The Moment Of Clarity

A personal short story about life and music that I hope people will enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Ultimate Guitar

The ground shook with a deafening rumble that seemed to rattle my bones. There were no more sources of interference, the deep roar that was now pulsating through my body was the only sound I could hear. Thoughts of the world around me vanished in mere moments as I pondered the source of the vibration. For a moment, I forget even what I was listening for, as a sense of bewilderment at a sound so loud yet so distant engulfed me.

My moment of emptiness, like the split second before you hit the ground, instantly vanished in a flash of reality as the second boom struck. It was even louder and closer than the first. At first I thought it to be from the same source, a bottomless chamber of sound so deep that the human ear could barely distinguish it. Was I ever wrong...

Accompanying the infinitely deep blast was another sound. It shared the same growling depth as the first, yet it managed to hold it's strength. The shock of the original din left my senses paralyzed, overwhelming my ears for a fraction of a second, before releasing it's grip on my aural faculties.

When my eardrums snapped back to readiness, I thought they had been shattered, for I heard nothing but silence. It dawned on me that silence was relative. In contrast to the harsh beating of my mind against the inside of my skull, this sound was sweet. It was singing to me, vibrating the same low frequency as it's predecessor, yet lasting into the seconds after it's initial attack.

The tone, which had held strong for but a few moments, was slowly fading away. Memories flooded back into my consciousness. A fight, a break up, a crash, tears... It all came so fast. The rumbling echoes of my mind were replaced by the echoes of the past. So many things were so abrupt, choices made out of anger, harsh decisions which shook the ground so violently in the way they changed my life. Looking up, those choices left behind opportunities that slowly faded away into obscurity. If only life could be rewound like a tape...

Sighing, I stopped my wishful thinking. A tape rewound would still play the same notes, and the music would still end the same way. You cannot change the past, not as far as the needle of time was concerned. I closed my mind and opened my ears.

Out of the far reaches of the Universe, a beautiful sound flowed. It shared no resemblance to the aggressive personalities of the two strikes before it. High pitched, it flew from the heavens like an angel, reverberating around the world and shining a radiant light on everything it touched. On my left and right, two sad faces seemed to erupt into joy as the waves bounced off them towards me.

I looked around myself, people were all around me, facing in at my soul. Their faces, all lit up in a sense of jubilation, looked into my eyes, begging me to join their celebration. The first hand came up to touch my shoulder, I hit it away. The second came from behind, touching my arm. I swung around and shoved the man away.

What was happening to me? Where was I? As if to answer my question, the people all around opened their mouths. Their faces turned simultaneously into a hideous smile, then began laughing. Suddenly, they all closed in on me, engulfing all my limbs and dragging me down.

I was drowning. Suddenly, as my last breaths were escaping my lungs, and the weight of hundreds of souls, their joy killing my sorrow, I prayed. One more chance was all I wanted! Once more and I would do it right! I'd throw the tape away and splice in my own version, I'd make my own way! It was over for me.

At the final moment of my existence, the sound erupted into a roar like I had never heard, highs, lows, beauty, ugly aggression all rolled into one, the volume past the limit of comprehension, coursing through my veins, pumping my blood, releasing memories...

I screamed.

The world screamed with me! Opening my eyes for the first time, I saw the people around me, screaming in unison. In front of where I stood was a stage, the band in full force;

This music was not like the start, it was the culmination of three sounds, magically warping through space and time, rewriting their own history. What had been layed down by the magicians, preceding the current wall of sound was only a taste of what was to come, all emotions manipulated into one enchanting melody.

As my ears adjusted to the volume, my body fell into the rhythm and my mind understood. This music was not about me, it was about something greater, something that did not take place in this physical realm and thus could not be rewritten. I let my mind, body and soul free...

For the aural hallucinations dancing in my mind transcended time.

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    BloodRedSkies wrote: read this just because it had a Death song title as it's name, but very well done
    kid meatball
    Can someone write something that doesn't suck Tom Hess' balls please?
    No one remembers you, no one cares.
    BloodRedSkies wrote: read this just because it had a Death song title as it's name, but very well done
    BloodRedSkies wrote: read this just because it had a Death song title as it's name, but very well done
    Hate to nitpick but the Death song is called "A Moment Of Clarity", not "The Moment Of Clarity". Still the same reason I clicked on it though >_>
    nice, u should write a book, u could make millions if you wrote a book and if it was structured like this one is, i would definately read it.