The Indian Rock Band Dream. Part Two

Three Indian Teenagers try to form a band. And, they also talk about Zombies and Sex.

Ultimate Guitar

I could hear some guitar solo as I entered Nikhil's room. He was sitting on the bed with his laptop. Rohit was at another corner of the room with his bass guitar and amp. I had my equipment along with me too.

"Hey" I said as I kept my guitar slanted to the wall near the door and my amp beside it.

"Hi", Rohit said and then got back to playing some kind of a riff on his bass. I joined Nikhil on the bed, whose entire focus was on the screen of the laptop.

"Hey, Rabbit! Stop playing for a second. I am trying to concentrate here!" He said without looking up from the screen.

"Yeah, like the stupid song you are hearing won't take your focus away."

"First, it's not stupid. And it helps me focus."

"What are you doing anyway?" I asked.

Nikhil did not answer. I looked at the screen. He was playing some kind of a game.

"He's playing that game, Halo." Rohit said, as he started playing the bass riff again.

"You need focus to play a game?" I asked him. He did not answer.

I went up to my guitar case and took out my six stringed instrument. I started the amp and then I connected my guitar to the amp. I strummed a basic chord to check the sound level.

I looked at Rohit. He had stopped playing the riff and was looking at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing. Let's jam."

He started playing the riff again, shouting the chords to me. I joined him after he had done a complete cycle. We kept playing it for a while.

"So, what's this?" I asked after we had played through the riff a couple of times.

"It's an original."

"Wow, seriously?"

"And I did it! f--k you, kicklat202! I owned you!" Nikhil shouted, and happily kept the laptop on the bed.

"Okay, now that you just defeated some guy you will never meet in your real life, that too in a virtual game. Can we jam?" I ask.

"Alright", Nikhil said as he reached for his guitar and amp. After a few minutes, he was all set.

"Okay, so what are we jamming on?"

"This riff Rohit came up with" I said and Rohit started playing the riff over and over. After knowing the chords, Nikhil too started strumming along. We jammed for a while. It was a catchy riff.

"Okay okay. Stop," Nikhil said as Rohit and I stopped the riff mid-way. "This sounds kind of cool."

Rohit smiled and was about to utter a "thanks" when Nikhil started again, "But it sucks, without any vocals."

"So, sing something. You are the singer after all." Rohit said.

"Okay, lower the volume of the amps. Damn, I wish I had a microphone."

We started with the riff again, playing it at a low volume while Nikhil tried to improvise some vocal lines. After experimenting with a few lines, he locked on a melody which suited the song. He started adding impromptu lyrics like, "And as I watch you bled, my world starting turning again" which were stupid but in some twisted way, poetic.

After around an hour of jamming, we had a verse written. The bass riff seemed like something Smoke on the Water while the guitar parts I played resembled AC DC, and Nikhil's vocals somehow reminded me of Bruce Dickinson. Overall, it was a good mix.

"So, this is our first song, eh?" Nikhil asked after we all had packed our equipment in their respective cases.

"Seems like it," Rohit said.

"It sounds kind of decent too", I added, "But we need to work on the lyrics."

"Yeah, and for that we need a subject" Rohit said.

"I got a subject. Vitamin V!"

"Shut up," Rohit replied impulsively.

"No, seriously, Vitamin V. It's a great idea."

"Yeah? What's it about?" I asked.

"You know, it's about this doctor who creates this new chemical. It's just like Viagra but is ten time more effective. So he starts selling it to these old people who become really horny."


"And then they slowly evolve into zombies desperate for sex."

"Yeah, awesome idea, Nick" I said, in the most sarcastic tone of voice I could manage.

"No, think about it. That way our song will have two things which males really like. Zombies and Sex!"

"Yeah, shut up now," I said, "You have a smoke?"

"I might" Nikhil said.

"Take them out, let's celebrate. It's our first song" I said.

"What? Dude, we can't smoke in the house" Rohit said.

"Yeah, Rabbit's right. Let's go outside."


It was a cold night as we three walked on the streets near Nikhil's place. Rohit and I had our guitars slung on our backs and our amps in our hands. We found a nice little dark corner and Nikhil took out the smokes.

"So, we are doing this every weekend, right?" Rohit asked as he passed the cigarette.

"Yes, rabbit, we are!"

"Wow, so finally we are getting serious about this thing" I said after taking a puff from the cig.

"Yeah, f--k, we could be huge someday", Nikhil said.

"Yeah, only that we need to find a f--king drummer first" Rohit said.

"Rabbit, in the immortalized words of AC DC, it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll."

We three laughed and standing there, forming a little circle and passing a smoke around, wasting my teenage health, with the two of my best friends, I finally felt like I had something to live for. And that was when I decided that no matter what happened, we would make it huge someday. And in that promise of a someday, I took another puff and the sweet nicotine engulfed me and the future smiled at me and I waved back.

This was going to be one heck of a ride.

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    Kudos for writing your series, keep working on it, you have a lot of room to improve. Dialog is incredibly corny and the situations sound rather forced. Try to always give the characters their voice, not your voice, once they are fleshed out they'll think and act on their own.