The Biggest Thing Holding You Back

This is the single biggest lie we tell ourselves, which cripples our progress in music and in life.

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When we think of what limits us in our endeavors, be they strictly musical or more generally in life itself, we often think first of external factors. Living situations, the people on whom we're financially reliant (if we have any such people; if not, we blame the fact that no one helps us financially), the "dead local music scene" wherever the hell we happen to live, and a whole host of other things.

I think my personal favorite excuse I've heard from one of my students was, "The only reason I'm not more successful is because I just can't figure out how to record - if I could get my music out there to people, everybody would love it!" Naturally, I told him the best way to record on his budget, and he paled a bit as he realized I'd just taken away his best justification for lack of progress.

In reality, all these external factors are false perceptions. To put it nicely, we exaggerate inconveniences into full-blown impediments. To put it not so nicely, we entirely fabricate reasons why we can't make progress, so we can lie to ourselves and say we aren't as lazy as we actually are.

Rather than pick apart every single potential false limitation, I think it's simplest to find the root. A single statement that, once eliminated, naturally wipes out all the others, leaving fully-realized productivity. To find out what that statement is, have a look at the following video:

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Thanks for reading/watching! If you'd like to see any other lesson topics covered, by all means, let me know!

By Kevin Goetz

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    I immediately knew who the author was without looking. Awesome job man, you're really into teaching this stuff.
    How about people with chronic illness?
    I have a severe autoimmune condition myself, actually. One with a reputation for being very devastating to a person's lifestyle. That said, my diagnosis led me to do a great deal of research into alternative treatments, and for all intents and purposes I'm cured, without the use of the extremely costly medication that only covers up the symptoms. You'd be amazed how many autoimmune conditions can actually be cured, if we look outside the paradigm of Western medicine. Feel free to message me if you'd like to see if I know a way to deal with your condition as well, if you're implying that you have one.
    I hold myself back as well, one of my problems is when I locate a problem area, instead of tackling that problem I put it in the too hard basket or bury my head in the sand. I'm a long way off achieving my vision in the medium of music but in the back of my mind I know how to get there.
    I do agree with the authors words. Though there are other factors to an unsuccessful career in the entertainment industry bar laziness or lack of motivation. success in the world of entertainment often comes down to contacts/connections etc. It's not necessarily how good you are, but also who you know. Well writtien article
    And the laziness is triggered by a lack of motivation! And I don't mean motivation in a "yeah I'd want to play Wembley"-kind of way, but the motivation to work towards a point where you reach succes. And that's a long road.
    Great lesson I actually enjoyed it a lot. Just take some time to clean those windows, I know you're tired from work but this is like the 3rd video where they aren't clean. You have the time.
    There is always the issue of being too progressive, but not in a stereotypical 'whoa man, that's out there' kinda way. I sincerely feel that people who are seeking success in the performing arts segment of the music industry (gigging) souly for fame or notoriety are self debasing *****s. (Not to sound pretentious) I'm of the option that individuals simply need to gig, network and accept fully; come what may. If you're doing something merely for the potential recognition; and such attention you receive will be none-noteworthy. You'll be just as miserable in any success you achieve as if though you were scrubbing toilets for a living, or de-sludging the chowder troff at the local adult shop. Preform because you love it, write because you feel the compulsory too. Like I said, whorring for success only breeds misery. My $0.02
    I have to agree with you. I take about an hour in the least to write songs and on a good day 4-5 hours. Then again, i also have little to do in my free-time and it sucks when i hit a writer's block, because i spend 15 minutes trying to come up with something, go watch some TV, come back the next day and STILL be in the same hole as before. But i thunk i found the answer to that this morning....BACON!