The Local Music Scene

What's going on in the music scene right now, why the local music scene is "dead" and what you can do to fix it.

Ultimate Guitar

The local music scene is awesome. It's a place where musicians of all different genres and skill levels unite. Where people can get up on the stage and announce what they stand for. It can be a place where a soon to be big band is just starting out, or just where people go to watch their friends perform while forgetting about their outside lives for a while. The music scene is where we can all come together for similar purposes and just enjoy music and all of it's wonders. And yet it is said that the music scene is dying...

There are many reasons why this could be... Some say that it's the lack of originality in bands these days, others blame it on modern technology, whatever it is we've got to come together to help it survive. 

So here is how you can help keep your local music scene alive.

Go to local shows

This one may seem obvious but it's one that a lot of claimed "music lovers" forget about. If you are in a band this is especially important because it gives you a chance to get out there and have some face time with the people who come out to your shows, you will find this to be much more effective then just sending out a request on Facebook. Even if you have seen the band multiple times already, if you want to help them out than give them a crowd to play for. Which brings us to,

Bring your friends

The more people in the crowd the better, so bring your friends and just hangout and watch the show. Who knows, they might get hooked and then you'll have a friend to go to more shows with.


It doesn't matter if you are in a band or not, if you want to see a particular band grow then give them a shout out on Facebook, bring them up at school/work, ask them for some flyers you can put up in your neighborhood, etc. 

Buy merch

Venues nowadays are mainly in it to make money, which in their defense they need money to stay open, but because of this bands get screwed over and between the low payout and all the money spent on gas, food and equipment, rarely break even. Pretty much the only way bands make money is by selling merch, so if you ever want to see your band have enough money to tour or record an album make sure that you are buying their stuff.

The music scene is something spectacular and is worth fighting for. But you can't just do it by yourself, get a group together to help rescue and restore this scene that we love so much.

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    I had the unfortunate "privilege" of spending some time in the KCMO metalcore scene. It was horrible. Almost everyone was selfish and narcissistic. It really turned me off from the scene. Then, I started going to HxC and punk shows. This is what every scene should be like, a brotherhood where the artists are working together with each other to help bring everyone up.
    my local music scene pretty much just consists of a generic metalcore band. thats the only REALLY popular band i know of
    I don't know about you guys, but my local scene's thriving. There's all kinds of great bands doing everything from reggae to metal, and it's cheap as chips.
    Lucky you, my local scene is bollocks. If you don't play covers, you're f*cked!
    Yup same here, my town is just full of people that don't for new bands and just want to go get drunk. Shame 'cos there's plenty of good bands around
    I feel you, sadly Sacramento is known for two things: Pig Squeals and Mountain Lion Growls
    i've been to some random local groove metal concert, and it cost more than a testament gig, who basically came here from the other side of the ****ing world
    louisville ky is still stuck in the early 2000's radio rock(flaw, early seether.. slow quiet verse then big loud chorus). also cover bands are huge, the "still stuck in the 90's" pop punk and meaningful post hardcore bands/metalcore.deathcore bands are in small numbers. theres maybe a handful of actual "break the mold" bands in town. being in a band and understanding the frustration of little attendence shows, i understand why nobody comes out anymore.. they've already seen it before
    Nero Galon
    There is no music scene in my town/city. There is only a small demand for pub singers that will sing requested covers.
    The closest thing to a metal scene in my local area is the scene kids playing in generic *-core bands. The last time I went to a local show(about 6 months ago) the headlining band had 3 breakdowns in their first song. I wish I was making that up.
    I have a few friends that are techno/house DJ's and throw their own parties. Luckily I like techno and house so I like that...
    Let me share something from my scene, usually filled with thrash, death and core bands...
    London is one of the hardest scenes to conquer in the UK. People don't go to an unsigned band's gig unless they know the band already. No matter how much you plaster their logo all over the web, press, and radio. Band's are highly reliant on their friends and family to support their gigs, otherwise they are playing to the other bands at empty shows.The big issue in being able to get 'fans' and not just friends and family. I think the reason it's so hard here is because: 1) There is so much night life that people can choose as an alternative 2) Venue hire is too expensive = expensive tickets 3) Venue drink prices are too high = people go to the pub until the band they want to see is on. 4) London is full of mediocre bands and has given the live scene a bad reputation.
    As a metalhead, the metal scene in my area isn't huge, but it is thriving. We may only have a handful of good metal bands, but you see the same people at every show buying the merch, supporting the bands and even the band members know half the fans. Even the bands starting out are given a hand by the more established local bands, its really a great scene to be a part of. I'm not sure about the other bands playing other genres, from what I've seen its generally the same.
    In NY it was a lil better, but down here in SC it sucks. Just to get people to come to a show, let alone friends is apparently impossible. Not only that but I can't even enjoy the bands I go out to see cause they are all screamo generic metal core. When we play at bigger places we get the whole "learn 12 covers, and we'll let you play three of your own" but so be it I enjoy playing.
    Western Mass has a great scene. There's a lot of talent, friendliness, basements, and beer. It's really awesome to be a part of a local scene.
    My local scene is pretty good. Lots of places to play, lots of bands coming and going every day, playing every genre you can think of. It's also quite easy to form a band and to get gigs. So yeah, if you ignore the ones who still play shitty house music from the early 1990s (known as "scouse house" around here), it's pretty amazing.
    Pretty solid scene here, buddy just had his first big show with about 200 people. A fair step up from the 30 odd people at a bar who are actually listening.
    The local scene in my area consists of about 8 cover bands, that all play the same songs. It's depressing.
    Danjo's Guitar
    There are only 2 bands in the town where I go to school and I'm in one of them, haha. There isn't even a real music venue, just an open mic or two. Needless to say we don't get many shows.
    SF Bay Area here so there's always a lot of great local acts coming out. A lot of 21+ venues though so I'll have to wait a bit before I can go to everything.
    it's simple why the music scene is dying... a dj under cuts every band who wants to gig and it's so easy that everyone does it now. also live shows are no longer energetic with all the ****tards who stand around with their life support(ie phones) in the air recording like mindless twats.