsters.

At one point during the 1984 interview I tried to play Mr. Serious Journalist with the Ozzman, then 35. Maybe I’d been watching too much 60 Minutes or something, but I asked the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness, what he thought was the ultimate effect his music and concerts had on the teenage fans who worshipped him.

Here’s a transcription:

Newt: What do you honestly think is the ultimate effect your music and concerts have on the teenage fans that worship you?

Ozzy: Oh I don’t know. It’s like anybody that plays rock ‘n’ roll sort of. It’s like if you like it you buy it, if you don’t you don’t. I don’t go out and sorta turn people into Satanists or anything, I just go in there and sorta give them my version of my music. And if they like it, great, and if they don’t, you know, then I’ll try until they do like it.

I mean I get this impression that people think that I’m some sort of fucking warlock that wants to go around turning people into Satanists, and that’s not my intentions whatsoever.

Newt: How has married life affected you now?

Ozzy: It’s great. I mean my wife’s just got pregnant yet again. We’ve been married two years and had two kids, ya know.

Newt: Has it changed your lifestyle much?

Ozzy: Not at all. I’m just more and more in love with her now.

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    Stories like this need to be re-told as much as possible so that they live on forever. Imagine a day when kids don't know who Ozzy is.  I can't.  And I won't! 
    Even if human kids don't 100 years later, bats will use Ozzy to scare their children into being good.
    Not really an interview, more of a brief encounter UG.
    Thanks for the feedback, we'll bring you longer ones next time, think of this one as a pilot.
    GN'R Dude
    I think Sharon gets a bad rep as a massive bitch, but you try living with a lunatic alcoholic druggie and see if you stay sane. She had to take control cause her life with him was a roller coaster.
    I really loved Kurt Loder's interviews with Axl during the awkward period (95-05). Those are so illuminating.
    Nice piece. Bring us some Megadeth interviews from the old days!
    My favorite Ozzy story is about the time he choked Sharon and said, "it's time for you to go."
    That does not sound like Ozzy. I Think He Said: I Like to Fuck a Warlock.