The Dreaded Category

We've all come to fear the dreadfulness of being categorized, being labeled something for the masses to think their teeths into.

Ultimate Guitar

Oh, I look around, I look around and I see these bands. These bands that emerge from what seems like nowhere. Out of dusty little towns where they farmed there whole life, or worked at a fast food joint, or whatever. They decide to make music. Someone labels music. People hear what they've been labeled. The band suffers.

We've all come to fear the dreadfulness of being categorized, being labeled something for the masses to sink their teeths into. Punkers fear being called "Pop Punk". Rock bands come out just to fear being called another Creed wannabe. A new "Rap Rock" band comes out and nobody buys there cliched albums (as I don't blame because rap metal has reached it's peak).

Music isn't music anymore. It's been fucked into a whole new thing that it never was before. We don't write songs anymore. We have contest to find a good voice to sing songs written buy a money grubbing, middle aged fat man. It's disgusting and putrid when we can put together those American Idol jobbies and people will actually spend their money, there own hard earned money that they worked for, on these emotionless "albums" (album is too strong a word. Let's go with "corporate money" scheme).

How shall one avoid this dreaded fate of being categorized? Well for starters, we can make music that hasn't been done before. We have are Blink clones, we have our Creed clones, and we have our Limp Bizkit clones. My advice? Go listen to a Radiohead album. Go listen to something by Mars Volta. How about, oh, I don't know, The Flaming Lips? What these bands have in common is that a label can not be put on them. The don't make Blink/Creed/Bizkit music. We need new shit. Remember when everybody heard Eruption for the first time? Guess what? I don't believe we'll ever hear a piece of music that will make us shit our pants ever again. After this decade music will be dead. At least I believe so. Remember the following bands: Trapt, Seether, Smile Empty Soul, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Puddle of Mudd, Revis, Die Trying, Breaking Benjamin, Evanessence, Crazy Town, and more. Keep these bands in mind. A few years down the road and you'll never see their boring, cliched faces staring at you from magazines again. They will all be gone, and you'll fell stupid for wasting a couple years of your life listening to the same cliched formula.

I will place a bet right now. I'll give the bands on this list 2 years at the most. Than they'll go and nobody will miss them.

The 2000's. The decade of the one hit wonder.

Grab your guitars, shack your self up in a room, and right the next Eruption. Come up with that new Purple Haze. Right something that will knock people for a loop when they hear it. Open the eyes of the music industry, and more importantly, the eyes of music fans.

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    Steph Bets
    brilliant article! very encouraging, im gonna go write a song. couldhave doen with out the searing though!
    "It's disgusting and putrid when we can put together those American Idol jobbies and people will actually spend their money, there own hard earned money that they worked for, on these emotionless "albums"". I personally think that's wrong. Yes, you and me and the person above may think that music is bad, but clearly if they're selling, someone likes it, and as long as it hits an audience, it'll sell and in my opinion that's fair enough if it makes someone happy to listen to it. As for your part mentioning Seether, Good Charlotte etc, I totally agree, but the record producers are making what will sell at the moment, times change and they'll realise and create more of the same bands of the next era again. There's no escaping, you get your Van Halens you get your Jimi Hendrixs and you get your Jeff Buckleys every now and then, but if everyone was original, don't you think there would be a quick end to music? I do.
    hmm. all you've done here is say that you don't like current music, and then proceeded to list three bands you DO like, and several that you DON'T like. although your article contains an inspiring message, the bulk of it is just you ***ing about pop music. i'd also like to agree with andrewbiles and say that just because YOU don't like it, doesn't mean NOBODY likes it. the fact of the matter is that music, for some people, is nothing more than something to dance to on Friday night, and something to hear while you drive to work. If it's not new and catchy, most people have no time for it. Although you are right about all those bands you listed as being trendy fad bands, I don't think you realize that there have been trendy fad bands ever since music was first recorded. You need to put more thought into these arguments my friend.
    Were you writing this article in your basement? Comparing your favourite bands to the stereotypical modern rock-bands, and then refering to them as the representatives of the entire music genre, you've fallen lower than the bands you seeked to repent. Really, all you were saying was this: "My favourite bands are Radiohead, Mars Volta and The Flaming Lips. The bands I dont like are Creed, Limp Bizkit and Crazy Town." All bands in a certain genre are going to sound similar. To a fan, All those nu-metal bands are going to be different. To another, all those pop-punk bands will be different. This is your opinion on the bands you like. And yes, that's great, but its certainly not a fair represntation of the entire musical genres.
    Good points people. One of my 'guitar friends' recently dissed a band I like because in his opinion their music is too EASY. Who cares, if it sounds awesome, then repeating 664 664 isn't half bad. Things dont have to be extremely complicated or insanely original to be good. I've heard some bands that are very original, but they SUCK! Uniqueness does not equal quality
    If I see one more article about genres and/or bands being categorized...I will vomit.
    music is music take it for what it is, im not defending them i odnt care about them, i odnt like muaic with lyrics, it takes too much away from the feeling, people thought the same thought about led zeppelin jimi hendrix and all of the other legends, when oyu become a recorded artist and make it better than them then oyu can judge their music. but all in all the article did make me wanna make a kick ass shred. good work write more articles, wrong place tho, maybe genre batles? o well its still good
    you make a good point, but now I'm going to categorize you for dissing smile empty soul. F*uck You!