The Drummer. Part Two

The band reflects back on the performance, a few mini arguments occur, and the blues come into Jon's life in more than one way.

Ultimate Guitar

Jon entered the large backstage room, as the next band in the rotation for the night exited to play their set. The Lonely Maggots, or something similar is what he heard over the intercom next to the doorway entering the room. He walked over to the band's designated area, sprayed a bit of deodorant onto his body (let's face it, he didn't smell too good after he came from the hot performance stage), and sat, while he waited for the rest of the band to arrive.

In a furious frenzy of fighting, the three other members of the band burst through the door, as it crashed loudly into the wall, bounced back, and smacked The Ox in the face (as he was the last to enter), while angry words flowed through the air from one another. The Ox, who was unfazed by the attacking door, continued to shout loudly at the fellow members. The rest of the room went to a dead whisper as they stomped their way towards Jon. Fortunately, they had stopped their stomping before they trampled Jon, and sat as annoyed as one could possibly sit. They all gave the rest of the room a sudden glare, and the other bands turned away, before they continued the argument at hand.

Ok guys, let's cool down for a minute, we've got business to do, calmly stated Derek, in an attempt to get everyone under control. The rest of the band was deeply influenced by his soft words, as they stopped bickering in an instant. Jon noticed this as a very intense form of respect he hadn't known Derek long enough at this point to know why they had thought of him so highly however.

Now, I know you guys didn't enjoy the songs as much as you could've, but as a band, we always need to explore different possibilities. We can always learn from different genres of music, and bring those skills we've learned into our own music.

Ah, bullshit, we should focus on our main genre, instead of wasting time on these other shit ones, boldly responded Peter.

Remember Peter, Jimi Hendrix's main influences were The Three Kings of Blues Guitar,' as well as some different soul guitarists, just to give an example. I'm sure that these songs we've just played will help us when we start writing songs in the future, and who knows, you might even like them eventually, Derek professionally illustrated. Let's talk about the performance.

As the band argued Panic Attack, Jon felt a bit left out, as he wasn't in the song. He pulled over his practice pad from the table, and just started doing some basic rudiments. Par-a-did-dle, par-a-did-dle, he tapped over and over again, as he got faster and faster.

Dude, you mind? The Ox stated, as he gestured at Jon.

Let him be, we've got to talk about him anyways. Now Jon, the solo was pretty sweet, but it was a little out of place in terms of the gradual buildup of the song. I know you had to fill in time, because SOMEONE missed the cue outlined Derek.

Hey, I told you, I missed that on purpose to test the new guy, interrupted Peter.

Dude, for 12 seconds? That's just messed up, let's be honest, supposed The Ox. Hell, what if Jon stopped for 12 seconds, just to test you'? he questioned.

Wellfine, realized Peter.

Anyway, you showed your chops, and you got the job obviously. Just don't let flash get in the way of song structure. Ok? Derek asked Jon.

Got it. In my defense, it would've been a bit dull if I just continued the same groove, there would be too much repetition. Plus a bunch of empty space in which nothing at all builds up, leading to a bored audience, he defended.

A fake smile eerily appeared on Derek's face. Well, he even more obviously fake laughed, the climax shouldn't be half way through. Leave that to Shakespeare.

A disappointed look appeared on Jon's face he hated if he got anything wrong in a performance. Music never was as black and white as that, but to Jon, there was always room to improve, to be better than the day before. He had always learned the quote, You're only as good as your last performance.' The quote was intended for films, but Jon still found it as true to music. He simply nodded back to Derek; head low, as he continued to tap at his pad. They all continued to discuss the events previous, until the owner told them that he was going to lock up, and they all returned to their respective homes after they finished cleaning up their spot.

Jon drove home (he had recently gotten his G2 license a few months before) in an old GMC Safari he bought used for around $1,000 (as his parents insisted that he had to buy his own car with his own money, that's the way it always had been in his house). It wasn't the best vehicle, but good enough to haul his equipment around, and he got from place to place well enough. He stopped outside a large music store, located downtown on the way home, and bought One Kind Favor' by B.B. King, Born Under a Bad Sign' by Albert King, and finally Let's Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King' by Freddy King.

He was surprised to be able to find all those albums in just that one store, as he considered that they hadn't seemed that popular (he personally had never heard of the three until that day). Jon mainly wanted to see what the entire buzz was about with jazz and blues, and how it appeared so influential to future music.

After a few minutes of driving, he arrived to a house with the lights off. Shit, is it really that late? he whispered under his breath. Slowly, he crept towards the front door, turned his key slowly, snuck up the stairs, and slothfully entered into his room, sticks and new CDs in hand. He had to wait until tomorrow to listen to the kings.

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    The Kings yeah ;D sweet dialogs and the build-up is also nice Great work
    petty kick ass. kind of interesting to see something about drummers on a guitar website. gives a nice change of perspective. even better is that its very well written. keep up the stellar work!
    The drummer doesen't seem retarded, other than the fact that he did not know of The Kings. I guess he's a drummer.
    Hmmmmm, double post here. It seems our writer likes the front page of UG a lot, especially with the Nashville Pussy quote there:p:
    Hey man, that interview came out after I posted this, it was just a really, really weird coinsidence (cause it takes a few days for them to inspect the articles to see if it's suitable for Ultimate). I might bail on this story, I'm really not feeling it anymore, or just finish it up in the next few episodes. I have a feeling it's because I attempted to use much fewer words than in a regular story (1,000 vs 2,000 makes a very large difference). I don't know, I'll go over it in my new blog.
    No worries, I'm not putting the blame on anyone here. And it's not like it's a bad thing, you're right though. Your story was posted about 5 hours before the interview was posted.
    I dont get it though the drummer isnt an animalistic, muscle machine with about 2 brain cells. Thats what every drummer is according to the lassic stereotype haha. Nah in all seriousness i like the series so far and if you need to write longer parts im willing to wait keep em coming. ps i play drums aswell so i was being ironic not stupid - well maybe..
    Just one question, why do they count in seconds? Instead of measures I mean. Like instead of 12 seconds why not 4 measures (or how ever long that is...) Not saying it's wrong, just asking out of curiosity.